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I took a break from the Pink & Blacks to paint up Hakaar the Destroyer, an Ancestral Guardian solo.  He’s a fantastic model, and has killer rules to boot!  He satisfies the criteria for Lost hemisphere’s September Paint the Target:  a model that was released within the last year.  Hakaar was released in November 2010, so he’s just about 1 year old now!

He has dual POW 13s, which he can combine to take on heavier armed targets.  He runs of friendly souls, and any friendly models that tie near him trigger a vengeance move.  Yep, his vengeance triggers off other models.  On top of that, the three souls can up his ARM stat, as well as buy him boosts and additional attacks.  Top all that off with Life Drinker for healing up those 10 HP he has, and this is one mean 4 pt solo.
I painted this guy up while watching the old Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster movie, Mavrick, which I received for my birthday this last weekend.
I have a minimum unit of Man-O-War Shocktroopers built, but they haven’t seen primer yet.  I should probably get on that, huh?  😀

I got those pesky Swordsmen done today, and I must say, those are the most detailed models ever.  Holy cow.  Just when I thought I was done and could relax, I’d realize I needed to go highlight all the black.  Then I’d forgotten to paint the pommels of their swords.  Then I noticed those big horn things on their one shoulder pad.  These things never end!

Using basic speed painting techniques really helped.  Work on one color, and do everything with the big brush first, then go back through on the same color with the small brush to get the smaller details.  Switching brushes on every models just eats up time.  Washes were also my friend.
Anyway, here’s the majority of my Hexeris T3 force, all painted up!
After those swordsmen, I need a break from Skorne!  Our local group has a Slow Grow league starting in a week or two, and I’m doing Khador.  I’m doing a black and pink theme, and since I’m doing Butcher1’s theme force, It will also work for Clash of the Titans!  The pink was chosen in support of PG_Wold’s Paint it Pink:
The 2011 Paint It Pink painting contest is designed to help promote breast cancer awareness through the miniature wargame hobby. Simply paint one miniature or an entire army using pink as a prominent color, and enter your work into any appropriate categories.

I think big, burly Khador in pink will be fun, as well as support a good cause.  It’s also a theme force for Clash of the Titans, and will be a great vehicle for the Slow Grow League.  Lastly, I should be able to paint the majority of my plastic Khador battlebox in the process, which gives me another demo tool.  Yay for … three birds with one stone?
I’ve got a spare Man-O-War Demolition Corp model I’ve assembled and primed, and I’ll be using him as a test model for the paint scheme.  The scheme will use mostly p3 paints also, which I’m rather excited about.  Look for pictures of the test model soon!

I had enough time last night while watching Die Hard to get the reds done, as well as the touch ups on the brass.  All that’s remaining on these guys are flesh, green highlights, silvers and black highlights.  I’ll also need to do some free hand on the flag.  I’m hoping to knock most of that out tonight and have an update for you tomorrow!

Bask in their near completeness!

I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around Hexeris.  In theory, anyway.  As I may have mentioned, my first league game this last league was against Hexeris.  I got to see his feat first hand, so I now understand how it works, when to use it and how to use it effectively.  Also, since I have loads of experience with pMorghoul, I’d really like to play something different – something more spell focused.
I’ve read up some stuff about Hexeris’ theme list, and overall I like it because all the tier bonuses get you further up the field, and get your stuff doing what they do best, faster.
Studio Hexeris
Faction: Hexeris – Kingdom of Shadow
Casters: 1/1
Points: 35/35
Tiers: 3
Lord Tyrant Hexeris (*6pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Razorworm (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
* Aptimus Marketh (3pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) (2pts)
Praetorian Swordsmen (min) (4pts)
* Officer & Standard (2pts)
Praetorian Swordsmen (min) (4pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Ancestral Guardian (3pts)
Hakaar the Destroyer (4pts)
When this list deploys, the Swordsmen get AD, the Guardian & Hakaar (a Guardian model) get advanced move, and I can start with Hexeris’ upkeeps in play, and don’t have to pay for the upkeeps turn 1.  WHAT?  I know, right?  These models will be up the enemy’s grill turn 2.
The non UA swordsmen are a tarpit – souls to fuel the Guardians and Marketh.  They’ll likely start with Death March (+2 MAT, Vengeance) so if the enemy doesn’t kill the entire unit, they’re going to see some retaliation.  Turn 2, the UA’d swordsmen will get Death March cast onto them, and use their mini-feat to lawnmower their way through the enemy front lines.
Amongst the infantry are the two Guardians who will gather souls along with Marketh, and add to the retaliation.
All the while, the Agonizer is causing havoc, spells are channeled through the Razorworm (who has Eyeless Sight & Dig In), and I’ll have some beast cruise missiles ready to launch once charge lanes are opened up by the lawnmowers.
I’m very excited to try out the army, and have all the models needed.  I just need to find some time to actually play a game with him!!

Speaking of Hexeris, here’s a recent picture of my Hexeris and his favorite pet, the Razorwurm.
I used the same black gradient paints I used on the Sorylian space ship.  I’m trying to paint the gems like Onyx, emphasizing the Void and emptiness of Skorne’s theocracy.
Here’s a closeup of the gem:
Lastly, I’m very happy with how the Razorwurm’s flesh turned out.  It was Citadel’s Foundation Tallarn Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh Wash, and then picked out with more Tallarn Flesh.  I painted the little claws on the Razorwurm black to mirror the nails on Hexeris.  The Razorwurm’s horn bracer thing also has an Onyx set on the front.
I’ll have a post about my LGS’s Slow Grow League that’s starting in a few weeks, and all weekend long, I’ll have updates from the NoVa Open 2011!

Since I’ve been itching to try out the highlighting black recipe Ghool mentioned on Hand Cannon Online, I couldn’t help myself when I got my hands on the Sorylian spaceships.  This is a frigate, and all I’ve done is pick out the armor panels.  I think it looks pretty sleek:


Also, work on the Skorne Swordsmen continues.  I got down a base coat of Red Gore over the weekend:
I’m not sure yet if I like this whole “base bronze before red” method, but I’m going to hold final judgement until I see the end product.  So far, I think the balance between red and bronze is working.  Remember, the model will be a bit lighter overall once I get the flesh tones in.
The unit is coming along faster and more painless than I had anticipated.  This is a good thing!  Yay!