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Hey folks, here’s the follow-up to Mugu’s post on Monday.  Remember as you read this, it was written almost a week ago.

Welcome Back to the Madness!

In my last post (in addition to lots of demotivational posters) I told you how  tressed out I was about the upcoming TempleCon and what I thought I needed to get done prior to that date.  Well, since writing my first post over a week ago, I was able to take stock of what minis I needed to get painted as well as two army lists that I wanted to use at TempleCon.

First the easy and good news – I played the Deneghra1 (Tier 3 – Witching Hour) list and won.  My opponent, Ron, was kind enough to take pictures and wrote a small battle report on his blog, here.

For those who look at the pictures, I forgot to bring my other Brute Thrall and my Scavenger, which were represented by the Ogrun Bokur and armless Helldiver respectively.

What I learned:

The game went better than anticipated as I was really wary of not having any heavy warjacks in my army at all.  I also did not have anything that I felt could shield Deneghra if Ron’s warjacks got too close.

As Ron points out in his blog (in the comments section) my army is vulnerable to Area  Of Effect (AOE) weapons and I knew going into the game that it would also be vulnernable to shooty armies as well.

What I can do about those weaknesses:

My standard approach to AOEs is positioning. I to try to spread my army out as much as possible to try to minimize the damage to any single unit/warjack.  This also has the added bonus of causing some folks to panic when they see the wave approaching.

As for shielding Deneghra, I’m still trying to figure that one out.  During my game with Ron, I kept her as far back and away as possible, but still within support and control area range.  It just happened to also work out during that game that I kept the Savenger and Necrotech between her and the opposing warjacks.

Army Selection:

The army performed well overall despite my abysmal dice rolling.  I may still replace the Scavenger with a bonejack with an arc node, just to have something a bit more untilitarian. Though the Scavenger’s 7 MAT and other abilities make it worth the points, seeing as its my first time using it, I wasn’t impressed (but that’s through my own fault).

I’m on the fence about the Ripjaw.  It performed well enough, but after missing with my initial charge attack by rolling double ones (I should know by now to always boost the roll to hit when I really need it ::sigh::). I couldn’t use the armor piercing attack, but if I had a Deathripper, it wouldn’t have mattered for my second (purchased) attack.

The Mechanithralls and attached Brute Thralls worked better than I could have hoped for – killing the Great Bears of Gallowswood and all but one of the Iron Fang Pikemen! They were the MVP’s of my army.

The Defiler and Warwitch Siren spray attacks were really handy and the Defilers’s arc nodes were really useful for arcing spells into Ron’s models as soon as they were within range.

The Pistol Wraith distracted Ron more than doing anything else, as Ron didn’t have any models other than Vlad with magic weapons that could attack it.  It didn’t really damage many (any?) of his models, but it definitely distracted him.  The Scrap Thrall spent the entire game running around warjacks and trying to make a beeline to Vlad.  The Stalker got too close to Vlad, who was happy to carve it into little pieces.  The Skarlok slung Crippling Grasp around mostly and managed not to get killed.

Painting the Models

After checking my models the other night, it turns out I *only* need to paint the Scavenger and Brute Thrall for the Deneghra list and six Soulhunters & Darragh Wrathe . And only a week to paint it all in. [At the time of writing the article – P]  ::sigh::  Possible, but not likely, especially since the Brute Thrall and Darragh Wrathe need some conversion work.

Speaking of Darragh Wrathe, I have a really nice undead mount from another company that I want to use in a conversion to mount him on, but its going to take too long to finish and so I’m going to mount him on Epic Alexia’s horse with Darragh’s deathpony’s head and tail.  It’s the easiest and quickest conversion I can do and still maybe get him assembled and painted by TempleCon.  I’d just use his old horse, but I chopped him up into many pieces.

