Happy Holidays

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I’m taking this week off to relax, hang with family and work on something completely different.  I’ve resigned myself to not getting all three theme forces done (Clash of the Titans) by Templecon, so I’m going to finish off the Skorne force, as well as this side project. If I get the Cryx done, it’s a bonus.

On a not very well related note, the voting for the Paint It Pink painting competition has finally come in.  The pink Butcher Army took Best Privateer Press Army, as well as Best Army.

As a result of the army’s success in the competition, it will be going up for auction.  I’m not sure where or how, or what specific charity the funds will go to.  As soon as those details are ironed out you can be sure I’ll posting about them.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you!

Happy Holidays!