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This piece has been on my desk for a bit, getting attention when I had time. Technically, it’s a commission – a follow along for the same client that had me paint up Madrak a while back.

This past weekend my gaming club, the Nova Nomads, put on our annual charity event: Feat of Service. This year, we were benefiting the Fischer House Foundation. Part of the event is a painting contest (this was in lieu of the Custom Caster event we’ve done for the past two years).

That was the impetus I needed to finish this up.



The most difficult part of this model were the crystals. I had to examine each facet of each crystal and shade and highlight them individually. It was lots of work, but it turns the lumps of stone into glowing crystals.



I’m incredibly pleased with how this guy turned out. The Classic Mauler is one of my favorite models that PP’s put out, and I’m glad I got the chance to paint one (they’re no longer producing it!).

The judges we had for feat of Service seemed to like it too, because they gave it the win! The competition was very stiff, and it just barely beat out a gorgeous NMM Thyron model.

I’ll be completely honest, I was pretty well spent after TempleCon.

Painting every spare minute for almost a month and a half will do that, though.  Additionally, it feels like there’s been some family or friend or work related thing every weekend in 2015, so my usual spots of big hobby time (weekends) have been cut in half.

However, after nearly a month of not painting, I’ve put some time into some commissions that have been patiently waiting for some attention, and they’re finally at a spot where I feel I can show them off.

First:  Madrak Ironhide, Chieftan of the United Kriels




My client wanted purpleish skin and yellow stones, and everything else was to be whatever fit that.  I found that the GW paint range as the most purples, so we worked to find a 4-color range that fit the look he wanted for the skin.  Madrak sits in the top half of that range, since Troll warlocks are traditionally Albinos.  The Tartan pattern is straight from the Forces of: Trollbloods book.  At first, I tried a green base for the cloth, but it was way too garish with the overwhelmingly purple skin.  Blue fit much better.

This model represents a few firsts for me as well.  I’ve always shied away from weathering, afraid of ruining a perfectly good paint job.  Madrak is a scheme test model, so ruining things was kinda-OK.  Since the colors we’re using are already kinda outrageous, I figured why not throw some verdigris on the brass bits of his legendary Axe, Rathrok.  After washing the Molten Brass (P3) with some precious Gryphonne Sepia (Old GW), I then put some watered down Meredius Blue (P3) into the creases and then splattered it around.  I think it gives it some nice character.  The other really fun thing on this model was doing the marble on the scroll case hanging behind Madrak.  I first painted the base cream with a Menoth White Base (P3) mid-tone and shaded down with Hammerfall Khaki (P3) and highlighted with Menoth White Highlight (P3).  Then, I used watered down Brown Ink (P3) to draw some blob-y shapes, and refined those and added some depth with less watered down Brown Ink.  I’m very happy with the effect on both.

He still has some work to be done, though.  The runes on his axe need a glow (I’m thinking green, perhaps?) and I want to add one more set of highlights on his skin to really push him higher in value (luminosity).  His base will get extra details after he gets sealed.

* ~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~ *

Next up are a pair of Player Character models for a Dungeons and Dragons game.  These are the first two of six characters I’m making for the adventuring party.

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First, sorry for the last of posting recently.  Between work, leagues, planning for the NOVA and cleaning up the house for friends being in town, there just hasn’t been room for anything of substance to be posted.  I’d rather give you nothing than give you crappy posts.

I also know that the 4 of you that voted in the last poll chose Trollbloods.  I have two Impalers on my desk right now, but they’re proving far more difficult than I’d envisioned.  I reposed one arm so they looked a little different, and he was subsequently dropped on the garage floor.  Arm broken, throwing spear broken, speartips in the quiver all bent up.  It was awful.  Their skin is also proving to be a nightmare to paint.  Troolblood base is incredibly strong, and does not want to 2-brush blend at all.  I have the un-damaged impaler done with the skin, but I don’t know if I have the patience to fix the other guy.

I’m considering dropping it from my list and substituting another light troll.  I think a Pyre may be in order.  Gunny, Bomber, Impaler & Pyre troll.  Not too shabby for 15 pts, eh?  Alternatively, I could drop the Pyre for a group of Whelps and a Thumper Cannon.  Perhaps that’s the better way to go…

Anyway, while I was procrastinating on the trolls, I worked on some more Khador.  It’s taken nearly a month, but I’ve finished a unit of Winterguard Infantry!  Overall, they took about 30 hours to complete, but with not much time per day, they still took forever.

