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Who remembers Clash of the Titans, from Lost Hemisphere, back in the day?

Well, that group of zany misfits have become good friends of mine, and most of them will be at Templecon in just under a month.  To celebrate the holidays and our special friendship, we’re doing a paint exchange among the 8 or 9 of us.  Each of us was randomly given someone else to shop and paint for, and those models are what have waylaid my work on the Khador.


Funny story – I saw this being filmed while at CES two years ago.

That’s not even the bad news.  The Bad News is that I can’t even show you the models as I’m working on them.  The person I’m painting for reads this blog, and will no doubt know that they are for them, thus ruining the surprise.  I know right?  That dirty, rotten scoundrel!

Rest assured, though, that I have been taking LOADS of pictures along the way, and there will be a significant post right after Templecon detailing all the goodness that has come from the combination of what I learned from Meg’s class and the freedom that comes from being able to work on a model knowing you’ll never have to see it again.

Lost Hemisphere is Back!!

So, while I don’t have models to show you, I do have fantastic news.  LH is back, baby!

Check it out in all it’s sexyness:


When in doubt, return to your roots.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Khador was the first faction I ever picked up for Warmachine.

I’m fairly certain trading some Space Marines for some Khador was one of my first transactions on Bartertown.  Anyway, the point is, that I find myself all too often returning to the Motherland when I don’t know quite what to do…

TempleCon 2014


Templecon.  The next big thing on the East Coast when it comes to things to do.  I’m only planning on playing in Iron Arena, but I really want to offer my opponents a fully painted force to play against.  This is a goal that’s rarely met here at home, and I want to use Templecon as a solid marker for setting and achieving a goal.

As much as I enjoy painting and just chatting with friends, I don’t want to be a complete push-over when it comes to playing the game.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m horrid at playing this game, but I do want to learn, and I would like to win at least a few games at Templecon.  With that in mind, I had a discussion with two of the more tactically minded locals, and we came up with a list that takes advantage of my painted Conquest, is decently tough and basically plays itself.  All I need to do is point everything in the right direction, and success is guaranteed, right?

Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Prince
– War Dog
– Conquest
– Juggernaut
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 5 Grunts
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard
Iron Fang Kovnik
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts
– 3 Rocketeers
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich

We all know that Vlad1 has done well recently, but that’s not really why he’s here.  He’s here because he’s solid, he’s easy and simple to play, and he synergizes well with Conquest.  Since I refuse to field such a critical and expensive piece without mechaniks (and they were already on my painting table), a full unit of grease monkeys was included.

The Black Dragons are an obvious choice, apparently they’re fabulous.  My advisors suggested just taking two full Black Dragon units, but I didn’t want to have to paint 24 IFP, and I have some WGI that I already painted a while ago, so why not use them?  I mentioned that I had everything for a full fledged Death Star, and that became a fairly solid choice to include.

The Juggernaut is there to take up space.  I already have one painted, and 7 points is a weird gap to fill.  I could drop a third of the mechanics for Drago instead, or take a Mortar crew and Greylord Ternion maybe…  I think there are some better options, but since I already have a 7pt filer painted, it’s in (for now).

Painting Status

So, ss of right now Conquest is 98% done (I need to highlight the black bits still…), the Juggernaut needs to be sealed, and the Mechaniks are 70% done. Everything else looks like this:


That’s a total of 27 models that need to be painted from scratch (and some need flocking on their base and pikes fixed), and 6 that are close to done.  I have approximately 8 weeks, or 56 days to finish them.

That’s almost exactly one model every two days.

 Do you think I’ll make it?

Are you going to Templecon?

if so, be sure to find me and make me play a game with you.

In the past, I’ve been lucky to be under the Lost Hemisphere umbrella, and have some free goodies to give away to my opponents.  Last year, we had small measuring widgets and some LH Logo bases from Dragonforge.

This year, I have some stuff of my own to give out.  When I sent in an Advanced Deployment order not long ago, I mentioned this site, and my re-branding.   Ravyn, owner & operator of AD, and I got to talking, and not long after, this happened:


There are some that are being made in a transparent light blue as well, and I’m very excited to be able to have something fun to give to the people who end up suffering through a game against me.

Free Stuff!

If you aren’t going to Templecon (or if you are, and want another chance at free stuff), you can still have a chance at getting your hands on one of these.  It’s not hard, just comment on posts here on the blog, like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

Every comment on the blog, post liked on Facebook and Tweet from here to Jan 15 gets your name in the hat, and all the people who have liked the Facebook Page and all my Twitter Followers will also be entered.

While I know this is the usual “Promote me for free stuff” type deal, what I really care about is getting more lines of communication open.  Social media is a great way to bring people together and get some fun, interesting discussions.

