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Last Thursday and Today I was able to get a few games in with the Black & Pinks.  The did well, until today.

Thursday saw two wins and a loss, but the two games tonight, well, let’s just say I was reminded just how disgusting Bane Thrallls with Tartarus can be.
Here’s some fun pictures among other armies in the slow grow league!
vs. Daniel’s pDenny Army
vs Carl’s pGoreshade Army

Same game vs pGoreshade
Ron’s Strakov eats a Typhon to the FACE!

Charlie’s Pigs vs Jason’s Protectorate

I have a short tutorial in the works, so look for that in the days to come!

Last Thursday, we had a Portals Event at the store.  We had about 15 people, so we ran 3 tables or about 5 each.  Players were randomly distributed, and the game was afoot!

Spawning on the other side of the table allows one to practice stretching exercises…

See more pictures after the break.

Which Army spawned behind you and murdered you to death?
Well, there was a Thyra in front of the Butcher…
Spiky invaders from the north!  Get ’em!

On the model front, 3x MoW Shocktroopers are now built, and are awaiting primer.  Since that’s not terribly interesting, here’s some pictures of some of the armies that the guys are working on for the Slow Grow League!
Mason’s Legion
Jason’s Menoth

Charlie’s Pigs
Chris’ Khador

Matt’s Gators
Rusty’s Retribution

Daniel’s Cryx (newest additions)

Huzzah!  I assembled some models!  Look!

There’s Tyrant Xerxis, Aptimus Marketh, a minimum unit of Beast Handlers and a Master Tormentor.   Xerxis was a pain.  several of his parts are very close and don’t give much wiggle room for getting pins in, etc.  The model is awesome though.  
The two Cyclops Savages are done and count for a total of 10pts for March.  Yay!  My 10pts for April will be the rest of the battlebox: pMorghoul and the Titan Gladiator.
I’ll be sticking with the standard scheme – but I’m not 100% sure about how I’ll do the Gladiator’s skin.  I’m thinking a nice grey with lots of brown washes for the scars and wrinkles.  Suggestions?
The Blackhide Wrastler will be on the dissection table.  I’ve been instructed to follow this tutorial, but since this is the Genteel Collective of Gator Folk, we won’t be stopping there.  This guy is also getting a top hat and french cuffs (at the very least).
Lastly, the Snotling Pump Wagons are under way.  I’ve tested a theory on manufacturing wheels, and I’ll have a post about it once I’ve followed a wheel through to completion.  
Wonderful things are coming.  Stay Tuned!