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So, Templecon 2012 is finally over, and what’s a person to do after all that awesomeness?

Revel in the Afterglow

Yep, just sit back and enjoy the memories.  Remember those assassination runs, the scenario tables, and the cool loot.  Perhaps there was a class or seminar you really enjoyed, or met a new friend.  Did you place well in a tournament, or face a really nicely painted army?  I can think of a few costumes that caught my attention – like the guy completely dressed like a pirate (he had 3 pistols, 2 daggers we could see and a sword), and the other guy on the steampunk stilts that was there last year.

Take a Break

Don’t dive back into the hobby right away.  Sure, a convention can help get you fired up and working on the next big thing, but remember moderation.

Burn-out is bad, and you just got back from a weekend of nothing but gaming.  I imagine you had to burn a few brownie points with your significant other in order to go (if they didn’t voluntarily come along), so it’s a good idea to spend time with them.  Also, burn-out is bad.

I’m taking a break by working on a programming side-project, and not touching my models until game night Thursday.

Plan for Next Year

Before all the memories fade, is there something you missed out on that you really want to make sure you do next year?  Perhaps something you swore you’ll never do again?  Take notes.

Write this stuff down to help solidify it in your mind, as well as have a physical reminder.  If you have suggestions for the convention organizers, e-mail them about it.  You may be the 100th person to tell them that idea, but sometimes it takes all 100 to get something changed.  Just be mindful of the time, money and sweat that went into planning and executing the convention, and be nice when you contact the organizers.


The other post convention favorite.

I’ll just leave this here…

They are on 120mm bases, they have two damage grids (as seen on the back of NQ40), and they have access to two new power attacks.

The “S” on the damage grid is for Superstructure, which Will and Ed say “Blows shit up!”.  I’m guessing it’s a system encompassing the weapons above the Colossal’s head.

The two power attacks equate to a pseudo thresher, hitting everything on one side of the model, as well as slam not requiring movement.  It just hits you in the face, and you go flying.  If this thing DOES do a normal slam against you, you move an extra 2″.

They are part of the Warcaster’s Battlegroup, and can use focus.

We also know the names of all of them:  Conquest (Khador), Galleon (Mercs, sans Rhul), Kraken (Cryx), Judicator (Menoth), Hyperion (Ret) and Stormwall (Cygnar).

We also know these are FA: 2, and are anywhere between 18 and 20 pts.  They will be Resin and Metal hybrid models, and I say they’ll likely run as expensive as a Battle Engine, if not a touch more.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these are an even $100, compared to the Battle Engine’s average cost of $85.

They’re also gorgeous.  The Khador one, the Conquest is here, and anyone touching it will be tackled.  That said, if there’s a specific view of the model you want, that’s not shown in the video, let me kno, and I’ll do my best to get a picture of it for you, even if I have to ask Will to hold the model upside down.  I’ll at least try.

I’m off to play some games now before I start my Press Gangery shifts, so for now, enjoy.


It starts tomorrow!  Today, I’m in the car all day with Mugu and friend, Ken, as we traverse the east coast to Warwick, Rhode Island.

For those that want up-to-the-minute coverage, I highly suggest staying tuned to Lost Hemisphere.

G’day and the rest of the LH crew will be about in full force, and they’ll have some fantastic convention coverage, just like last year.

My goals for the convention are to focus on seeing new and original conversions, nicely painted models, and thematic armies.  There are plenty of people out there that will cover the PP panel, or the high-stakes games in the tournaments.  Since I’m more of a hobby and modelling type person, I’m going to focus on those things.  I think so many people put loads of effort into being fully painted for the convention, but it always seems the models themselves get overlooked for something else.

 With any luck (hoping for camera batteries that last), I’ll have at least one post a day with loads and loads of pictures of models.  Since I’m also running the Iron Arena table and some demos, I’ll be sharing any fun stories I hear and experience.

If you’d like your updates in any sort of real-time, I’ll probably be making some use of my Twitter account, @Plarzoid.  Feel free to follow.  I don’t tweet often, but for something like this, it’s a great way to get small bits of info out quickly.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, please leave a comment here, or on any of my Templecon posts.

Hey folks, here’s the follow-up to Mugu’s post on Monday.  Remember as you read this, it was written almost a week ago.

Welcome Back to the Madness!

In my last post (in addition to lots of demotivational posters) I told you how  tressed out I was about the upcoming TempleCon and what I thought I needed to get done prior to that date.  Well, since writing my first post over a week ago, I was able to take stock of what minis I needed to get painted as well as two army lists that I wanted to use at TempleCon.

