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Android Netrunner: The Card Game is an asymmetrical card game in which one player is a massive corporation with secret agendas and the other is a hacker out to steal their secrets and spoil their plans.


The basics:

The Corporation player has an Identity card that gives them a unique bonus throughout the game, a deck and a discard pile.  These three items create the three “core” servers that the hacker is trying to get into.  The Corp player defends these with pieces of ICE, like firewalls, dead ends barriers and secret agents designed to stop the hacker at all costs.

The corp creates remote servers, protects them, and installs agendas which get advanced over time.  Once they reach critical mass, the corp player scores them for points.

The Runner builds up their hacking rig, installing components that protect them from cyber and real attacks by the corp, and various programs and viruses they can use to tear down or get by the defenses put up by the corp player.  The runner has five health, represented by a 5-card hand size.  Whenever the runner would take damage, they discard a random card from their hand.  When they take damage and can’t discard, they die.  Some damage is permanent, and reduces the size of their hand.

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Warning:  This post contains about 40 pictures, and may take a bit to load.

After being up until 6am to post Day 2 stuff, I was a little slow to get rolling on Saturday.

Based on the time stamps of the pictures, this first game started just after noon…

Game 6

I was able to snag a scenario table, and this one was focused on escorting a train through enemy territory.  How fluffy and appropriate for a Khador player like myself!


The train moves 4-8″ during my maintenance phase.  That means I have to be careful to not get in it’s way.  It slams large base and smaller bases out of it’s way, larges taking a POW 19, and anything smaller taking a POW 12.  Huge bases use a 1d6 strength contest.  If the train wins, the huge base gets moved out of the way, taking a POW 19.  If the model wins, train stops.

The defender had to get the engine off the attacker’s edge of the board.  The attacker needed to kill train cars (2 for 35pts, 3 for 50, all four for 75).  The engine was ARM 22 with 65 boxes, and the three cars were roughly ARM 20 and 36 boxes. 2gameandroid is one of the best websites you can get your favorite Android games. Caster kill was a win condition for either side.

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