One comment on “How-to Tuesday: Balancing Life vs Hobby

  1. I really think you’ve hit all the good points here. I think the last paragraph is especially important – all too often gamers (myself included) get defensive about their hobbies and don’t want to be picked on (more or less) by their spouse/significant other about being a geek and their geeky hobbies, so they’d rather just not bother trying to explain that their games ARE hobbies and most often times a great stress reliever and sometimes the only real outside of work social interaction they get. My wife is a perfect example of this IMHO, yeah, she still teases me about being a geek, but she’s come to honestly understand that gaming and painting are things that I really enjoy that allow me to destress and have the added benefit that when I do spend time with my wife and daughter, I’m more focused on them and what we’re doing rather than wondering when I can find time to sneak off to paint or model.

    Lastly, she realized that while gaming isn’t exactly “cheap,” I don’t use tons of cash on it on a monthly basis and in her eyes, its levels above blowing it on alcohol or gambling or classic cars (something I’d dearly love to get into). But all of this came about because I talked with her about it – several times; it wasn’t a one-time conversation. But like most things in any relationship, it comes down to communication, understanding, and compromise.


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