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This post has a ton of pictures.  Be warned.  Also, you can click on any of them to see a picture roughly 8 times larger.

I know TempleCon was three months ago. I’ve waited this long to show off the army because PP took photos of it for No Quarter at TempleCon, and they haven’t printed them in the last two issues, so I assume they’re not going to.

My warcaster of choice was Thagrosh, Painter of Everblight. Not only is he a fantastic center scenario caster, the alternate sculpt that emphasizes the hobby is fantastic. Plus, he’s a pretty new sculpt, and judges like seeing the newer models. To represent Thagrosh’s FURY, I glued rubber shredders from the Blighted Bather model to some washers and quickly painted them in my grey and teal. They then got a serious protective coating of gloss.




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Man, what a trip.  This was the first time I’d taken the train, and it was a blast.  I traveled with the crew from Advanced Maneuvers, and got to learn all about non-profits from some lovely business folks on the way from Philly to NYC.  I glued grass to bases during the train ride, and took stock of what I needed to finish painting once I got to the hotel (Carnivean, Seraph, Thagrosh and Blighted Bather, mostly).  Wednesday night was filled with fond hugs and cold beverages as I met up with friends from all around the world.

I managed to find respite with Captain Spud, as he finished up his Infinity Terrain.  I got some work done on the Seraph while waiting for the owner of my hotel room to arrive and check-in.  After that, it was more painting in my room after a shower.

Remember the 1-2-3 rule for conventions:

  • 1 shower a day
  • 2 meals a day
  • 3 hours of sleep, minimum, a day


Thursday morning kicked off Iron Arena at 10AM, and thus I began the con with my customary first PG Shift.  Since I wrote the software we use to track the 526 players and 946 games that were played in the Iron Arena at Templecon this year.  Once we got everyone registered and playing games, I was able to sneak in some time painting while waiting for the first batch of players to finish and report their games.

One of the highlights of the first Iron Arena shift is that you get to help organize and display all the pretty things that Iron Arena players can win.  There were the customary tokens and widgets from Privateer Press, along with some cool posters.  Additionally, they brought us some amazing color art prints, a few of which we’d never even seen before:

One of the hotly sought after pieces of art on the Iron Arena prize table.

One of the hotly sought after pieces of art on the Iron Arena prize table.

Once my shift was over at 2pm, I kept on painting at the IA desk, keeping staffers company and chatting with whomever stopped by.

Then, I got the notification I’d been waiting for.  My package had arrived at the front desk.  What package?  The one with the…



Boy, are these things cool.  They’re peel-n-stick, and all of the embroidery is nicely embossed is actually 3D!  I love having something to give folks when we finish a game, and these will suit that purpose handily.  Special thanks to my art department over at LNWC Design!

Now that I had my swag to give out to folks I played games with, I was ready for Iron Arena.  I played games until almost 3AM, when I finally decided I should go to bed.  After all, I did have a 10AM PG Shift.

But, wait, isn’t 10AM when the Privateer Press Keynote starts?  Did I really put myself on shift during the keynote?

Nope.  I had signed myself up for the 6AM to 10AM shift instead.  So, off I was to get my 3 hours of sleep.

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The last time I sat down to paint (early last week), I wanted to stay to my speedpainting rules. The problem is, when I apply that method to this many models, it’s really hard to see the progress, and feel a sense of accomplishment after a painting session.

So, during game night on Wednesday, I sat down with my two Shepherds and worked on just the two models. They’re pretty much done, save the base colorization and brush/snow. I feel like the dark cloth isn’t bright enough at the highlights either, but they’re painted, and done enough for me to move on. Since I’m facing the same color issue on the dark cloth on the Pot Stirrers and the Spuduccubus, I’ll tackle it when I do on those models.


Notice the complete lack of detail on the legs? That’s the highlighting issue I’m talking about, there’s no definition.

I felt really good that I’d gotten the shepherds mostly done, so I decided this weekend that I would take a more organic approach, than what I’d done earlier. I picked a color or texture, and worked it until I felt I was done, or bored. I theoretically would get the same amount of work done, but I would enjoy it more.


17 small bases, 4 mediums, 2 large.

For instance, I picked the feathers on the Pot Stirrers and Strider Deathstalkers. And I did the Blighted Bather’s hair and the Strider Deathstalker hair at the same time. At the end of doing those, I can see a measurable difference, and the models feel solidly more complete to me. There’s still loads to do, but the models are taking shape, and the job is feeling more doable.


Abysolinia2 and the Succubi are the least done of the group, but they’re more intricate, and I’m saving them for when I feel like I want to work in a more detailed manner.


I’ve gotten the skin on the two remaining heavies done. They don’t feel nearly as close to done as the rest, but as soon as I get some more colors onto their chitin, they’ll come to life.


When I needed a break from working on the large beasts, I switched to smaller brushes and worked on faces and the Blighted Bather. She’s almost done except for her bracelets, mug and the water.


So, that’s where everything sits as of now. There’s lots of teal to paint along with magenta, but those are about the only two colors remaining. Only Aby2 and the Succubi need to have their skin shaded.I’m feeling pretty good going into the last week and a half before Templecon.

This is what’s on the painting table right now.


I’m trying to get everything to the same level (base coated teal, sanguine and skin, at the least) so I can assembly line with shades and highlights. It’s going well so far, but I keep getting distracted and adding models to the list. Like the Raek, Aby2, the Blight Wasps (OMG THEY’RE ADORABLE) and a pair of Strider Deathstalkers. Most of the extra additions are there to give me something else to play during the weekend, and to help give me something else to use one Templecon is over.

While I paint, I’m watching Supernatural.  I’m mid-way through Season 2 right now, and it’s pretty good.  I can see why they’ve made it through 9 (10?) seasons.

Notable things in the picture above:

  • The Blighted Bather is literally bathing in Blight.  Rather than try to paint water, I figure she’ll just take a dip in the blighted ooze.  There’s not a lot of room to get the bright teal on that model, so this is a solid place to get the color down.
  • Aby2 – Holy cow, what a blast to assemble, and I’m really enjoying painting her, too.
  • Seraph.  I ran a tournament over the weekend, and cleaning and assembling him was what I did when I wasn’t doing round pairings and getting rules questions wrong.
  • Spud’s Succubus.  Yerp, she’s getting paint!  I don’t think I can use her in the Hardcore event itself (thus the official PP model right next to her), but she’s just such a gorgeous model that I made she she got in the queue.
  • Raek – it’s been one of my favorite Legion models ever, and may, in fact, be the model that made me take up Legion.  Why it wasn’t one of the first ones painted, I don’t know.  I understand it’s pretty decent at jamming, and does a good deal of infantry killing, especially when backed up by the Strider Deathstalker twins.
  • Speaking of, see the blurry Strider Deathstalker in the lower left corner?  Notice anything different, compared to the studio model?  Yeah, since I’m running two, I need them to not be the same.  It took almost an hour and a half, but it was worth it.
  • Blight Wasps – These released last week, and I couldn’t help myself.  I have a second unit coming, and can’t wait to see how they fare as a second line counter punch, hiding behind Legionnaires.  Plus, they’re about the cutest things ever.