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Nomad. Alchemist. Charlatan. Explorer. All of these words equally describe the Farrow adventurer Jugaar. Plying his trade as an entrepreneurial alchemist and healer in an oversized vardo, the self-styled “Doctor Professor” stands out as a singularly peculiar individual on the roads of western Immoren.

Some commissions are loosey-goosey, with just a few instructions and lots of leeway. Others are very strict and exact, because the client has a very specific vision. Both types of job are fun, but for different reasons. The first are a way to unleash the creativity and interpret the client’s vision however I want. The more strict variety appeal to the engineer in me, the need to solve the puzzle and create a finished product that’s as perfect as possible.

This job was of the second variety, and that was incredibly refreshing while working on it.

Not only did my client (the highly esteemed High Lord Faultimus mod Durmstrang, Esq., II) have a very specific vision for this chartacter, he already had colored art and he’d already kitbashed and sculpted the model.


When I got the model, the first thing I did was zenethal prime it and take pictures so I could see where all of the dark and light bits were. More and more, I’m finding this a very useful first step, it takes out the guesswork on how the light will play over the model.

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My IKRPG group is nearing the conclusion of our first chapter of the adventure, so the pressure was on for me to get Sergei and Lefty painted up.  They went under the airbrush (Vallejo Surface Primer) at the same time Reinholdt did, just last week.

This is, by far, the fastest I’ve painted.  Three models in under a week!


Sergei’s flesh is a base of P3 Khardic Flesh, which has a nice tanned feel.  I wash it thoroughly in P3 Flesh Wash, and then reclaim the basecoat, leaving the shadows under the effect of the wash.  I highlight with P3 Midlund Flesh.

The jacket and outer pants (chaps?) are basecoated with browns (P3 Beast Hide and P3 Bootstrap Leather), washed with GW washes (Gryphonne Sepia and Ogryn Flesh), and then picked back out with the basecoat, and then highlighted with the next lighter brown (P3 Hammerfall Khaki and P3 Beast Hide).

Similarly, the backpack and inner pants are basecoated with P3 Hammerfall Khaki, and then washed with Gryphonne Sepia.  The highlights are P3 Menoth White Highlight.

Seeing a pattern?

For complex, wrinkled cloth, I prefer this basecoat -> wash -> reclaim -> highlight method.  It’s quick and yields great results.


Lefty was done with mostly 2-brush blending, which is much easier to do on the larger areas.  The grey is P3 Ironhull Grey, darkened with P3 Thamar Black for the shadows, and lightened with P3 Menoth White Base for the highlights.  The dark red / purple is P3 Sanguine Base darkened with P3 Exile Blue, and lightened with P3 Menoth White Base.

Teh metals on both models are P3 Pig Iron washed with P3 Armor Wash, and then drybrushed carefully with the basecoat color.  The bronze is my usual recipe.

The canister on Lefty’s back is based with P3 Ordic Olive.  The shadows are P3 Cryx Base Base, and the highlights are P3 Ordic Olive mixed with P3 Menoth White Base.

Lastly, the bases are DragonForge bases, and done with P3 Ironhull Grey and a heavy wash of P3 Armor Wash.  I then drybrushed the bricks with the basecoat.

Up next are some Merc solos: Gorman and Swamp Gobbers, followed closely by another Cygnar unit and ‘jack, though I’m not sure which ones exactly…