Darragh's Parts

 So here’s my plan:

1.  Finish painting the Scavenger.

2.  Assemble and prime the Brute Thrall (who’s getting the IK Bridge Troll’s head).

3.  Reassemble the arms and legs that have come off of my Soulhunters.  (Re)Prime as necessary.

4.  Assemble Darragh Wrathe and horse.  Even if I don’t manage to get him painted in time for TempleCon, I want him to be assembled to use.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully mine won't be this painful

I’m still a bit stressed, but the win helped boost my confidence in the Deneghra list. The relatively small amount of models that actually need to be painted doesn’t leave me feeling too overwhelmed, either.

However, since last Thursday was my last chance to get a game in, I’ll be heading into the crucible at TempleCon to see if I can master these two lists.

Mugu’s back with an update on the models he’s been working on.  Looks like he’s been pretty productive!

Time for a painting table update since my last update was in early December.  I’ve managed to make most of my deadlines (or to be close enough that I might as well consider them achieved), though I still have a lot left to go and a few new things as well.

I attribute my success to the fact that I took my own advice and got at least one 10-15 minute (or less) quick painting session every day.  If you’ll recall, I also wondered how my plan was going to work out (basically painting in small mini sessions plus longer painting periods), and the verdict is: Great!  I know I’ve said it before, but those quick sessions really add up to be more useful than you might think.

Now on to the minis:

Model: Sisters of Battle Squad

(Games Workshop)

Due date: None

Notes: With the smaller/quick painting sessions, I was able to completely knock out the remainder of getting these squads finished and in the mail (as of about ten days ago).  Though I’m not 100% happy with the way everything turned out on/with them, he’s happy with the pictures and will hopefully be happy when he finally sees them in person.

Status/Progress: Done~!

Model: Soda & Candy for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop Miniatures)

Due date: 19 December & 23 December

Notes: One of my three painting challenges over at WAMP. It’s also my daughter’s birthday present to go along with the Super Dungeon Explore I got her for Christmas.

Status/Progress: Completed this model in time for her birthday.  In addition, I won my Wamp ladder challenge!   I had asked one of the nice guys over at Wamp (Odinsgrandson, who also happens to own Garden Ninja Studios) for some advice on painting those great anime style eyes as well as some other advice on dealing with chalky looking paint.

Model: Boo! Booty for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop Miniatures)


Due date: None

Notes: The first of the models from the game that are going to be painted.  My daughter wants to paint one and I’ll be painting the other.  We’re painting together and is really having fun so far.  Unfortunatley (depending on how you look at it) the models are so small that you can really only paint parts of it at a time before needing to set the model down to let everything dry.  Its been a lot of fun painting with her.  While I doubt she’ll ever fully get into my hobbies, its fun doing them with her while it lasts.

Status/Progress: Prepped, primed, wood areas have been basecoated and given a Devlin Mud wash.

Model: Nightmare

(Privateer Press)

Due date: 27 January 2012

Notes: A model I converted a while ago to be jumping/leaping. I’m going to enter this into WAMP’s WAMP II painting contest as well as a regular painting contest there as well. I’d also like to use this in my Cryx army more often and prefer to play with painted models.

Status/Progress: I only recently started working on the Nightmare again.  I dry fitted the torso to the right arm to see if I could just glue the thing together and start painting it, but the angle of the arm would get in the way of being able to paint some of the detail on the torso.  So I set aside the arm again and used straight black ink to go over the right side of the torso (I’m counting on dullcoating to knock off/down the shine).  The paint scheme is going to be straight out of the Cryx book for the most part, though mine will have more greys than just straight black (sounds like a good idea, right?).

Model: Wereshark Pirate

(Reaper Miniatures)

Due date: 3 January 2012

Notes: My third challenge over at WAMP.

Status/Progress: Done!  The ladder challenge is currently being voted on, but I think I’m going to be outdone by my challenger’s wonderful theme.  Feel free to take a look!

Model: Soulhunters

(Privateer Press)


Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters ’cause I think it will be fun and unexpected.

