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Following along with the Blacktie Wrastler in the Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk, Faultie has worked up this wonderful character:

Those who cannot do become critics. In the high-society world of the gatorgents, jealous of the acting and combat capacity of the Blackties, the Ironhide spews vitriolic criticism at his enemies, with the capacity to physically kill. Despite his foul demeanor, he is a true patron of the arts, and is never seen without his Playbill and opera glasses.
Faultie has done all mod work to the model itself, however I was charged with manifesting his anger with an Opera Box style railing, which he has ripped apart in his fury.
The railing is made from 1/8″ (3/64″?) brass tube and 22 GA copper wire.  I bent the tube around my Master’s Brush Cleaner top, which has the same diameter as a can of soda.  I then used my fingers and carefully tightened the curve, so that it roughly conformed to the curve of the base.  I then set it back on the base, towards the model’s feet, to give the impression that he is leaning over the railing yelling at whomever is unlucky enough to warrant his attention.
I marked four spots on the tube, and drilled four holes.  I then cut four pieces of copper wire and glued them into the holes.  Four holes were drilled into the resin decking base, and the railing glued into place.
At this point, I pulled the model off the base (since Faultie will likely paint them separately) and used my jeweler’s saw to cut out a section roughly the same size as the model’s fist.  I used a super small pair of channel-lock pliers to warp the tube so it looked like it has been bent prior to being ripped apart.
A pair of pins went into the model’s fist, so that the tube bits would have something to hold on to.  I then too the chunk of tube I had removed, beat up the ends and then chopped off the bent up ends.  After cleaning the hole in the tube with a drill bit (so it would fit over the pins) the two tube bits were glued onto each side of the fist, giving the illusion that the broken part of the railing is crushed in his grip.
I think Faultie’s modifications came out splendidly, and I’m very happy I was able to contribute something to this awesome, unique model.  Look for it completely painted in the next Clash of the Titans entry on Lost Hemisphere!

Yay for some dedicated modelry time!  I primed some snotlings and an Eldar Guardian white last night.  While they were drying, I sculpted a spat, which is a form of ornamental footwear, usually worn over the shoe by military (or marching bands).

EDIT:  I got the other spat sculpted.  Since he’s up on his tippy toes, I put a fold in the front, much like what happens with shoes.
Once I had the basic shape, I used a hobby knife down the middle to represent the seam.  I used some spare brass tubing to put the three buttons on, and then used the hobby knife again to make the little split next to each button (ie the hole the button has to go through).  I’m not 100% sure how I like the tuft or roll at the top. It just sort of formed as I was working, and I went with it.  I can always cut it off.

As far as snotlings go, this little guy was done in less than half an hour.  A very light green for the skin, a (human) flesh color for the net, and leather fro the leather.  The net and leather got Devlan Mud, the skin got ab Thrakka Green wash.  I then picked out the highlights on the skin with the original shade, and drybrushed the net a bit.

I also had quite a bit of green stuff left over (because I couldn’t sculpt two spats fast enough) so before it solidified into a useless lump, I used my spare greenstuff to make a bunch of mushrooms, which will go on the front of the Pump Wagons.

They’re rather simple.  Just a ball of GS, roll it a bit into a cone, then squish onto a pin.  When they’re solid, pull the mushroom head off, and glue it back onto the pin.  I’ll then curl the pins a bit and trim them shorter, and they’ll become the stalk of the mushroom.  When painted bright red with white spots, they’ll be instantly recognizable!
Lastly, while I was waiting on all of these projects to dry, I got some time in on Aptimus Marketh.  I’ll save photos until he’s 100% done.

Hey!  An update!  I decided to try my hand at making a Top Hat.  Tell me what you think!

I also finished assembly on the Bronzeback!  He went together much easier than the Gladiator.

Lastly, the Cetratii are on their bases and carrying shields.  The weapons and shoulderpads will go on after I get my brass rod in the mail for weapon shaft replacements.  Yes, there’ll be a tutorial when I do so!
So, tell me what you think of the Top Hat!!
Because De-motivational posters are hip, right?

