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Today, I have some crappy cell phone pictures of what I’ve been able to do over my lunch hours here and there this week. Mostly, it’s been applying the same treatment to all of the Scythean’s upper armor.

I didn’t try and get every panel of armor on the entire model because just like with the arm, I’m trying to see what it will look like in stages before I commit too much time to the experiment. Small steps, asses and then move forward.

Anyway, the pictures:




Overall, I’m very happy with where this is headed. Unfortunately, the white is a decently tedious process, much more so than 2-brush blending the Coal Black shades and Arcane Blue highlights

Also, I know the pics aren’t all that great, but they’ll get better when we finish moving into our new place and I can settle into my new studio. Give me another week or two.

Looking forward, there’s still loads to do for this army in just two months. I have four more heavies to finish besides this guy, three of which need to be cleaned and assembled. I also have about 20 small based models, including a warcaster who will need special attention.

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and I’m not sure I’ll get the army done in time for Hardcore at Nova Open. That’s not even including the handful of competition pieces I want to do for the conventions’s Capital Palette Painting Competition.

I got frustrated with trying to work out a scheme on the Legionnaire, and so I revisited the original Blackfrost Legion article, and decided to focus on a beast, instead. This is a WIP, and it’s only an arm, but I think it nicely shows what I’m thinking of doing on beast armor. Let me know what you think


Here’s another angle


I need to finish up my ‘caster for Feat of Service, so I probably won’t be back to this for at least a two to three weeks, but I’m still hoping to have an army done for Nova Open. Stay tuned for Legion battle reports and more painting updates after my move (to a new place with more room) in mid-June.