These sculpts are one-piece models, but they still have some life to them.  I swapped out the puny axe on the leader with one from the male Manhunter, as it helps draw your attention to him and symolize his rank.

This isn’t a very tactically sound 25pt force, there’s too much ‘jack for Sorscha, and not nearly enough protection for the Winterguard, but I wanted to paint them to help convince myself that the grey chunks on the ‘jacks properly conveyed the grey portions of the Winterguard Great Coats.

I’m happy with how everything turned out.

Of course, now that I’ve taken pictures I see I’ve forgotten to pick out the rivets on their shoulderpads, and I need to give the Leader’s cigar some life.  I think a bright orange tip would look cool.

The next stage of the Slow Grow puts us at 35points.  I’m thinking a Koldun Lord to marshal the Destroyer is a good idea.  That will give the Destroyer 2 pseudo-focus a turn, and take that strain off Sorscha, so she can feed it to the Juggernaut and Spriggan.

What should I do with the last 8 points (provided I have to keep using this force)?  The Winterguard UA and some Rocketeers would be good.  So would Kovnik Joe, and a Mortar crew.  Alternatively, I do have 15 Man-O-War to get to, and medium bases would do wonders to hide Sorscha from all the shenanigans available to my opponents.

What do you think I should paint next?

I only have one picture to give you today, but I’m pretty happy with it.  As I said earlier, I’m aiming to have white as a secondary color on my Cygnar.  I’ve worked it into my two heavies: Ol’ Rowdy, and my magnetized Ironclad/Defender/Triumph.  Behold!

Now, I haven’t been slacking.  I’ve been doing things that are just… less interesting.  I’ve stripped and de-superglued my Skorne Models.  I just finished up the last of my Trollbloods that needed to be stripped, and oh…  My wife and I finally found a new place to live.  We’re moving into a two bedroom condo much closer to my work.  I’ll have more room and won’t be working in a closet.  For realz:

We just currently don’t have the room.  SO!  Expect updates to be slow and short for February.  After that, expect some really cool stuff.  I just got my hands on a Jeweler’s Saw, and oh, boy will it open up what I can convert.


EDIT:  Devestator, Karchev and a Pyre Troll I’d missed are all in the paint stripper, and I guess I hadn’t acetone soaked my Champs unit, so they’re soaking too.  Little by little…

So, sometimes I get so caught up in what stuff each faction has, that I forget what the Mercenaries have to offer.  So, I’d like to go through some of my favorite Merc models, and then go into the nifty faction models that I like.

Gorman DeWulfe, Rogue Alchemist

Let’s get Dangerous!

He works for lots of factions, namely Khador and Cygnar.  His Black Oil Bomb nullifies a target for a round, dropping essentially their entire stat line by 4.  To have a 2-3 pt model tie up a 8+ pt model for a round is entirely worth it.

An $8, I just haven’t ever picked him up.  Plus his model looks awesome.  Darkwing Duck!

Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

I see you!

Reinholdt has three things he does for an incredible 1 pt.  He allows your caster to measure between any two models in LOS.  He’ll reload your weapon for you, giving you one additional ranged attack, disregarding ROF.  He’ll also let you use his lucky charm, boosting an attack or damage roll and discarding the lowest.  You can use any of these, each turn.

I want to run a Kara Sloan dual defender type army, and Reinholdt’s a must-have for her since she has an amazing rifle with weaponmaster, but it’s ROF 1.

Eiryss, Prime and Epic

This chimney’s heavy…

I have NQ 14-16, so I’ll be getting the Alt sculpt of pEiryss soon.  Both versions of Eiryss are useful, and count as in-faction models for Retribution.  She’ll also work for just about every Warmachine faction except Cryx, so she’s incredibly versatile.

Her prime version is great at hunting other solos and stripping a warmachine ‘caster of any ARM boosting focus.  Her Epic version is better suited for Hordes as she can strip animi and upkeep spells off targets she hits.  She can also shut down arcnodes by simply being near them.

Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now…

These little guys can place a pretty nice could effect that blocks LOS between models on opposite sides.  They are great filler for armies needing that last 1pt.  Especially Cygnar, as they don’t really have any 1pt solos except Stormsmiths, who really need to run in trios to get greatest effect.

