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Part of the Online Gamer’s Journal is playing games with our armies!  Of course, what’s the point in participating in a journal that requires games if you don’t write them down?  Here’s the game I played against local player Mark last Thursday:


The Arrow’s Tip
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
 – Shredder
 – Bolt Thrower
 – Carnivean
Spell Martyr
                          eGaspy’s Goon Squad
Iron Lich Asphyxious
 – Deathripper
 – Deathripper
 – Slayer
Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges (full)
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

His list was constructed without knowledge of mine, yet it ended up being the perfect counter to everything I had available to me.  You’ll see.
 I won the roll off and made him set up first.
The Battle

Staring down the battlefield…

Cryx 1
All the ‘jacks ran forward, as did the Cephalyx tarpit, Necrotech and Scrap Thrall.  eGaspy cast Hellbound on himself (cannot be targeted by charges, within 5″ counts as rough terrain for enemies), walks forward to hide behind his wall of goons.
Legion 1
Everything ran forward except the Shredder, who turned out to be just a bit short to be able to put Tenacity up on Lylyth.
Scrap Thrall is off screen to the right…
Cryx 2
eGaspy upkeeps Hellbound and arcs Deathknell through a Deathripper’s arcnode which luckily misses horribly.  Otherwise, everything advances.
Legion 2
Shredder moves first, casts Tenacity on Lylyth (+1 DEF / +1 ARM).  Spell Martyr runs ahead, and Lylyth casts Eruption of Spines through it into the Drudges.  It hits 6 targets (5 + original target), only kills two Drudges (damn tough rolls), and deals 2 damage to a Deathripper. 
The Carnivean takes a few steps and sprays the Scrap Thrall who was sneaking around my flank.  Lastly the Bolt Thrower whiffs a boosted shot at one of the Deathrippers.
The Carnivean’s too far away…
Cryx 3
eGaspy upkeeps Hellbound and gives 3 focus to each arcnode.  The first Deathripper charges the Bolt Thrower, knocking out Spirit (no forcing).  The second Deathripper charges the poor Nephilim and finishes it off.  Everything else ran.
Poof!  The Nephilim disappears, right before your eyes!
Legion 3
Shepherd makes a tactical withdrawal.  Lylyth tags the Deathripper closest to the Drudges doing no damage.  She then casts Spiny Growth on the Shredder and bushwacks behind the building to safety.  Shredder casts Tenacity on Lylyth, goes Rabid and gets a free charge on the tagged Deathripper, missing with it’s one attack. The Carnivean runs to get back to the group and casts Spiny Growth on itself.
Carnivean comes up short, bye bye Shredder…
Cryx 4
eGaspy upkeeps Hellbound and again gives 3 focus to each Deathripper.  The first one hits and reduces the Shredde to 2 health.  With sustained attack, it just chews harder and kills the little beastie.  It takes a total of 5 damage from Spiny Growth though.  Second Deathripper can now charge the Carnivean and does so.  It connects on the first hit and gets a pair of boosted damage rolls with the 3 focus.  It deals 11 damage and takes 2 from Spiny Growth.  The Necrotech hides behind the more damaged Deathripper and repairs 3 damage.  eGaspy moves away from the building, away from Lylyth.  
Legion 4
Shepherd heals the Carnivean for 1 restoring its body.  The Carnivean attempts to double handed throw the Deathripper and misses the (boosted) attack roll.  It then attempts to bite the thing and whiffs the (boosted) attack roll.  What a windmill.  Lylyth misses her first shot at a Cephalyx, but hits and kills with her second shot (darn).  She then hits a Drudge with Eruption of Spines, killing only one Drudge, but turns the nearby Deathripper into “swiss cheese”, having dealt damage to every system without knocking anything out.
Cryx 5
Guess what?  eGaspy upkeeps Hellbound, each Deathripper again gets 3 focus.  The two Deathrippers chomp on the Carnivean and kill the big beastie.  The Drudges attempt a charge, but only one reaches Lylyth, missing her DEF 16.  A Drudge kills the Shepherd.
Where did everybody go?
Legion 5
Out of beasts and with half a battlefield and an entire tarpit between her and her prey, Lylyth makes her escape.  She swings at the Drudge engaging her and misses.  A second attack kills it, but the tough roll means it’s just knocked down.  She slings Eruption of Spines at a nearby Drudge and misses.  The knocked down Drudge offers no resistance as she flees the battlefield.
Slayer posed for comedic effect…
I lose horribly.  Not only did my entire force get wiped out, I barely killed a thing.  I attempted to use the building on my left as a pick, slingshotting around it into the back of his forces, but when I used an 11 pt beast to kill a 1/3 pt solo for an entire round, I really gimped by ability to quickly move around the board.  My dice also failed me the entire last half of the game.  I couldn’t hit anything!
The worst part is, my opponent didn’t even use half the stuff in his arsenal!  eGaspy, for an epic caster, as nothing more than a focus battery for the two Deathrippers.  Those two little ‘jacks with sustained attack just destroyed my entire army.  And, even if I had been able to get something in charge range of eGaspy, Hellbound would have stopped it.  Lastly, the tarpit with tough negated most of the power of Lylyth’s tarpit clearing spell, Eruption of Spines.  I would have done a bit better with clearing the Drudges if they would live after a bow shot…
Things I need to focus on doing differently:
  • Be aggressive.  I tried to be sneaky and that’s not really Lylyth’s playstyle.  Lylyth also needs more beasts, more attack vectors.
  • Think about model tradeoffs.  Using the 11 point Carnivean to kill the 1/3 pt Scrap Thrall was a horrible misuse of my resources.  That would have been a much better target for the Shredder, or a spare bow shot once it got closer.
  • Always try to go first.  Legion has to get the first hit, the models are glass cannons and can’t withstand a turn of abuse.  I need to go first if possible so I can be the first to connect.
What do you think I could have done differently (besides everything)?

