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Since I’ve been itching to try out the highlighting black recipe Ghool mentioned on Hand Cannon Online, I couldn’t help myself when I got my hands on the Sorylian spaceships.  This is a frigate, and all I’ve done is pick out the armor panels.  I think it looks pretty sleek:


Also, work on the Skorne Swordsmen continues.  I got down a base coat of Red Gore over the weekend:
I’m not sure yet if I like this whole “base bronze before red” method, but I’m going to hold final judgement until I see the end product.  So far, I think the balance between red and bronze is working.  Remember, the model will be a bit lighter overall once I get the flesh tones in.
The unit is coming along faster and more painless than I had anticipated.  This is a good thing!  Yay!

I carved out some time last night to paint, and was surprised how much I got done.  I think my productivity was increased by the fact that I wasn’t watching a show, but instead listening to Jim Butcher’s Q & A at a recent book signing – ie, something I didn’t have to watch to understand and fully enjoy.

Anyway, I wanted to get some base coats down on my minimum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen, so I got the big brass basecoat done.  Brass takes two layers, since it’s coverage is horrible.  Because of this, I usually only do the first coat half-heartedly, and thus rush it.  Thus, it’s sloppy.  So, instead of doing metallics last, I did the brass first.  I think it’s the much better way to go, since I got all six models base coated in about an hour.
Of course, now I’ll spend an entire night cleaning up all the sloppyness with my Windsor 7 and black, but that’s OK.
Once these were basecoated, I decided to finish up a side project I started earlier in the week.
You see, last weekend, the Good Lord Faultimus and I got in a small game of Dystopian Wars.  We shot eachother’s boats (or flying boats in his case) and rolled some dice.  His tactics were superior to mine, however his dice failed him miserably.  Regardless, it was fun, and got me inspired to finish up a small 3-member squad of Trainboat Frigates!
Honestly, the hardest part of these boats, is an original stripe pattern for each one.
A local store had Spartan Games stuff 60% off, so I picked up a set of Cruisers for the Trainboats, which are medium sized models, and will help me balance out my force (since I didn’t start off with the starter kit).
Also, Faultimus ditched his Firestorm Armada Sorylian Fleet in favor of some newer ones that are coming out.  The Sorylians look like trains also, so naturally, I had to have them:
So, in the near future, be on the lookout for SPACETRAINS!!

Wow, it’s been a week since I last posted!  I feel terrible!  I’ve been swamped with stuff this past week, so at least I have a good excuse reason.  We had to get the apartment ready for visitors!  That took a while since we have way too much shit.  Once the unpacking and sorting was done, we had visitors.  Since the office (computers and hobby area) is also the spare room, I didn’t have any time to work on anything.  Bad for the blog, good for my sanity.

Speaking of sanity, here’s what’s coming up in the next few months:
  • Finish painting Cygnar Battlebox
  • Skorne Army painted up to 50 pts
  • Gatorman conversions (a commission currently in the works)
  • Retribution Conversions
  • More trainboats and flying saucers (Yay Naval games!)
  • Tutorials
    • Brass Rodding (Iron Fang Pikeman style)
    • Press Molding (with Instant Mold)
    • Jeweler’s Saw Basics
    • … your suggestions?
Despite my current slacking off, I do have news!  

As you may remember, at Templecon I had the privilege of participating in a Dystopian Wars demo run by the fine gents over at D6 Generation.  During that demo, I was pummeled by my opponents and had the worst luck imaginable.  As a reward for being such a good sport, I was given to Spartan Games to be turned into a character in their next Dystopian Wars rulebook.  The artist did an amazing job (given what they had to work with) and finally, here I am!
I’m not yet sure which faction I will belong to, or what my story is.  I’m not wearing any known uniform, and there aren’t any easy to spot insignias.  But, aren’t I a dashing fellow, with my pistol and monocle?  I look dangerous…  Grrrr…
I s’pose I do owe a hobby related update as well, eh?  Since last time I was able to get Gore Red on the second Savage, and block out the metallic areas in Boltgun Metal on one of the savages.  I need to go over it one more time to be sure I haven’t missed anything, and then I’ll block out the brass areas on top of the Boltgun Metal.  Putting brass over silver like that usually helps the brass which tends to be a bit transparent.  Once I get the brass on there, it’ll actually look Skornish, and picture worthy.
Since I love seeing comments on here, tell me what you think of the portrait!  What sort of tutorials would you like to see?  Also, if you could see any conversion, what would it be?

