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  1. Some nice goals that you have set for yourself, however I think you are really selling yourself short cutting armies off at 35pts. 50pt games are very fun, especially at tier 4. Also what happens if you play a 35pt tournament and one of the missions require reinforcements? I know 35pt list are nice and easy to paint up (for the most part) and usually have a good mix of model choices, but I think you are really limiting yourself tactically by only choosing to paint the models in a given list.


    • I’ve only played one 50pt game, and it took forever! 35 is the norm at my LGS, so that’s where I’ve set my sights. Once I get some stuff painted and I get more familiar with these lists, I’ll look at growing them and adding reinforcements.


      • I’d recommend giving 50 points a bit more of a punt. Most of the tournaments round here run to 50 points and it doesn’t seem to cause any speed issues. The only time I’ve really had trouble with a >35 point game was playing 100 points with 2 casters…

        50 gives you chance to flesh out the tier lists a bit more and to make the game more about the army, rather than being all aboot the caster.


        • I think I may try 42pt games. It’s supposed to be a nice blend between the speed of 35pt games, and the flexibility of 50pts. It’s just enough extra to be different and fun.

          have to set that sort of game up ahead of time though, since it’s an unconventional size around here!


    • I agree that 50 point games are a lot of fun as they allow for more model selection, but the few that I’ve played take a long time (compared to a 35 pt game) to play. The way I look at it, I only get to play every other Thursday evening, generally from about 6:30-10:00(ish). I can either play most of (or all of if I’m lucky) a 50 point game or I can play one full 35 point game and maybe squeeze in most of a second one during that time.

      As for the reinforcements, I don’t know about most folks, but I have enough models over the 35 point level to field any reinforcements.

      I’m not knocking 50 point games, mind you, they just take too long. Though if I used a chess clock (or similiar) they would most likely be much quicker.


      • Agreed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy 50pt games (the one I’ve played). It’s just I have about 3 hours at the store on game night, and I rarely get to finish a 35pt game in that time, so I have no idea how I;d get a 50pt one done. Unless, as you said, we used chess clocks.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing our meta get a little faster at playing games, but I’m not going to force anything on people.

        I think with everyone gearing up for Templecon, most of our casual players will get a taste for competitive play, and hopefully they enjoy it.


  2. I imagine you’ve seen it, but if not there’s (the beginning of) a tutorial on that orange Legion scheme. Hopefully I didn’t mangle the HTML too much. It’s a sharp-looking scheme, and one that I’ve been considering myself.


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