7 comments on “Winged Harbinger of Menoth Conversion

  1. Very cool! Nice to see her done after talking about her on the drive back from TempleCon. The shield and wings make for a much cooler model overall.


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  4. Hey bud! This is awesome. Could you get a hold of me somehow to elaborate on how I can do this as well. Glueing the original harbinger together is a pita and I’m thinking about getting into pinning and conversions as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would love to make a replica harby like this!


    • You know, I never finished this piece, but I do still have it. If I’m correct, it’s still in pieces, not even glued together. I could take some exploded view pictures for you and do small write-up on it.

      I’m sure that I’d do it differently now, with another 7-ish years of experience since this was done, but it’s still a great conversion and looks amazing, I think.


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