Status/Progress: I received my second unit of soulhunters and have played with both units.  I recently glued the few loose ones to their bases and numbered them to make them easy to identify.  I need to reattach missing arms and legs and may reprime where necessary.

Model: Darragh Wrathe

(Privateer Press)


Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters and I want to use Darragh Wrathe in there as well to give at least one unit incorporial.

Status/Progress: I just dont like Darragh’s death pony over all.  I love the head and the ribcage area, but that’s it.  My apologies to whomever the sculptor is, but  I just don’t like it.  So, when I first got it, I chopped it up…..and it has sat in its blister waiting for a replacement.  So after chopping it up, I’ve come to the realization that it just might take more time than I really want to use because Darragh’s lower body is part of the death pony itself (hence the need to chop it up) and if I can’t cut the remaining and make it look good on his new steed (either E-Alexia’s horse or another horse I picked up someplace), then I’m going to modify his unhorsed version to sit on a steed.  Wish me luck, lots and lots of patience and no blood loss.

Model: Carnivean

(Privateer Press)

Due date: None

Notes: This is a gift I started early in the year for a friend in southern California.  Its really close to being finished. Okay, after taking the model off the shelf I had it on, its clearly not even close to being finished, BUT at least the skin is mostly done.

Status/Progress: This past Saturday, I met with a group of friends at my LGS (Huzzah Hobbies) for our first painting session and I was able to do a bit of shading on the big guy.

Cryx is my next army, and I wanted to start playing with colors and schemes.  I’m drawing the majority of my inspiration from the Alternate Cryx scmeme in Superiority, which is a super dark green.

These photos show precisely the look and feel I want to emulate (NOTE: This is not my model, nor could I find out who it belongs to)

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/wpcol_1half_end]

The dark green exudes power, greed and vile but the heavy copper / brass grounds the model firmly in the bronze era, and steam punk.  I’m going to use bone as an accent color, because it will really pop, much like the white and yellow on my Skorne.

For the Bonejack, I started with Gnarls Green.  I picked out all the major panels, but tried to leave some for the Bronze.  I painted the bone head in … yep, bone.  original eh?  Menoth White Base does the trick, and a wash of Gryphonne Sepia makes it look old and dirty.  I also used the Bone color on the toes, but they need another few coats before they’re solid over the black undercoat.  The brightest parts of the bone are Menoth White Highlight.

I couldn’t decide what to do with the Arcnode.  At first it was bronze, but I didn’t like that much Bronze all in one big line, so I tried silver (Boltgun Metal).  That just didn’t feel right, so I tried bone, and I like it.  I like the idea that the Cryx, who re-use body parts, might use some bone from an ancient magical being as part of the Arcnode structure.

Since I’m using green as a primary color, I can’t use green for the furnace.  Cryx ‘jacks are supposed to use Necrotite, not coal, so a traditional red / orange-y glow is out.  I went with a very light blue instead.  I started with Frostbite, then a 50/50 mix of Frostbite and Trolblood Base, and the darkest bits are pure Trollblood Base.

The brass is P3 Molten Bronze, washed with Ogryn Flesh and a smaller wash of Baal Red.  I then highlight the edges with the Molten Bronze, and pick out corners with a little P3 Shining Gold.

So far so good!

What do you think of the paint Scheme?


What color do you suggest for green highlights?







Last week, I played a game against local player Mark, who you may or may not remember from one of my first battle reports.  He plays Cryx, and he plays dirty.  Games with him are never boring, and are always bloody.

I was trying out my 35pt Hexeris T3 list, and Mark concocted a list on the spot with only the knowledge that I was playing Skorne.  As I build the lists on Forward Kommander, I think Mark was one point over, but I don’t think it had an effect, nor do I think 1 extra point at 35 would be a game changer.