Here’s the long awaited third installment of Mugu’s Templecon Picture Extravaganza.  Looks like he has a bunch of games he’s going to discuss!  Enjoy!

I'm powering my way through the next 100 games....

Hello folks!  Welcome back to the last of my TempleCon 2012 posts.  While I didn’t grind through a ton of games like some people did at TempleCon, I did get in about six games that I clearly remember most of and another handful that I only vaguely recall.  Of course, I realized when I started taking pictures in my first game, which happened to be against my friend Ken when I forgot something…

Me: Cool!  My first TempleCon game! I’m just going to snap some pics…
Ken:  Good idea.
Me:  Yep, made sure to bring my camera so I could take lots of pictures.  It’ll also make it much easier to remember my games.
Ken:  That’s a good idea.  I brought a small notebook to write notes from my games in.
Me:  Ah, crap……I knew I forgot something.

Or so the conversation went.  I hadn’t planned on bringing you all full fledged battle reports, but I did want to have a bit more than just pics, so I’ll be going by my fragmented memory of what I do recall with the pictures.

The First to Fall

I had high hopes that my first game at TempleCon would be a crushing victory, setting the tone for the rest of my games at TempleCon.  It did set the tone, but the majority of my games (at bit over half to be fair) were losses.  There were a few things going against me this game, first was that up until this point, I have had zero experience playing against Retribution and second, I totally forgot about the scenario rules for the game.

Sneaky Angry Elves, oh my!

The first game was on the Scrap Yard themed board.   I thought I was doing fairly well in this game until Ken (who remembered the board rules) pushed one of the cars full of scrap through my unit of mechanithralls, killing all but one of them.  I spent the rest of the game chasing his warcaster around the board while slowly losing models in my army.

And lurking around the corner

Team Game versus Cryx & Menoth

Yes, someone’s clearly confused here. 🙂  Ken & I got a team game where he and I teamed up against two nice guys who were playing Cryx & Menoth.  The cavern board was easily my favorite board that I played on.  It had enough fun rules that added fun to the game without detracting from it.   Easily one of my favorite parts of this game was a ghostly Phoenix walking through a cavern wall into an unsuspecting enemy deathjack.   Ken and I came very close to winning this game.

Be wary of Gypsies!

Versus Khador

I managed to finally play one of the Lost Hemisphere crew by the name of Gypsy.  He wanted to try out his army for the Midnight Madness tourney that night and I was more than happy to oblige him.   And when he set his army on the table I couldn’t help but laugh at he slaughter that was about to commence…..all of it his.  The game was essentially Ulhans versus soulhunters or light cavalry versus heavy cavalry, take your pick.  I lasted until turn 3 before this happened:

add lance to face

So, yes, it was easily the most crushing defeat I had all con.  It just proves that you’re bound to run into the one opposing army that’s going to crush yours and this was mine.  He ran circles around the deathjack, rode down my soulhunters, and applied lance to the faces of my coven.  However, he was *the* nicest guy to play against, though he honestly didn’t have any tips on how I could have done better against him other than to swap out the deathjack for something else, but even he admitted that it was just a bad matchup on my side.  I wonder how he did at Midnight Madness?

Should I be concerned?

Versus Skorne

I played a very intense guy who caught me as I was about to call it a night and we played a 25 point (IIRC) game back on the Scrap Yard board.  I was hoping for a different outcome, but it wasn’t to be.   I have to be honest, once I saw this –


– I thought I had the game in the bag….and then Master Ascetic Naaresh killed them all.  He used a lot of fury to do so, but it was slaughter all around.  As it turned out, I was his 83rd opponent of the con.  It turned out he was trying to get enough Iron Arena points to trade in for one of the nicely framed art prints, which he eventually got, after 100 and some games.  If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have loved to know how I could have done better against him, but all I wanted to do was sleep after that.

Just another day in metropolitan Corvis

Versus Cryx & Menoth

One of the last games I played was a team game with Ken again versus two of my local players Danny (Cryx) & Jeff (Menoth), though thankfully (for us) the game went more in our favor and we pulled out a win.  Unlike most of my games, my dice were rolling really well that game.

Bane Thralls FTW

This was the only game where I didn’t already have a premade army list, which is why it was the only game where I brought bane thralls and my beloved bloat thralls.

Even when I lost, I had a great time playing all my games.  I never once encountered someone who was a bad player (though a few could have benefited from a shower or two).  In the end I managed to get a Cryx faction patch and some TempleCon dice with my points.  Thank you all for following along through my TempleCon posts!

Did I play against you?

How many games do you usually get in at a convention?






Mugu’s back with part 2 of his Templecon photo dump.  Today, he has pictures of some of the amazingly detailed costumes he saw at the convention.