First the easy and good news – I played the Deneghra1 (Tier 3 – Witching Hour) list and won.  My opponent, Ron, was kind enough to take pictures and wrote a small battle report on his blog, here.

For those who look at the pictures, I forgot to bring my other Brute Thrall and my Scavenger, which were represented by the Ogrun Bokur and armless Helldiver respectively.

What I learned:

The game went better than anticipated as I was really wary of not having any heavy warjacks in my army at all.  I also did not have anything that I felt could shield Deneghra if Ron’s warjacks got too close.

As Ron points out in his blog (in the comments section) my army is vulnerable to Area  Of Effect (AOE) weapons and I knew going into the game that it would also be vulnernable to shooty armies as well.

What I can do about those weaknesses:

My standard approach to AOEs is positioning. I to try to spread my army out as much as possible to try to minimize the damage to any single unit/warjack.  This also has the added bonus of causing some folks to panic when they see the wave approaching.

As for shielding Deneghra, I’m still trying to figure that one out.  During my game with Ron, I kept her as far back and away as possible, but still within support and control area range.  It just happened to also work out during that game that I kept the Savenger and Necrotech between her and the opposing warjacks.

Army Selection:

The army performed well overall despite my abysmal dice rolling.  I may still replace the Scavenger with a bonejack with an arc node, just to have something a bit more untilitarian. Though the Scavenger’s 7 MAT and other abilities make it worth the points, seeing as its my first time using it, I wasn’t impressed (but that’s through my own fault).

I’m on the fence about the Ripjaw.  It performed well enough, but after missing with my initial charge attack by rolling double ones (I should know by now to always boost the roll to hit when I really need it ::sigh::). I couldn’t use the armor piercing attack, but if I had a Deathripper, it wouldn’t have mattered for my second (purchased) attack.

The Mechanithralls and attached Brute Thralls worked better than I could have hoped for – killing the Great Bears of Gallowswood and all but one of the Iron Fang Pikemen! They were the MVP’s of my army.

The Defiler and Warwitch Siren spray attacks were really handy and the Defilers’s arc nodes were really useful for arcing spells into Ron’s models as soon as they were within range.

The Pistol Wraith distracted Ron more than doing anything else, as Ron didn’t have any models other than Vlad with magic weapons that could attack it.  It didn’t really damage many (any?) of his models, but it definitely distracted him.  The Scrap Thrall spent the entire game running around warjacks and trying to make a beeline to Vlad.  The Stalker got too close to Vlad, who was happy to carve it into little pieces.  The Skarlok slung Crippling Grasp around mostly and managed not to get killed.

Painting the Models

After checking my models the other night, it turns out I *only* need to paint the Scavenger and Brute Thrall for the Deneghra list and six Soulhunters & Darragh Wrathe . And only a week to paint it all in. [At the time of writing the article – P]  ::sigh::  Possible, but not likely, especially since the Brute Thrall and Darragh Wrathe need some conversion work.

Speaking of Darragh Wrathe, I have a really nice undead mount from another company that I want to use in a conversion to mount him on, but its going to take too long to finish and so I’m going to mount him on Epic Alexia’s horse with Darragh’s deathpony’s head and tail.  It’s the easiest and quickest conversion I can do and still maybe get him assembled and painted by TempleCon.  I’d just use his old horse, but I chopped him up into many pieces.

Darragh's Parts

 So here’s my plan:

1.  Finish painting the Scavenger.

2.  Assemble and prime the Brute Thrall (who’s getting the IK Bridge Troll’s head).

3.  Reassemble the arms and legs that have come off of my Soulhunters.  (Re)Prime as necessary.

4.  Assemble Darragh Wrathe and horse.  Even if I don’t manage to get him painted in time for TempleCon, I want him to be assembled to use.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully mine won't be this painful

I’m still a bit stressed, but the win helped boost my confidence in the Deneghra list. The relatively small amount of models that actually need to be painted doesn’t leave me feeling too overwhelmed, either.

However, since last Thursday was my last chance to get a game in, I’ll be heading into the crucible at TempleCon to see if I can master these two lists.

So, here I am.  Less than a month away from TempleCon(!) and … and …. ARGH! ::sigh::

To sum up, I’m a mess. But let me back up a little bit (its not quite a saga, so don’t run away quite yet); I haven’t been to any kind of a convention since roughly 1998 or 1999. I lived in Japan for 11 years, which made it cost prohibative to fly back to the States for any cons (though had Lock & Load been around, I probably would have tried for that), and the five years I lived in Southern California didn’t help as something work related always seemed to come up during con season.

