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So, this week marked the first week of our local Slow Grow League.  Players have been painting for four weeks already, since one of the rules is that you must play fully painted.  Here’s what everyone brought to the table on Game Night:

Adam’s Legion Force

You can see more of Adam’s stuff over at

Andrew’s Legion Force

Chris’ Retribution Battlegroup

Don’s Protectorate Battlebox

The next three all belong to the same player, Gary.  He’s a painting machine!

Gary’s First Battlegroup

Gary’s Second Battlegroup

Gary’s Third Battlegroup

Jason’s Gators

Kevin’s Skorne Battlegroup

Matt’s Cygnar Battlebox

Nick’s Dwarfs

Nick’s Gorton is converted to look as much like Mr. T as possible, which is pretty awesome!

Paul K’s Cryx

Paul’s Cryx army was purchased, built and painted in an hour so he could play games – Not too shabby considering the glue was still wet when these pictures were taken!

Ron’s Protectorate

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I played my Cryx Battlebox, which was loads of fun, but still doesn’t quite work for me.  I need more practice with it.

My Cryx Battlebox


All in all, a fun time was had by all.  Stay tuned for more pictures as the 8-week Slow-Grow League continues!