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I know this is coming out late in the day, but since it’s still Tuesday, I figure it still counts.  So there.

One of the things I did for the Titan Exchange was a Hunter for friend Northblade, of Hobby Hysteria.

I knew I wanted to do freehand on that nice clean top of the hunter, and a Cygnus was as good a thing as anything else.  The stock scheme uses yellow for the Cygnus symbol, and I know from experience that yellows are terribly transparent, and would have a ell of a time covering the rich, deep blues I was going to use.  So, the yellow needed to come first.

The Cygnus

The Cygnus

This meant that I would need to paint the Cygnus using negative space – ie, painting all the stuff that was not the Cygnus.

I figured I should practice this first, so I got out a pencil and a sheet of paper along with my Forces of: Cygnar book as a reference.  The sketch wasn’t going to be the proper scale, I just wanted to work out how to construct the Cygnus backwards – without getting any paint or pencil marks “inside the lines”.

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