So there are two things that are kinda stressing me out…

Competitive Scene vs Casual Player

First, I’m stressing a bit over getting ready for TempleCon, even though I’m only “planning” on playing in the Iron Arena casual play area (and perhaps attending the Rum appreciation events). I’m not a competative player. I used to be, back in the heydays of second edition Warhammer 40k and a bit in third edition, but not anymore. 


Plarzoid went to TempleCon last year and I was really amazed at how his skill went up (due in part to the number of games he got to play). I want that bump up in ability and I think I’ll get that experience in spades at TempleCon.  I also really want to nail down the lists I’m bringing so that I don’t make a complete fool of myself at TC.

I also want to point out that being a PG, Plarzoid is much, much better at remembering most of the rules, which I am not. 😛  [That’s only because you guys keep asking me odd questions and I have to look up the answers in the rulebook! – P]

Okay, so maybe they're not stupid questions.....

Painted Models & Army Lists

Yeah, I would too....

I also want all the models in both these lists to be fully painted by TempleCon as well. As it stands, I may be able to squeeze out the painting but it will be close. Now, I’ve discovered that I do much better when I have a deadline to paint by – even though I don’t always make the deadline, its usually pretty close and I almost always finish the models I’ve set out to paint.

Here are my two 35 point lists, feel free to pick them apart.  I’d really appreciate any thoughts on them.

Coven (Tier 2 – Auguries of War)
Witch Coven of Garlghast (Painted)
Defiler (Painter)
Darragh Wrathe (in bits/in the process of being converted as I really dislike his death pony)
Soulhunters (max) (1 painted, 4 bare metal)
Soulhunters(min) (3 bare metal)
Warwitch Sirens (2) (both painted)

So, lots of soulhunters and Darragh Wrathe to paint.

Now I’ve played a version of this Coven list a few times and I am getting more comfortable with it.  The main change in it was dropping a max unit of soul hunters to a min unit in order to get some more/useful models on the board.  I’m going to try the latest version out this Thursday.

The second list takes me back to my favorite caster (and the one I’m most comfortable with, to be honest):

Deneghra1 (Tier 3 – Witching Hour)
Defiler (2) (Painted)
Ripjaw (painted)
Scavenger (primed and partially basecoated)
Stalker (painted)
Skarlok (painted)
Mechanithralls (10) (painted)
Brute Thrall (painted)
Mechanithralls (10) (need to see if they’re painted)
Brute thrall (bare metal)
Necrotech (painted)
Scrap Thrall (painted)
Pistol Wraith (painted)
Warwitch Sirens (2) (painted)

So, much better with only the Scavenger, Brute Thrall, and possibly 10 mechanithralls  to paint….well, it feels better than painting seven soulhunters & Darragh Wrathe….  And brings my grand total of models I need to paint to 20 models (possibly only 10 if the mechanithralls are painted).    I’m going to finish up the second list models first if the mechanithralls are painted already; if they arent  then I’ll paint the soulhunters first.

The P-Denny list is new to me, but I’m fairly confident in its ability to allow me to spread threats around the board to try for assassination attempts from different and hopefully unexpected areas.  I may swap out a few models (specificially the ripjaw) for something else, but we’ll see.  I’m going to see if I can get a game in with this list this Thursday as well.

Speaking of games, Plarzoid had myself and a great guy, Andrew play last time with a chess clock.  To be honest it was a bit unnerving, but it added a fun edge to the game.  I won the first game on sheer number of points left on the board in the control zones (if I remember correctly) and lost the second game due to not taking it seriously enough as we were short on time.

I also read Plarzoid’s article on List Building, which I found really helpful, if for no other reason than it forced me to try to think about how both these lists will deal with the things he mentions, as well as makes me think of any synergies in the armies.  His article on Tournament Preparation was insightful as well.  I’m working on practicing my lists against others in my group, working on my Knowledge in trying to remember everything my lists can do and when as well as making sure I have the light cavalry rules down solid, Sportsmanship is an easy part as I’m an extremely casual player and mainly play for the sheer fun of it and can’t say I’ve ran into anyone who wouldn’t play against me again, and lastly, the logistics are mostly there, though I don’t know if I’m sold on the cookie tray transport, we’ll see.

Stay tuned over the next two weeks as I’ll try to be updating regularly and letting you all know how my madness (and stress level) is going.

And so I leave you with Sith squirrels...