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Charity events are great.  Miniatures wargaming is definitely a luxury hobby, and I think it’s important to funnel some of that into charity, into helping others in some way.

For example, Foodmachine is a staple charity event in the Warmachine community that openly encourages cheating in order to help feed the hungry around Thankgiving.  Players bring in cans of food or money, and can spend that during their games to re-roll, for example games as escape rooms like the bank vault you can find online.

Clash for a Cure is an event in Texas focused on raising money for cancer research.  It’s a small Kill Team tournament, and an auction in one, and it’s a charity that I’ve done work for before.   In previous years, I’ve cleaned and partially assembled models to then be painted for the prize pool.

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Earlier, LynchPin spoke about his Tau Force and I wanted to quickly discuss my plans for Dark Angels.

In most regards, the DA are standard Space Marines, but they have a fun back story and hidden agenda:

Back in the day, when Horus pulled an Anakin Skywalker and flipped to the Dark Side, most of the DA were away from their homeworld, Caliban, fighting for the Emperor out in the fringes of known space.  They got wind of the betrayal, but arrived at the party too late to stop Horus and his chaotic crazies.  They then got word of shenanigans at their homeworld, and when they got there, the guys in charge of safekeeping the planet had turned evil on the inhabitants and slaughtered everyone.

That pissed off the non-crazy Dark Angels, who then landed at the HQ and the head honcho (Lion El’Johnson) slugged it out with his boy-hood friend and second in command, Luther.  They accidentally opened a wormhole inside the planet, Star Trek style, and the only thing that saved them was the force field around their HQ castle.


This “castle-monastery” is now called “The Rock” and floats around as their mobile HQ.  To everyone else, they say that Caliban was destroyed while anonymous bad guys assaulted them.  In secret, they know that their own guys lost it and went bad.  What makes this all worse is that the crazies that got sucked into the wormhole when the planet got destroyed started popping up randomly all over known space – they just kind of re-shuffled into existence.  So, now, the DA are on a secret crusade trying to find these “Fallen” before they cause too much damage, because the DA feel responsible for their existence, and are trying to keep their messed-up history a secret lest they be thrown out of the Imperial clubhouse.

That’s a really long winded way of saying that these guys are super-paranoid battle monks with an overactive Internal Affairs department.  What’s not to love?

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Hey all,

I’m going to be spending some time playing with the look and layout today and tomorrow.

Be sure to let me know whet you think!

Since no blog post should be without a picture, did you know that I at one point in time I played Space Marines?

Hinged top doors and a magnetized rear hatch, Forge World goodies too!

Ok, so the first try with straight Badab Black went horribly.  I’ve stripped the mini, primed white and tried again. I followed the same steps as the previous try, but the wash here used the following mixture as a wash:

1:1:2 – Badab Black : Gryphonne Sepia : Water

I also carried the drybrushing from the base onto his boots to help continue the “in the midst of battle” look the semi-dirty wash gives. I hate seeing pristine paint jobs on war-torn bases. I always feel the model looses cohesion.

I was also told the eye lenses on the previous incarnation lacked depth, so this time I’ve ten them up from Blood Red through Blazing Orange to just a touch of the Sunburst Yellow used on the rest of him. I think it really helps tie the red to the yellow and give a slight glow effect.

Here’s the (much better) result:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Imperial Fist decals to put the logo on his shoulder.

What do you think about the model?

So, I was contacted by the same client that had the centaurs done, and he wanted to see if I could paint some Imperial Fist marines. We agreed that I should emulate these models that are already a part of his army:

And so here was my process. I cheated by priming the base black and the mini white:

Next, I hit the majority of the model with two layers of GW’s Sunburst Yellow:

Next, I hit the desired areas with black and red, and used Boltgun Metal for the metallics:

Photobucket Photobucket

Lastly, a wash with watered down GW Badab Black wash. These final photos were taken in the new lightbox. I definitely think I need a warmer light. What do you think?


So, once the wash dries, I can drybrush the urban rubble base, and he’ll be done.  Unfortunately, the wash foamed up on me and dried far too quickly and in all the wrong ways.  I may spray him white and take a second shot at it – I’m not very happy with this guy.