4 comments on “How-to Tuesday: List Building Basics

  1. Nice article, been playing since late 2006 and I still have little to no process when it comes to list building. Usually I have an idea that I want to try and then I just go for it. The list where I have some sort of caster kill plan in my head are the ones that work best for me. but usually I just improvise. I learn my models better that way. the other thing i do is I usually stick to one caster for quite awhile so I can really get afeel for how he/she should be played. or how they best suit my play style. The one question I do ask is how do I handle armor other then that its lets see if I can make this work. Its good to hear another person’s approach. I’ll have to try it your way sometime.


  2. Don’t forget that the Scythean is fantastic for removing tough infantry – especially with his animus. I like playing with pLylith, you just have to worry about managing all of that fury out there.


    • Indeed, her measly 5 FURY hurts, not only because of beasts, but her small control area. I consider a shepherd mandatory for her, because it neatly solves both problems for 1 pt.

      Scytheans are great at mulching infantry, I just don’t have one yet. I shored up that need with the Carnivean’s spray, Ravagore’s AOE and Striders. I’ll be picking up a Plastic Legion Heavy Beast kit when the (eventually) come out, so I’ll have a Scythean then.


  3. Generally when I’m list building I’m looking for the most effective shooting I can get away with without being completely helpless in melee. It’s for this reason that Durgen, Ossyan, eLylyth, and Bethayne are some of my favorite ‘casters. As much as I should focus on assassinations, I love going for the opponent’s army. Your check list is sound, probably more in depth than my own processes, and reminds me of the old MK I list building rules from Battle College. The main question in that one was “can you remove Vlad from an elevated objective while he is standing in a cloud effect, camping 3 Focus, and under Blood of Kings? If you can, your list can deal with anything.” 🙂


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