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Whenever there’s a con, I try and get together with some friends and doa combined bits order.  We get to snag whatever odd things we need to repair models, and we get to order some of the awesome, limited edition models that Privateer Press makes available.

Tis go around, during Warmachine Weekend, I’ll admit that I was upset that the Blighted Bather didn’t make an appearance.  She had sold out before out order was filled during Gen Con in August, ad my group missed out on getting ours.  Those misaligned feelings were quickly disregarded when I saw this beautiful lug:


Not only is he a fun alternate sculpt, but he’s one that gives a nod towards one of the often disregarded (by manufacturers and event organizers) and my favorite part of the wargaming realm: the hobby.  Of course, I ordered one.

So, let’s have a look at what comes in the blister!

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Wednesday, I played a 35pt version of my eventual 50pt Vayl2 Hardcore list.


Vayl, Consul of Everblight (*6pts)
* Harrier (2pts)
* Harrier (2pts)
* Angelius (8pts)
* Ravagore (9pts)
* Scythean (8pts)
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
1 Spell Martyr (1pts)

My opponent, Paul, threw Kraye and a Stormwall at me.  It also looks like he was a point over, but we won’t hold that against him.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye (*6pts)
* Hunter (6pts)
* Centurion (9pts)
* Stormwall (19pts)
Rangers (5pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)

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So, I’m not going to make the Khador deadline I had set for Templecon 2014.  I think it was a relatively unrealistic to begin with, and I’m currently focused on the Titan’s Exchange models, which are more important.  At this point, I’ve accepted the fact that whatever I get done for my Khador before Templecon is just a bonus.  The Exchange models should be done by the end of the week, so If I can, I’m going to try and finish off the Winterguard unit for the full deathstar.  We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, as I work on finishing up these exchange models and aiming for the last 6 models I need for the full deathstar, I want to pick your collective brains over what I’ll be working on after Templecon.


Our journeyman league is kicking off early this year, so I need to figure out just what I’m going to do. We’re running it a little differently than usual.  Each player pledges a 50-pt army and paints that to completion, rather than painting as much as possible and feeling completely swamped.

I’ve been collecting ideas for armies for a while now, and I’m looking at this opportunity as a chance to finally take one of these and see them through to completion.  The problem is, there are so many great ones to pick from!

Baldur1, Rock of Orboros Tier 4

72045_WoldGuardian_WEBBaldur the Stonecleaver (*6pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Woldwatcher (5pts)
* Megalith (10pts)
* Woldguardian (8pts)
* Woldwarden (8pts)
Sentry Stone (Leader and 3 Manikins) (3pts)
Sentry Stone (Leader and 3 Manikins) (3pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Shifting Stones (2pts)
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers (5pts)
Stoneward and 5 Woldstalkers (5pts)

This list has been a long time coming.  I already own all of it, most was a gift to myself after all the work I put into the first NOVA Open.  It’s a fun, tanky list that puts the opponent between a rock and a hard place.  It’s also a paint scheme that can be done with an airbrush for the most part, but has lots of nutty details that could be a pain under such a tight time schedule.

Kreoss Pop ‘n’ Drop

32026_DelivererSunburstCrew_WEBHigh Exemplar Kreoss (*5pts)
* Redeemer (6pts)
* Fire of Salvation (9pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
* Hierophant (2pts)
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Deliverer Sunburst Crew (Leader and 2 Grunts) (3pts)
Exemplar Errants (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard Bearer (2pts)
Paladin of the Order of the Wall (2pts)
The Covenant of Menoth (2pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)

This list is another super fun list, it’s all about capitalizing on Kreoss’ feat.  There’s a ton of ranged firepower, all the classic Protectorate pieces, and all the stuff I really want to paint.  Like the Paladin.  Don’t judge me.  I’m also interested in seeing the look on people’s faces when the Sunburst Crew hits the table.

Nemo3’s Lightning Battery

31093_Nemo_FinchWEBArtificer General Nemo (*3pts)
* Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch
* Lancer (6pts)
* Sentinel (4pts)
* Stormclad (10pts)
Storm Strider (9pts)
Silver Line Stormguard (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Stormblade Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard (3pts)
* 3 Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner (3pts)
Stormblade Captain (2pts)
Stormblade Captain (2pts)

This list is pure zappy goodness.  I’ll finally get to paint my Stormclad conversion, along with nearly every Storm Knight model I own.  That’s a lot of work, but there it is.  I think this list would be incredibly fun to play, but I am not looking forward to painting it.

Vayl2, Machinations of Shadow Tier 4

73008_CarniveanClassic_WEBVayl, Consul of Everblight (*6pts)
* Harrier (2pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Angelius (8pts)
* Angelius (8pts)
* Carnivean (10pts)
* Ravagore (9pts)
Blackfrost Shard (5pts)
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Spawning Vessel (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
Succubus (2pts)

Vayl2 is the new hotness, and her theme list combines everything I love about this game: big nasty beasts and lots of spell-slingin’.  I also love a good tar-pit, and the Legionnaires and Spawning Vessel do that in spades.  The best part about this list is that I get to revisit the Aquablight theme.

Charge of the Battlemittens!

