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Freehand painting is when you paint a design or picture on a flat surface on a model.  Usually you can rely on the 3-dimensional detail of the model to help you paint on shading and highlights.  However, most banners, cloaks and shields have big flat surfaces that are ideal for some neat designs.  You often see things like scripting, greek keys, or magical arcane runes!.

In this tutorial, I’m going to cover how I painted a dragon on the bare surface of a High Elf shield.

I first went in search of source material. When doing something like this, having a reference handy can be immensely helpful. Luckily for me, the GW website has a set of shields you can buy for your Lothern Sea Guard.  Those would be a great idea, however, I really wanted to try my hand at freehand painting, and this gave me a great way to show you how simple this can be.

First, here’s my source material:

Games Workshop Studio Shields

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Well, I haven’t gotten quite as much done in April as I’d hoped.  Such is life, eh?

I got some work done on the Sotling Pump Wagons.  The third one is about halfway done.  Here’s a group shot!
This third one has a little bit larger upper deck area, and the walls are a bit differently constructed.  I’m not sure what I’ll do to make the fourth unique.  Ideas?
On the Skorne front some skin was painted!  I started with wash of Ogryn Flesh over Codex Grey and then I went back over everything with the original Codex Grey.  I think it looks sufficiently dirty and crusty:

Lastly, I meandered a bit and started a test scheme for some GW High elves.  Forgive me.

I’m not terribly happy with the red and yellow that’s seeping into my photos.  I desperately need new bulbs for my little lamps.  The blues on the High Elf are the same hues I used for my Cygnar.  They look much darker here.
Ah well.