I typically allow myself about $20 a week to invest in my models.  Three weeks ago it was the Blazing Sun Frigates.  The week after that I picked up the Battleship.  Last week, I picked up Lord Tyrant Xerxis.  He’s not put together yet though, sorry.  Maybe next time?

Mr. Clean ain’t got nothin’…
I bring this up because this week, as much as I want mechanics for my pStryker Theme Force, I bought some hobby supplies instead.  Primarily, I was happy to find Master’s Brush Cleaner.  
As I understand it, this stuff is amazing.  Here’s a Youtube video explaining how to use it.  When I get a chance, I’m planning on spending some much needed time with my brushes and this stuff.  It will be good.
But wait, there’s more!
I also grabbed two new brushes.  The first was a #2 Chisel Blender that I’m going to use for covering large areas.  The other one was a #10/0 Spotter for detail work.  Yay for cheap-but-still-(hopefully)-really-nice-and-will-last-a-long-time paint brushes!  And, now, if I mess them up, I have the magic soap!
So far so good.  My other big problem with painting are my old paints.  They’re a bit dry and need some attention.  So….  I picked up some Liquitex Acrylic Flo-Aid.  It helps the pigment separate for even coverage but it also increases water tension.  Thus, it makes the paint want to even out into a smooth coat, but if it’s not diluted enough, the paint will pool into drops on the model and not lay flat like it’s supposed to.  I’m a bit skeptical, yet optimistic.  We’ll see.
Enough about random stuff, here’s what you’re really here for.  Some pictures of models!  
Firstly, Morghoul.

I realize it’s fairly unimpressive right now.  Sorry.  All that’s down is three or so coats of diluted Gore Red.  Most of Morghoul’s armor is the lacquered red over gold style, so there’s not much at this stage.  There’s actually a nice tutorial in the Skorne book on the lacquered armor.  I’m hoping it turns out for me as well as it did for the studio.

The Cyclops Savage on the other hand has lots of red armor…

He’s looking pretty good.  There’s a fair bit of regular old red armor there, so there’s lots to block out.  I’m thinking aqua for the accent color… or is that too Everblight?  Perhaps some jade green?  Thoughts?
I’m thinking I’ll be doing my reds via glazing.  It involves mixing paint and transparent medium to achieve a see-through-yet-tinted layer of paint.  You then layer this on over and over again and the more layers there are, the stronger the original color.  I’ll cover it in more detail, but it worked decently well on my Firestorm Armada Directorate Frigate.  
Oh, I didn’t show you?  Check it out:
Yay spaceships!  Now, before you scrutinize the little guy, remember…  the model’s just a little larger than a quarter.  The white dome doesn’t work, so that needs a change.  Suggestions?

Firstly, Burb1996 had his prize drawing.  Since Burb got his 40 followers in less than 48 hours, he’s giving away an Extreme Scuplt!  He cut out everyone’s name, put them in a hat and had his son pick out a name.  The little dude’s my new best friend, because he pulled my name out of the hat!

On it’s way is an Extreme Juggernaut.  Why?  Because it’s the base for an Extremoth.  I’m super excited!!  You should be to, because if you’re reading this, you’re likely a fan of conversions – and that one’s killer!
Next, I need some input.  I snagged some lights from Home Depot on the cheap.  They aren’t terribly bright, so I think I’ll need some new bulbs for them.  I did take some pictures though, so let me know which you like better.  

New lights
Old lights

Oh, and what do you think of the addition of some Naval Camouflage?

And now… the results of last time’s dilema:  What faction to commit to?

Overwhelmingly, you all wanted to see Skorne!  Of the six of you that posted your thoughts, five wanted Skorne.  Good enough for me!  Skorne it is.

I was able to get primer on my Skorne Battle Box, a Cyclops Brute and Razorworm.  That gives me a nice 15 pt Tooth and Claw list to learn with:

Points: 15
Master Tormentor Morghoul (*7pts)
* Cyclops Brute (5pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Razorworm (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)

I also picked up Xerxis last week at the LGS, so I’ll need to assemble him.

I haven’t found a 35pt list I’m happy with, so I’m open to suggestions.  I like the idea of a brick, but I also think a combined forces type army could be fun.  Show me some lists!

I’d post more, but I kinda want to get painting!  I’ll have pictures of some Skorne next time, I promise!