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The Extreme Behemoth.  It’s a mark of status among the Khador players, and it’s a project that has many variations.

The Behemoth is a character Warjack that is … well, it’s huge and armored and bristling with weapons:

Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weaponry, and immense strength. This peerless warjack is as much a symbol to the Khadoran people of their power as it is a force of destruction to any who would stand against it.

However, for a ‘jack that’s name means “bigger than big”, the model’s a little scrawny and is doing the funky chicken instead of being big and menacing like it’s name implies:

So, way back in the day, PG_Cloud-Gatherer came up with the Extremoth, a Behemoth based off the Extreme Juggernaut model:

Not only does this more accurately convey the idea of BIG, it also looks more in-line with the rest of the Khador ‘jack line.

Today, I’m going to show you how I made my interpretation of this conversion:


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Wednesday nights are game night for me, and this week was Week 1 of the Journeyman League. The NOVA Nomads packed the house, with 5 games going non-stop all night, with probably 14 people in the shop, which is quite a few for us.

Since I’m a PG and unable to win any of the leagues I run, I usually pair up people and facilitate games instead of playing myself, since we have limited space.  As a result, I taught two players how to play Netrunner while they hung around waiting for a table to open up, and got one game of Warmachine in.

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After cleaning the house all last week and entertaining some friends over the weekend (Cards Against Humanity is amazing, as was the LEGO Movie), I was able to steal some model time last night.  Both Ladyzoid and I needed to relax and so I watched Leverage and scraped and filed mold lines, and she played WoW (gotta get the LFR in before Tuesday, right?) and watched more of Season 2 of House of Cards.

Here’s where I was when I stopped last night.  It doesn’t look like much, but thorough model prep is the first step in making good looking models.

The Extremoth is getting the metal base.  It’s already going to be a gigantic, all metal ball of fury, so I figure I might as well just help it stay balanced on the table by lowering it’s center of gravity a bit.

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Warning:  This post contains about 40 pictures, and may take a bit to load.

After being up until 6am to post Day 2 stuff, I was a little slow to get rolling on Saturday.

Based on the time stamps of the pictures, this first game started just after noon…

Game 6

I was able to snag a scenario table, and this one was focused on escorting a train through enemy territory.  How fluffy and appropriate for a Khador player like myself!


The train moves 4-8″ during my maintenance phase.  That means I have to be careful to not get in it’s way.  It slams large base and smaller bases out of it’s way, larges taking a POW 19, and anything smaller taking a POW 12.  Huge bases use a 1d6 strength contest.  If the train wins, the huge base gets moved out of the way, taking a POW 19.  If the model wins, train stops.

The defender had to get the engine off the attacker’s edge of the board.  The attacker needed to kill train cars (2 for 35pts, 3 for 50, all four for 75).  The engine was ARM 22 with 65 boxes, and the three cars were roughly ARM 20 and 36 boxes. 2gameandroid is one of the best websites you can get your favorite Android games. Caster kill was a win condition for either side.

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