35012_HouseShyeelBattleMages_WEBAdeptis Rahn Shyeel (*6pts)
* Discordia (10pts)
* Phoenix (10pts)
* Phoenix (10pts)
House Shyeel Battle Mages (5pts)
House Shyeel Battle Mages (5pts)
Houseguard Halberdiers (Full Unit) (7pts)
* Halberdiers Officer & Standard (2pts)
Arcanist (0pts)
Arcanist (1pts)
House Shyeel Magister (2pts)
House Shyeel Magister (2pts)
House Shyeel Magister (2pts)

This is one I’ve had on the shelf for a long time.  I’ve had plans to do this in a TRON style theme, for a long time, including potential scratch-built bikes for Destor Thanes.  This is an extension of the 35pt version which drops a Phoenix and a unit of Mittens.  I could put in three Mittens units for four total and hit T4, but that’s a lot of Mittens that’ll probably never see the table top afterwards.

Harkevich’s Assault & Battery

33036_BehemothWEB (1)Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf (*5pts)
* Behemoth (13pts)
* Black Ivan (10pts)
* Destroyer (9pts)
* War dog (1pts)
Greylord Outriders (Full Unit) (9pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Full Unit) (6pts)
* WGI Officer & Standard (2pts)
* 3 Rocketeers (3pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)

This would utilize a few models I already have painted, but would let me build my Extremoth.  All the parts are here, I just haven’t had a good enough excuse to build it and see it through.  One of the big advantages to this list is that there would be very few models to paint, albeit Large based ones.

So, which should it be?

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If you have comments about the lists, leave them below!

So, the resounding opinion on the blue and off-white is that it’s cool, but not quite as inspiring as the Aquablight, and I agree.  It wasn’t difficult to paint, and isn’t too detailed either.  It wasn’t terribly *fun* to paint.

An interesting distraction, but nothing more.

So, those shredders will forever be a fun experiment, but nothing more.

I looked around for a small Legion model I could experiment on, and stumbled upon my metal Alt Lylyth.  She doesn’t have much skin showing (well, she does in certain places…), but there wasn’t really adequate room to test out a skin recipe.  Not like I’ll need to for the beasts, which have lots of skin to paint.  I have a Stinger primed and ready to go though, so

For reference, here’s the Battlebox I painted roughly a year ago.

Legion of Everblight Battlebox

Legion of “Aquablight” Battlebox, Circa 09/2011

Anyway, I found that Meridius Blue is a very close approximation to GW’s Hawk Turquiose.  I also found an old post where I went over how I did the skin.  I swear, one of the best things about having a painting blog is that I usually have a record of my recipes somewhere…

Speaking of, here’s the recipes I ended up using on this new Lylyth model.  Most of the blends were 2-brush blends, but the white on the hair pins, arrows, trinkets and bow were glazed.

The new Lylyth, Herald of Aquablight!


  1. Basecoat with Ironhull Grey
  2. 1st Highlight with 50/50 Ironhull Grey and Midlund Flesh
  3. 2nd Highlight 50/50 previous layer and Midlund Flesh
  4. Wash with Armor Wash


  1. Pig Iron Basecoat
  2. Wash of 50/50 Turquoise Ink and Water
  3. Pick out the raised bits with Pig Iron
  4. Highlight with Cold Steel

Belt, Hair Wraps:

  1. Basecoat with Sanguine Base
  2. Highlight with Sanguine Highlight
  3. Final Highlight with 60/40 Sanguine Base and Carnal Pink

Had to work in Brass somehow… This *is* a steampunk setting, afterall.


  1. Basecoat with Molten Bronze
  2. Wash with 50/50 Brown Ink and water
  3. Highlight with Molten Bronze
  4. Paint light reflections with Solid Gold

The cape came out particularly well, I think.


  1. 3x coats of Meridius Blue
  2. 1st Shade with 50/50 Meridius Blue & Cygnar Blue Base
  3. 2nd Shade with 50/50 previous layer and Exile Blue
  4. 1st Highlight with 50/50 Meridius Blue & Arcane Blue
  5. 2nd Highlight pure Arcane Blue


  1. Basecoat with Thamar Black
  2. Highlight strands with Beaten Purple
  3. Highlight where light would catch with 60/40 Beaten Purple and Morrow White
  4. Highlight smaller with 50/50 previous and Morrow White
  5. Highlight brightest reflection points with Morrow White

Feathers, Hair Pins, Bow, Arrows & Trinkets:

  1. Basecoat with Morrow White
  2. Wash with 50/50 Turquoise Ink and Water
  3. Highlight with Morrow White

So, there is it.

What do you think?

About a week ago, one of the Privateer Press Insiders covered testing color schemes in cyberspace.  Lane Daughtry, in her Insider, describes almost the same process that Captain Spud of Lost Hemisphere did over a year ago, using layers and settings in Photoshop to essentially make a “coloring book”.

Lane’s Test Schemes

Anyway, the color schemes Lane tested out on her Angelius look great, and one of them really grabbed my attention.  The blue and off-white one just really struck me, and took hold in my mind. So, I had to try it.

Shredders make quick test subjects!

I used Cygnar Blue Highlight as the basecoat, and shaded down with Cygnar Blue Base.  I used Arcane Blue for the “blight” on the gums and the spine. The gums were shaded with Turquoise Ink, and then picked out with Arcane Blue.  The spines and scales were Menoth White Base -> Menoth White Highlight -> Morrow White.

Ladyzoid likes the blight along the spine. Do you?

While these are quick test models, I think they came out pretty well.  I think the white may need to be toned down some, and I need to find a highlight color for the blue.  I also think the blending could be better, but provided I did these while sitting on the couch in front of the TV and with no real light source, I’m OK with it.

What do you think of this scheme?

Do you like it more or less than my Legion of Aquablight scheme?

Legion of Aquablight


You know, now that I get the two scheme side by side, I’m not sure which one I like better.  I do know though, that the Aquablight scheme has to change.  It was done with old GW paints which no longer exist, so I’ll have to figure out how to do it with P3 paints.