Hello, Beastie…

The Carnivean’s finally (almost) done.  I can see a few details I need to catch (hard bits on his head, tone down his nose, brighter claw tips), but other than minor details, success!

Here he is:

And, for a comparison to the standard pose, here he is beside my other carnivean:
As you can see, the new one has brighter whites (thicker, actually) and a bit rougher drybrushing on the armor.  The whites may seem brighter since the wash was heavier, so there’s a bigger contrast in the dark and light.   The skin is fairly consistent though, which is what I was fearing would be the most different.  I also need to brighten his base a bit.
Overall, I like it!  I think the repose gives it just enough character…
Tell me what you think below!

basecoat color.

You thought I was gonna say dollar, didn’t you?  Ha!  Horrible excuses for jokes aside, I’ve been crankin’ away on my OGJ models.  With the skin done, the only things left are scale, details (teeth, red gums), and the armor on the Nephilim, and basing of course.

Without adieu…

The converted carnivean:

Nephilim Bolt Thrower


Spell Martyr

And, the customary group shot:
I can tell with every photo that my lightbox desperately needs lighting on the sides.  Someday.
On a completely unrelated note, I am fairly certain that I’ll be attending Templecon.  Enough circumstances have collided that I should be able to go, so that will be awesome.  Special thanks to my wife, for while I’m away having fun and being a nerd, she’ll be making countless trips from old apartment to new condo, moving all our crap.
With that in mind, I’ll be packing as much stuff as possible to make said trips as painless for her as possible.  Between packing sessions, I’m hoping to wrap these up ASAP.  Having a three day weekend this weekend will certainly help.  
Lastly, next week I’m helping a friend polish off his Farrow army so he can run fully painted.  Should be a nice change from the aquablight, and a fun exercise in speed painting.
‘Til next time, Peace.

I had today off because it’s MLK, Jr. day, and I enjoyed a long day of WoW and painting.  Let me start at the beginning.

Saturday, my wife and I got up, got in the car and headed to Baltimore for the tournament.  I dropped her off at a history museum in town, then headed out to Glen Burnie.  I got there, got to the store and realized everyone was playing Warhammer Fantasy.  I pulled out my hand dandy Blackberry to find out that I was off by a day.  My tournament was tomorrow.  My language was colorful, to say the least.


It wasn’t all bad though.  The store did have Old Witch & Scrapjack who I have been having a hard time finding on Bartertown.com.  They also had superglue.  Yay!

The trip wasn’t a total loss. I found a place that sold the medication I had made my mind I would be taking for my, well, male issue let’s say. I had been hesitant to order it online, I never know if it’ll arrive, or if I will be there to receive it if it does. I was going to order it from its original site, https://10naturalhomeremedies.com/instahard-review/. Turns out I didn’t have to because I found a store that sold it!
I’m also very happy to have Old Witch & Scrapjack.  I have a list that I’ve been playing with on the forum that is fairly solid with Irusk, Strakov and Old Witch, so that’s a pretty nice variety with only caster swaps.

So, I called my wife, admitted my mistake and we toured the history museum for about an hour.  They had a cool armory, and I took a picture with this shield gun.  

I felt like a Man-o-War Shocktrooper!  The plaque said the things were difficult to aim since it was too heavy.  Not very practical.  Hopefully the Man-o-Wars are better trained than the guys that used these.
After the museum, we stopped by Mama’s on the Half Shell, and I had the largest Fish’n’Chips, I’ve ever had:


Yes, it’s as long as my torso is wide…



Sunday, I worked more on Karchev.  I built a rear bumper looking apparatus out of wire:
Do you suppose he beeps when he backs up?


I then clad this in plasticard and mocked up a skirt type deal with sticky-tak.  I’m trying to capture the movement as he’s running forward.  The bottom part should be swinging towards the rear foot as the top starts to swing towards the forward foot as his hips are in the process of rotating the other direction.  The yellow doesn’t show it terribly well, but here’s the WIP shot I took:
I’m thinking when it’s greenstuff and I add holes and tatters, it’ll look much better.  If it looks terrible, we’ll call it a prototype and try again.
Lastly, I got my Legion for the Online Gamer’s Journal primed, and I’ve basecoated the skin with GW’s Codex Grey:
Yay!  Busy weekend, and a short week, since this week is our scheduled Friday off.  w00t.



So, for the Online Gamer’s Journal, I need to have the following list painted by Jan 31st.

Points: 15
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (*6pts)
* Nephilim Bolttrower (6pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Carnivean (11pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
1 Spell martyr (1pts)

I’m sort of cheating by having Lylyth and a Shredder done.  I also have a Carnivean, but that’s TOO cheating.  So, I’m painting up my second one.  I’m incapable of having two beasts with the same pose, so out comes the conversion tools.  This time, I have a new weapon in my arsenal.  The Jeweler’s Saw!

Here’s what I did.  I made these cuts (in red) on two of the arms that attach to the lower torso.

I then pulled the big leg so that it’s more extended.  The forearm got bent so that it’s a bit straighter.  Here’s how it sits now.  I’m not entirely sure if I like the forearm.  Good thing I have an extra I can fool with!

What do you think?