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Working up a new paint scheme for an army is nearly as hard as picking a character for your D&D campaign. It’s something you’ll be stuck with for a long time, and it’ll be the most iconic and easily recognizable thing about you. For instance, when I think of some of the local guys, I think of Ron’s snow white Khador, or Mason’s purple Legion, and Chris’ bright green Retribution.

I don’t want to try to cover color theory today, that’s fairly easy to find information about. Primary colors, secondary colors, complementary or neighboring colors, tertiary and ismoetric, yadda yadda.


Instead, I want to cover what makes a good scheme, and how to then apply that scheme to a model.

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 It’s the SPRIGGAN!!

He’s the only warjack that jousts, and he’s incredibly versatile on the battlefield.

He haz shield.

 After taking this, I definitely feel that the edge highlights on the grey are too strong.  I’ll probably try to tone them down a bit before sealing the model.  I’m very happy with how the blends turned out though.

And haz stick

 This shot really shows off the metallics and the glow from the face.  Having used it a bit more now, I’m a huge fan of P3’s Brown Ink.  It’s what I use to shade the bronze.  The face glow is P3 Arcane Blue layered up to GW Skull White in about 4 layers.

Also, buttflap.

 The fire tidbits were Khador Red Highlight for the darkest part, then Heartfire, then Cygnus Yellow.  I[‘m not 100% sold on the fire tidbits up on the top part of the ‘jack, what do you think?

Also, this is the first Khador ‘jack with my scheme, what do you think of the Grey and Red?

Despite the lack of blog updates I am working on things every other night or so.  It’s just been assembly for the most part, which isn’t all that fun to blog about (or read about, I’d imagine).

One of my primary goals right now is to paint up my Spriggan.  It’s for Lost Hemisphere’s BFF’s project, and it lets me try out my Khador scheme on a warjack, which I’m really excited about.

Sorscha’s done, but the Spriggan is quite an undertaking.  Not that I haven’t painted ‘jacks or ‘beasts, but I’ve never used 2-brush blending on wide, flat spaces, and boy is it … interesting.

Anyway, here’s the Spriggan, let me know what you think.

Spriggan Front

Spriggan Back

The camera really picks up on the luminosity of the Khador Red Base.  The greys aren’t actually that dark, it’s just how the picture turned out in my lightbox.  Unfortunately, the paints are semi-reflective (due to the saliva used in 2-brush blending, I think), so I had to turn down the lights in order to avoid the glare.

I’m pretty happy with the blends on the top of the ‘jack, but the blends on the shield are pretty rough.

Post your thoughts about the Spriggan. or your own Weekend Update below!