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Well, here he is, as promised. At this stage, the colors have been blocked out, the grey is done, the brass is done, and the silver metallics have been washed. Coming along slowly, but steadily. No updates for about a week, since I’m away from my desk over the holidays.




As I look at the model withe the hand blended greys, I definitely didn’t leave enough contrast on the red. It looks very flat compared to the grey, brass and silvers. Something to remember for next time, I suppose.

Let me know what you think about the color placement – I’m happy with the grey chest, but I still feel like the model needs more grey – the red overpowers it.


Here’s the Man-o-War after some airbrushing. I primed black, airbrushed a layer of Sanguine Base, and then put down about three layers of Khador Red Base. I tried to go higher, with a 2:1 KR Highlight and KH Base, but the tone was so close, and my setup doesn’t have enough light, and I just couldn’t see it. So, this is as bright as the reds will go for now.

More WIP pics soon – I’ve already started on the brushwork for this test model, but I want to finish the greys and clean up the model a bit more before taking pics.