Welcome back to the wonderfully weird world I live in!  🙂  As I want to finish another post before heading off to bed, here are some of the cool costumes folks were wearing at TempleCon.  This really is only a handful as I easily saw 40+ people in costume while I was there.  Enjoy!

Have steampunk sniper rifle, will travel...

This gentlemen stood outside the dealer’s den and exclaimed “Buy my gun!”  I didn’t follow him up on it, but I assume he made these for sale.

A Gentleman Adventurer

This nice fellow even gave me his card (I have it somewhere…) after letting me snap his picture.

Hel~lo Ladies!

I actually didn’t see these two ladies until Sunday morning when I was checking out of the hotel.  They and all the folks in costume were really nice about letting me take their pictures (thank you all!).

Aye, aye Cap'n, dona shoot me!

Despite him brandishing his pistol, he was one of the few pirates I saw at the con.  He was dressed differently every day.

A friend of Alice's perhaps?

This nice lady had a really intricate costume that my poor picture taking abilities don’t really show unfortunately.  I meant to ask her if it was an Alice in Wonderland theme, but forgot to. 🙁

Seems she's found a willing victim..er...friend

 As I was taking her picture, her friend came over and I got both their picture together.  He had a very nice armpiece that I meant to ask him about, but alas I was hauled off for food, and I was fairly starving at that point in the day.

And yer little dog too!

 Ah!  Another gun brandishing well dressed gentleman adventurer and his lady friend.  These two folks also had on different clothes every day of the con if I remember correctly.  They also had a very friendly and cute dog on leash that was with them all the time.

And now you can tell I'm at the end of my post 🙂

And this well dressed …er… Dr. Who-orangutan (at least that’s what I’m calling him, something about the scarf….  In any case, I think he had this costume on all day long, every day.  I don’t know how he didn’t pass out from sweating to death.

And that wraps up my second post.  Hopefully next year I’ll actually take more pictures.

Are you in any of these pictures?

Do you have any cosplay, costumes, outfits, or gear that you like to wear to cons?

Have you made any cool gear that you like to show off, even if its only online?

While I’m dealing with time away from the hobby desk due to vacation, overtime at work and have no material to discuss due to complete failure to accomplish anything lately, Mugu’s here to the rescue with part ! of a multi-part special on Templecon.

Faithful readers, as you probably know, Plarzoid, Ken, and I have returned from the chilly wilds of Rhode Island and survived might TempleCon 2012.  I think I definitely made up for not having been to gaming convention in years!  I had a blast, played at least four months worth of Warmachine games in three days,  got to see folks in lots of cool and interesting steampunk, pirate, and other costumes, and got to just relax and have a great time.    This will be the first of three posts, this one will show off some of the Warmachine boards available to play on.  There were several others, but off course there were times were I just forgot to take any pics at all (very silly of me).  Enjoy!

The Scrapyard

The Scrapyard was the first game and first theme board I played on at TempleCon.  The railcars full of scrap metal could be pushed by warjacks into/over other models.  As you’ll see in my next post, I forgot about that little rule…

A Tea Party

One of the boards I didn’t get to play on; the idea was for the attacker to try to destroy the crates on the pier and ship (IIRC) in order to try to win by scenario.

Cavern Board

The Cavern board (or old mines, it might have been called) was fun to play on.  AOE weapons that missed had a chance of causing a cave-in (several did happen), you couldn’t use arcing fire weapons to arc fire, and the black discs on the table were bottomless pits.

Ummm......Stone Pillar Board?

I call this the Stone Pillar Board, but I didn’t get to play on it and the pic I took of the name didn’t turn out.  Another board I didn’t get to play on.

Road to Berck

The Road to Berck board looked like fun (Plarzoid got to play on this board, I didn’t).  While I’m not completely sure, I think one player had to essentially block the pass and keep the opposing player from getting through.

Correct.  The player on the cliff side had one game size fewer points to play with (I had 35, my opponent had 50), and to win, I had to last 5 rounds, and still have a model inside the ravine.  If they got any models into the ravine, it was game over.

Cyriss Temple

The Cyriss Temple board is another that looked pretty cool to play on, though I have no idea what the scenario was supposed to be.  I didn’t play on this one either.

Beach Assault

The Beach Assault board was really popular.   From what I recall the assaulting player got more points to add to his army as the defending player had a nice sturdy bunker to hide behind/in.  Yes, another one I didn’t get to play on.

Well. that’s all the boards that I have decent pictures of.  There was a Corvis City block board, two ice boards, at least one trench warfare board, a cool graveyard board, a loading dock/construction board, and many others I cant recall at the moment.  The themed boards were in high demand and as the con and days went on, they were that much harder to get on unless you got lucky.

Have you built any themed boards?

Are any of the ones I took pictures of, one you helped build?

What do you think of themed boards?