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A week or so ago I attended my local wargaming con, the NOVA Open. It’s a huge con, offering tournaments and organized play events for most of the mainstream miniature games, RPGs, and board games.

It was especially cool this year because it was the 10th anniversary of the con. So, true to form, they had a dinosaur with lasers on its head as the logo accent art.

Like you do.

They also produced this guy as a model!!!

My visit this year was heavily impacted by a critical work project. I consider myself lucky that I was actually able to attend some seminars and spend time with friends.

Let’s talk about it.

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So, I had my camera on site all weekend, but somehow I ended up with only a few pictures.  The same thing happened when I went to England as a youth – I took perhaps a dozen photos for the week I was there.  I suppose, like John Meyer, I like seeing the world through both my eyes.

Despite the lack of enough pictures for a true “Photo Dump”, here’s the pictures I do have:

Demo Table, with the 4 main Warmachine Factions available for trial.

Shot down the hall. We had 6 rows of 5 tables set up, offering about 30 tables total. Each table was topped with felt, and had a 1′ side board for holding tournament trays, dead models and drinks.

PG_Tionas’ nicely painted white and orange Menoth.

We gave prizes out so fast, there wasn’t even time for photos! This is the Hardcore 2nd place player, Jake H receiving his award from PG_Tionas.

A game being played on the Tectonic Crafts Studio table!

The Iron Arena prize table. Despite being free, we could not give the new Dark Vengeance box away… Everything else flew off the table once folks had the points.

Speaking of Iron Arena, two players played a 150pt Unbound game in order to unlock the Unbound achievement, as for online games and doing money online, we can read this report, to find the right resources online for this.Unfortunately, that’s about all the pictures I came home with.  Lame, I know, but I hope some of the other bloggers I know that were there had better luck getting pictures of the weekend.

Tectonic Craft Studios is a new terrain company which has gained momentum after a very successful Kickstarter Campaign.

TCS has sponsored a Warmachine City Table here at the NOVA, and I gotta say, it looks fantastic, and its not even painted!

These kits are incredibly detailed, and make great use of multiple layers of 1/8″ MDF to give a surprising amount of depth to what is essentially flat surfaces.

I particularly like the giant crates and the cranes.  They spin!

Howdy folks, I have something a little different today: Terrain!

One of my duties as an Event Organizer for the NOVA Open is to construct terrain for the various games.  All the EOs get together on the weekends and blitz terrain so that we can get all the pieces done on time.   Many hands make quick work of things, and that leaves more time for hanging out and beer!

One of the unique challenges of WM/H Event Organization is the difference in our terrain needs, compared to those of 40k / Fantasy, Infinity or Flames of War.  While 40k tables like big sets of ruins and multi-tiered hills, WM/H terrain us usually more sublime.  Where Infinity tables need a cityscape with lots of LOS blockage, WM/H tends to have plenty of open space.  Hills need to be 1″ tall, so they don’t block LOS, for instance.  We also need several linear obstacles (per table) in order to break up said open spaces, and we gotta have lots, and lots of trees!  Forests are a huge part of any WM/H encounter, but they’re far less frequent in, say, the Grim, Dark Future.

Today, I want to send you over to the NOVA Preparation Blog: The Road to NOVA.  Two Terrain sessions ago, Bob (The Minister of Terrain) and I sat down to build some 30+ fences and barricades to use as linear obstacles for some of the WM/H tables.  He liked the design I had come up with, and wrote a tutorial on how we made the fences.  Check it out here, or click the picture below.

“You can’t beat cheap, good looking terrain!” is the motto around the NOVA shop, and it really holds true when you have to make terrain on convention level scales.

The Barricades we made use the same pieces as the upright posts in the fences.  1/8″ x 1/8″ x 1″ balsa.  (These were 2 1/4″ length sticks purchased from Michael’s that were simply cut in half).  You take three of them, and glue them into a star pattern, and then toss three of them onto a 1″ x 4″ base with some scale razor wire.  BAM: Barricade.

I hope you enjoyed this little change-up with some terrain, I’ve certainly enjoyed working on terrain lately.  I’ve learned all sorts of nifty (and thrifty) ways to do things.

If you’re interested in checking out what is available at the NOVA, be sure to checkout their website:  The NOVA is in less than a month!