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It’s been a slow week or two here on the blog, but not so in the studio.

I’ve had several projects on my desk after the move and subsequent setting up of the new studio (in no particular order…):

  • Relic Knights was delivered, and I wanted to get a starter set assembled and ready to try some games
  • [Fun with 40k] has rekindled the dormant parts of my brain that never stopped loving GW models
  • A few locals have been following Infinity’s V3 rules release closely, plus Spud’s been doing some cool Infinity stuff recently…
  • I need to get a pair of models finished for Clash for a Cure before August is over

As I sit at my desk, I feel a little like this:

This last weekend, I got out the airbrush and got a fair bit of the macro work on everything done.

I use my Grex with a 0.3mm nozzle for priming and base coats, before switching to my Sotar 20/20 with the 0.2 for detail work.

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Relic Knight Bases

I’m working on getting my first 35 pts of Relic Knights painted up, and wanted to show you how I’ve decided to do my bases.

The Kickstarter gave us some neat base inserts that depict grates, piping and opened boxes, and they also included some loose crystals to do whatever we wanted with.  Units in relic Knights don’t have a “leader” like they do in Warmachine, but I wanted to include one crystal in each unit, to denote a leader type model, or at the very least, to add something exciting to the unit.  I quickly assembled the bases and plopped down a crystal on one base for each unit.


Green is Creation Esper

I’ve been wanting to get more practice with my airbrushes, so I figured the crystals would be a great way to play with some OSL utilizing the airbrushes!  As you can see, above, the result is great!

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As promised, here’s my unboxing of the two starter sets I picked up as part of my Relic Knights Kickstarter.


I picked up two factions, the Shattered Sword, and the Noh. I have a thing for shields, so the Shattered Sword Paladins were right up my alley. I then wanted something that would clearly be different from the Paladins, so I went with the Noh, a race of crazy huge berserkers. These two factions also happen to have the primary colors of blue and red, so that’s handy.

Shattered Sword Paladins Starter Box

These Paladins revere a set of six warriors (The Six Peers) from long ago who realized that war is a huge waste of time and lives, and put down their swords in favor of peace and intelligent collaboration. So, unlike most paladins in other games, these guys aren’t out to do their god’s work, they’re simply policemen patrolling the galaxy, stopping wars.  Violently, if need be.

What a bunch of stylish, well armored hypocrites!


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