I need these guys to help me adjust my Trolls army too.

Speaking of which, there are lots of non-mercenary models I need to get to give me a bit of an easier time putting lists together.

Trollblood Whelps

Whelps are hilarious.  Due to the regenerative properties of Trollbloods, of a large enough chunk of one gets blown or cut off in battle, it can actually regenerate into a new troll.  They’re stunted and not terribly intelligent, but they love the bigger trolls.  The best part is, since trolls are always hungry, they’ll just eat a whelp when they’re angry.  In the game, they’re the only form of fury management Trolls have.  Since I want to run a beast heavy melee beatstick army (what trolls do best) I’ll need some whelps!

Trollblood Fennblades (and UA)

Rawr, our swords are as big as we are!

Tough, reach, vengeance and hard makes these guys the perfect tarpit unit with great offensive capabilities, and medium bases, so they can’t be trampled.. Buy the UA, and they get Set Defense and a mini-feat that gives them pathfinder and +2 to charge distance. How awesome!

Plus, they’re melee beatsticks.  Win.

Skorne Cyclops Brute

My name… is Gladiator.

I love Skorne shields.  They have so much character!  The Brute is a defensive light warbeast, and since I’d be playing a game with a battlebox based army, my warcaster could use some help on the defensive front.

Morghoul likes to run beast heavy, so substituting this guy for one of the offensive Cyclops Savages is not hard to do.

Following the love of shields…

Skorne Karax

“We fight as a single, impenetrable unit.” – Leonidas

Karax are a great tarpit unit for Skorne.  They have shield wall, so they’re tough to kill, they have reach, so no much can skinny past them, and they;re relatively cheap points wise.  What else could a ‘beast ‘caster ask for?

Lastly, they have shields, which is mandatory for me.

Skorne Razorwurm

With the big nose and overbite,
I half expect nerd glasses too…

One of the few non Legion of Everblight models to have Eyeless sight, this beasty is a clean 4 points which takes the Battlebox from 11, to 15 and maintains a Tooth and Claw army.  With this guy, substituting a Savage for a Brute would give me nice Offensive potential with a touch of defense.

If I left both Savages in, added the Brute and this guy and maxed out my Beast Handlers, I’d have a nice little 25pt list.

Khador Widowmakers & Marksman

Reach out and touch someone…
A must have for any Khador player, the Widowmakers are 4 points for some of the best snipers in the game.  ABle to plink for an auto-point a piece, these models can chew through tarpits and other tough infantry, clearing charge lanes for your ‘jacks.  The Marksman is pretty great too.

Khador Casters

I’mma get some!

I’d love to run pButcher again, and I understand Strakov helps the slow Khador ‘jacks get along, so he sounds fun to play as well.  Plus, both models look great!

Cygnar Warcaster Kara Sloan

No one does a long distance ranged game like the Sniper Princess.  She typically runs with dual Defenders, Reinholdt and a host of other shooty goodness.

Since I want to run a shooty Cygnar army, She’s the ‘caster for me!

She will also be getting a much needed repose.  Something like this…


This guy has an extended control range, so he can be up to 4x his controller’s FOCUS away.  He works great with the Journeyman Warcaster solo, who’s control range is typically a rather tight 6″.  The Hunter makes that 12″.  He’s a great assassination vector and hard target eliminator, since his gun has Armor Piercing.  Since Jr has 3 FOCUS, that’s 1 to upkeep an Arcane Shield on a target, and 2 to the Hunter for a fully boosted Pow 6 AP attack.


Ol’ Rowdy

Nothing goes better with Stryker than a healthy dose of his character ‘jack, Ol’ Rowdy.  A bit expensive on the wallet, but amazing on the battlefield.


If it’s near a unit of Stormblades, it gets a free focus.  Stormblades can Marshall a ‘jack.  Hmm, I wonder if that’s significant…

If you have a Stormblades unit, you want a Stormclad.  He’ll play nicely with Stryker and the boys.  He’s not a big priority since he doesn’t play into the ranged aspect of the game, but when I want to boost Stryker’s force to 50 pts, a Stormclad will do nicely coming in at 10 pts.

You can check out my current inventory here.  While the list looks impressive, Legion is really the only faction where I basically have everything I need (except Grotesques and unreleased models).

So, what models are on your Holiday Wish List?  What models will you be buying yourself if you get some disposable income this season?  What lists will you use the models in?