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The NOVA Open is held only a few miles away in Crystal City, Virginia, just across the river from Washington DC.  It’s a con I’ve been volunteering at and attending for the past five or so years, and it’s currently the only con I go to each year.

The con kicks off Wednesday night with some small special events and goes through Sunday, offering over 4 days of events.  One big benefit to working only three blocks away from the con is that I was able to swing by after work on Wednesday and picke up my SuperNOVA registration and Swag Bag.  The SuperNOVA is NOVA’s premium registration, and offers loads of perks for the notably higher price – one of which is the embroidered KR Multicase Backpack 2.  The rest of the goodies… well, you’ll just have to wait for the loot showcase!

The con really started on Thursday for me.  My schedule for Day 1 included a Build-and-Play for CMON’s Dark Age, and three (!) seminars.

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Well, it’s been a while.

Life happens, but that’s a post for another day.  Today is a Tuesday, and while it’s been…  two-and-a-half years (?!@?), I have a tutorial for you!  Yeah, it’s a How-to Tuesday post!

Today, I’m going to show you how to build bases like the ones I’m using for my Infinity Panoceania forces.

Cool, let’s do it…

This one’s a stretch, but I promise next week’s will be awesome.

From what I understand, Infinity, like Malifaux, is a small (squad level, 10 or less models), skirmish game.  It also has some fantastic looking models:

One of guys in my area is looking to feel out interest in the game.  He’s played some games and really enjoyed it, and is looking to run some demos or play some games.

Here’s a neat video series on how to play:


Apparently, this is a pretty well translated version of the rules (which are free, minus the fancy background story and model stats).

What do you think about Infinity?

How would you sum up or sell the game to a Warmachine Player?

Convince me to play a game.