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Who remembers Clash of the Titans, from Lost Hemisphere, back in the day?

Well, that group of zany misfits have become good friends of mine, and most of them will be at Templecon in just under a month.  To celebrate the holidays and our special friendship, we’re doing a paint exchange among the 8 or 9 of us.  Each of us was randomly given someone else to shop and paint for, and those models are what have waylaid my work on the Khador.


Funny story – I saw this being filmed while at CES two years ago.

That’s not even the bad news.  The Bad News is that I can’t even show you the models as I’m working on them.  The person I’m painting for reads this blog, and will no doubt know that they are for them, thus ruining the surprise.  I know right?  That dirty, rotten scoundrel!

Rest assured, though, that I have been taking LOADS of pictures along the way, and there will be a significant post right after Templecon detailing all the goodness that has come from the combination of what I learned from Meg’s class and the freedom that comes from being able to work on a model knowing you’ll never have to see it again.

Lost Hemisphere is Back!!

So, while I don’t have models to show you, I do have fantastic news.  LH is back, baby!

Check it out in all it’s sexyness:




He’s a three headed dragonspawn, and he’s a crazy model.  I had loads of fun painting the model, and I’m looking forward to painting him for my own army some day.  (He’s currently unassembled in a box.)  This post is mostly mechanical (recipes), since most of my thoughts are reserved for Clash of the Titans.

For those of you living under a rock, this model is for Lost Hemisphere‘s Memory Machine effort to raise funding for Alzheimer’s Disease research.  The army is a 35pt Rhyas Rear Guard Tier4 Theme list, and will be auctioned off at Templecon 2012.  When I heard about the army, I offered to help G’daybloke, and he charged me with painting the warbeasts in the army, Typhon and a Nephilim Protector.

I started Typhon with a black undercoat.  From there…

Skin: (P3)Bloodstone -> (P3)Khador Red -> (P3)Khador Red Highlight -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Chitin: (P3)Beaten Purple -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (GW)Leviathan Purple Wash -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (P3)Frostbite (edge stripes)
Mouth: (P3)Frostbite -> (GW)Baal Red Wash -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Teeth: (P3)Menoth White Base -> (P3)Menoth White Highlight -> (GW)Skull White
Head Sensors: (P3)Exile Blue -> 50/50 (P3)Exile Blue, (GW)Ice Blue -> (GW)Ice Blue

I used a Windsor & Newton Series 7 #1 for the entire project.  Love that brush.

Anyway, enough words.  Pictures!