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Holy $#!7.

This dude is massive.  When you take a look at the comparison picture, he’s twice as tall as Ol’Rowdy, and nearly 3-4 times as tall as a small based model.

So he has big guns, little guns, he poops “lightning pods” and he has “electrified fists”.  No wonder these things have two cards, that’s six weapons, not counting how the “lightning pods” work.  If the colossals follow the same sort of rules that battle engines do, it’ll be using all six every turn.  No wonder they cost 18-20 points.

I really don’t want to speculate on the rules for the model, that’s not my area of expertise, nor really my primary interest.  I want to talk about this:

I count 16 resin parts, 33 metal parts, 4 bases and a cardboard wreck marker.  When you consider the amazing quality of PP resin parts, I think the $135 price tag is perfectly reasonable and justified.  I recently learned that each resin piece is hand poured by a human being.  That tells you the level of care that goes into these models.

Plus, do you see the ball and socket joints?  The shoulder and elbow will have amazing pose-ability.  I also like how the lightning coils on the back are separate pieces.  They’ll be much easier to re-cast in clear resin and put LEDs into.  Oh, did I say that out loud?

I’m incredibly excited about these models and the upcoming rulebook.  I was initially surprised about this, until I realized why:

I started miniature wargames as a 40k player.  I was too young to drive myself to the store, and my folks weren’t about to leave me at one for long enough to play a game, so I was always painting and reading, looking at the new models.  When the game company puts out rulebooks like GW does, each new rulebook means your models are less and less effective on the battlefield.  You’re further and further from the new hotness.

Having gone through a few of PP’s release cycles now, that feeling of dread (oh, that gorgeous new model is not only expensive but will destroy my guys way too easily) is gone.  Because while all my enemies are getting stuff, I get a little something too.

Speaking of, where’s Conquest?  😀

There he is!

In my opinion, the colossals will be a great way for folks who are interested in playing two different sized games match up.  If I want to play 35, and someone else wants to play at 50, I can drop 3-5 points and put one of these on the table, and BAM! I’m at 50 points, and I don’t really increase the number of models in the game.  I still get to play at the speed of a smaller game, and my opponent gets to try out their 50pt army.

That’s called a win-win scenario!

Big, hurkin robots.  Hells yes.

What are you most excited about?