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Rather than a new How-to Tuesday, I’d like to continue on from last week and discuss some of my experiences as I try out the Speedpainting methods I mentioned.

Models at the end of the Painting Day at LGS

Last Thursday, the normal game night at the LGS, I set up shop for painting and painted for a good 3-4 hours.  I was being social and chatting with several folks, so it wasn’t focused time, but I still managed to prove that 2-brush is a quick painting method.

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Not much to report yet.  All the “white” panels have been base coated in 4-5 layers of Menoth White base, and this is by far the most time consuming part of this scheme.  I was able to get my first layer of shadows down – a layer of Hammerfall Kahki – two layers in some cases.

The colors are super close, and you can’t really see it in the picture, but it’s noticeable on the model.  The Hammerfall is a bridge color – the transition from MWB to Gun Corp Brown is a tad too large, but the Hammerfall bridges it nicely.

WIP 1 Stage, "Whites" with first layer of shading

Since the white takes up most of the big panels, requires numerous layers, and in most cases is the innermost surface, it’s the obvious starting point.  Once it’s done, though, I’ll have to be super careful with the reds and blacks, since trying to fix an error on the gradients will be a nightmare.  Control, control, control.

How are you doing?

I thought I’d covered this topic before, but when it was suggested and I couldn’t find the article, I realized I hadn’t covered it.  So, I’m here to change that!

Managing Expectations

If you’re speedpainting, you need to take a hard look at your expectations for the results of your time spent.  Since you’re moving fast, and you’re primary goal is painted models on the field, you’re going to have to overlook the lack of small, tedious details, like belt buckles, eyes, or weathering effects.

I’m not saying you should expect your models to look like shit – but you should not expect a model you take 3-4 hours to paint to stand up to your 20+ hour warcaster.  This is just something you have to accept.

By speedpainting, you’re sacrificing quality of the paint job in favor of playing with painted models, and achieving that quickly.

Remember, once you have a few list’s worth of models painted, you can always go back and strip a unit and take your time.  Over time, you’ll eventually re-paint your models to the standard you want, and you’ll still be able to play fully painted (just without the unit on your painting table).

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I know I discussed a Protectorate of Menoth test scheme a while back, but it just didn’t turn out how I wanted.  I recently saw someone who was painting the studio scheme over black primer, and was only about half finished, and I really liked the big chunk of black he had with the white and maroon of the studio scheme.

I love the Flameguard shields...

Obviously this isn’t a fully painted model – the skin is wrong, ad the black gloves and the Menofix aren’t highlighted, but I like the layout and the colors.

Glowy, pointy spear!

Oddly, the green in the coal black of the robe highlights doesn’t really come through in the highlights, but that’s OK.  I’m really happy with how the black turned out too.  I used the tutorial in the Forces of Hordes: Skorne book (Thanks Gary!), and then I hit it with GW’s new black wash, or “shade”, Nuln Oil.

I wanted to capture the dark side of the Protectorate…

What do you think of the scheme?

Every so often the Press Gangers put together a painting exchange. We all put our names into as hat, pull out someone to paint a mini for, and go to town. It’s a fun way to paint something you wouldn’t normally paint, as well as meet some new people. Here’s the two minis I painted. Vilmon is for the most recent painting exchange, and the Gorax is a make-up for someone who didn’t get a model last time.

I started both these models after Meg’s class, and I used lots of 2-brush blending.  The cloak and flesh were great practice, and I’m very happy with how they turned out.  More models to come soon!

Angry Gorax is Angry


Big Fists!

Lots of hair, too.

This model makes me want to play a Paladin in the IKRPG when it comes out...

Vilmon, A.K.A. Mr Big Cloak of Cloakyness