6 comments on “Hello IABN!

  1. Once you become rich and famous from the IABN bringing all the traffic to your site remember us pleebs way thought you did great work before you became a rock star.



  2. @Jason: IABN Newbies unite! *highfive*

    @Burb: Where have you been man? I've been missing your updates!


  3. Does it really take that long to get into the IABN? I contacted Dave yesterday and got an e-mail back today but I hope I won't have to wait months…


  4. It does if you're slow to respond and try to set things up during the winter holidays. πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, Dave's great, and I'm sure it'll go quickly for you. If you don't have an avatar or banner yet though, get started! Those are really all he needs, and were the source of my delay – I couldn't decide on a design!


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