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So I didn’t have pictures last time, but I sure do now!  First, I have a test model for my Blazing Sun TRAINBOATS!

What do you think?  There isn’t much in the way of highlights, but I kind of like that.  It feels more industrial, which fits a Dystopian future.

I also was able to get quite a bit of Retribution stuff done.

Firstly, because I’m so crazy for shields, a Griffon!

I wanted a static, shield-at-the-ready pose.  I think this is it!
I also magnetized my other two plastic Myrmidon kits. One’s a Hydra/core and the other’s a Dis/Hydra/Core.  Just take a look at these:

And here’s the Discordia / Hydra / Manticore

I haven’t yet found out how to magnetize the chest piece for Discordia.  Perhaps I’ll just glue it on?  Thoughts?

Oh, here’s an eleventh picture.  Yeah.  Lots of pictures to make up for last time!

A Retribution Battle Box!  Huzzah!  I have big plans for it.  Stay tuned.
So, away go the modelling tools!  Out come the paint brushes and paint pots!  I’m pretty excited!  I need more exclamation marks! !
Oh, and Congrats to Burb1996 of Burb’s painting Blog!  He reached the 40+ followers he was after, and he’s giving away an extreme sculpt!  Wahoo!  Maybe it’ll be you?
Well, after all that assembly goodness, I took a much needed break and spent the weekend with my wife.  We hit a local historical site, drove around and went shopping a bit and then spent Sunday starting to unpack all our stuff in the new condo.  Sleeping in has never felt better!
Model wise, I’ve built two more Skorne models: a Cyclops Brute and a Razorwurm.  Yes, the one piece Razorwurm has pins.  Two of them, holding him to his base.  The Brute’s shield feels small on him.  I may see about picking up a Karax shield bit and doing something to give the Brute more of a tower shield or something.  Right now it just feels small for his tall, lean body.
I also stripped some Retribution models.  Kaelyssa, Griffon and Gorgon and a Ghost Sniper all went into my Super Clean, and are now in Acetone.  The Chimera I have was NIB, so I’ve cleaned up its mold lines (ugh) and  started re-working the pose.  He’s a super-fast arcnode, so he’ll look it.
The To Do list:
Strip pVlad, Drago and Beserker

Base and assemble the Cygnar Hunter
Base and re-assemble my Striders + UA (so they can be painted soon).

Get some Instant Mold for making extra sets of Myrmidon hands (so I don’t have to magnetize the things).
Prime my Khador and Skorne models.
Paint a Forsaken (to polish off a basic 15pt Legion Battle Box army).

Paint a TRAINBOAT test model:
I snagged a blister of 6 frigates for $10 from the LGS the other day, and they are awesome.  I’m very excited to paint up some of these!
I’ll likely get a Battleship next.
Paint a Directorate test model:
I have the starter fleet pictured here.  I’m not going to do green, but was thinking instead of blue.
I also like the idea of trimming the flight stand so models are at varying heights.  Really plays on the 3D-ness of space battles!

Anyway, that’s the plan for now.  I’ve got a few things to assemble, and then all the conversion tools go away for a bit and all the painting stuff comes out.
Retribution WIP pics tonight or tomorrow!!