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Every so often the Press Gangers put together a painting exchange. We all put our names into as hat, pull out someone to paint a mini for, and go to town. It’s a fun way to paint something you wouldn’t normally paint, as well as meet some new people. Here’s the two minis I painted. Vilmon is for the most recent painting exchange, and the Gorax is a make-up for someone who didn’t get a model last time.

I started both these models after Meg’s class, and I used lots of 2-brush blending. ┬áThe cloak and flesh were great practice, and I’m very happy with how they turned out. ┬áMore models to come soon!

Angry Gorax is Angry


Big Fists!

Lots of hair, too.

This model makes me want to play a Paladin in the IKRPG when it comes out...

Vilmon, A.K.A. Mr Big Cloak of Cloakyness