It’s been a while!  Sorry for that.

Pump Wagons

I was told to match the snotling pump wagon bases with those used by GW on the Moria Goblins from their LoTR line.  (Which I blame for their high prices on models, but I won’t go there today).

However, I was to add some sprue bricks, about the length of a model’s foot.  Here’s what I came up with:

I used three sizes of flock:  Fine, Medium and Coarse – the same mixture I’m using on my Skorne.  It’s about 2:1:1 mixture of Fine : Medium : Coarse.  
The sprue bricks are just chunks of sprue.  I clipped them, then used a hobby knife to square up the ends.  I then chewed on them a bit (after washing the sprue in soapy water – who knows what mold release agent will do to you?).  This gave them a nice beat-up look.
I then primed it black – and hit it with three layers of drybrushing: Codex Grey (GW), Fortress Grey (GW) and then Adepticon Grey (GW Foundation).  The Codex Grey layer went on everywhere evenly.  The other two then went on in random areas.  This gives the base a bit of depth and flavor, rather than a uniform blend. Of course, I’ll clean up the base edges with black, but I’ll do that after I get final approval of the bases.
I have been working on the Skorne Titan Gladiator.  All the silver areas are now brass!  Yay!  Next step is the red painted armor areas, and then some washes and it’s done.  Sorry, no pictures at the moment.

I’ve finished assembling the Praetorian Swordsmen and their UA.  I’m so glad their UA is using both hands to hold the banner – it’s an extra contact point, and the banner’s nicely centered over the base.  Awesome!  I also just received a full unit of Cataphract Cetratii + Vorkesh as well as a full unit of Venator Reivers + UA. Their bases have been cleaned and flocked, and assembly will start shortly.  
Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk
The gatorgents are coming along slowly.  Now that the cummerbund is done, I’m looking at how to go about the french cuffs and top hat.  Also, a champagne glass…
Upcoming Tutorials
On the tutorial front, I’m ordering lots of pinning material, because I have some Iron Fang Pikemen to do pole swaps on, as well as some Skorne Cetratii weapons and back banner things.   So, look forward to some more picture packed, detail oriented tutorials!  Yay!

Leave some!  The more feedback I get (comments, forum replies, etc) the more motivated I am to post new stuff!  If you have questions, ask them!  If you want to see something, tell me!  If you have an idea for a post, say so!
Please, leave feedback!  

So, it’s been a while without a model related update, so I have a good set of stuff for you!

First, some progress on the highly anticipated Collective of Genteel Gatorfolk.  Yes, I’m talking about a cummerbund!  

The strap was the first piece to go on.  It was simply a flattened sausage that I let cure for about an hour before supergluing in place.  Next, the cummerbund was rolled out, shaped and let cure for about half an hour while I worked on the buckle.  After getting the buckle where I wanted it, I added the lines on the cummerbund.  I then glued the buckle on and then laid the cummerbund into place.  I used my size 6 color shapers (Thanks, Mom!) and gently pressed it so it fit into the form of the model.  It’s not glued into place yet, but once it dries I’ll glue it if it feels too loose.

Next up, I have a Carnivean turned Ravagore!  

I bits ordered the Ravagore’s head and stat card a while ago with this conversion in mind.  Since they’re essentially the same model, just with different heads and lack or presence of elbows, I figured this was a super cheap way to get a Ravagore!  I put the two head halves together and the filled the bowl in the back with green stuff.  A drop of water went onto the greenstuff to act as lubericant, and I pressed the head onto the Carnivean body and positioned it just so.  I then pulled the head back off without disturbing the greenstuff (thank you mister water droplet) and let it cure.  Some I then glued it on.  Once the glue was dry, I drilled through the throat into the body and put in a long pin, allowing me to pin on the flame effect.  Hurrah!

Since I’ve completely failed to get my 10 points done for April, I’ll just post what I did get done.  60% of a titan Gladiator.

The skin’s good, but the red and metals need to be finished.  It really just boils down to 2 coats of brass, a red wash and then some glazing for the actual painted armor.  I know that’s all I have left, I just can’t find the motivation.