Here are the lists:

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Lord Tyrant Hexeris (*6pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Razorworm (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
* Aptimus Marketh (3pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Praetorian Swordsmen (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
* Praetorian Swordsmen Officer & Standard (2pts)
Praetorian Swordsmen (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Ancestral Guardian (3pts)
Hakaar the Destroyer (4pts)[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]
Lich Lord Venethrax (*6pts)
* Helldiver (3pts)
* Helldiver (3pts)
* Corruptor (8pts)
Bile Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (Leader and 4 Grunts) (6pts)
Bloodgorgers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
General Gerlak Slaughterborn (3pts)
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall (1pts)
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall (1pts)
3 Scrap Thrall (1pts)[/wpcol_1half_end]

Along with trying out this Hexeris List, this was also the first game with my new terrain.  I traded some models with Carl, a local guy who enjoys making terrain and helping out new players.  He’s a fantastic guy, and this terrain he made is much more awesome than the felt cutouts I had been using.

Mark won the roll-off, and chose to go first, effectively negating one of my tier bonuses, Advance Deploy Swordsmen.

Initial Deployment

 Another of my Tier bonuses was Upkeeps in play first turn.  I had Soul Slave on my Razorwurm (turning it into an Arcnode).  I put Death March (+2 MAT and Vengeance), on the unit of Swordsmen without the UA, my sacrificial lambs.  Lastly, Hexy had Psychic Vampire up and running.

Cryx Turn 1

Venethrax put Soul Harvester on the Blood Gorgers, so anything they kill would feed souls to Venethrax.  Helldivers advanced and burrowed, and everything else ran.

Skorne Turn 1

On my first, I went for the sucker punch.  Hex upkept his three spells, and the Swordsmen and guardians ran.  Hexy charged the Ancestral Guardian, in order to get up field further without sacrificing everything to run.  I caught the first handful of Blood Gorgers in Hexy’s control area.

Hexy feated, and started firing Soulfires into them via the Razorwurm Arcnode.  The first Soulfire hit, and the Blood Gorger failed his tough check, so it turned around and smacked his friend, then died.  His friend made his tough check, and that feat chain ended.  Hexy fired off another Soulfire, and failed to kill the Blood Gorger.

Very anticlimactic.

Tough is a huge rock to Hexy’s feat’s scissors.  I should have waited to catch more of his models the following turn, but I had read up on this first turn blitz strategy and wanted to try it.  I think it has merit, but I don’t think this was a good army to use it against.

Cryx Turn 2

Mark advanced the Blood Gorgers into combat, being unable to charge over the linear obstacles.  The killed all but one of the Death Marched Swordsmen.  The Bile Thralls advanced, and a few were in range to spray the Wazorwurm, knocking about half it’s life off.

Venethrax put up Lamentation, and then advanced far enough to catch Hexy in his control area.  The Black Ogrun advanced and shot at Hakaar, but missed.  The Necrotechs advanced behind the bulk of the army, and the Scrap Thralls ran along the flanks, one of them engaging the Razorwurm, nullifying the Arcnode.

Skorne Turn 2

The lone Swordsman Vengeance moves and kills a Blood Gorger.  Hah!  Corrution doesn’t go out on the Razorwurm, due to Venethrax’s Caustic Presence, takes out last box on its body.  Hexy is one fury short (because I didn’t leave myself enough on the board) and, only upkeeps Psychic Vampire, and has to pay 2 Fury to do it due to Lamentation.

The unit of Swordsen with UA pop their mini-feat, which causes them to automatically do a single damage point.  They eat several Blood Gorgers, paying them back for the other Swordsmen.

One of the Beat Handlers charges a Scrap Thrall, killing it.  What a hero!

The Ancestral Guardian (who is on his last leg due to Hexeris’ Turn 1 charge) frees up Razorwurm by charging the Scrap Thrall engaging it.  The Razorwurm then attacks a Blood Gorger, boosting damage to get 2 dice, and drags it under.

Marketh circumvents Lamentation and puts Death March on Swordsmen with UA, knowing they’re going to get hit with the remaining Blood Gorgers.  Hexy puts 3 Fury on the Agonizer, rather than pay double to cast something.  The Agonizer and Hakaar then advance up field.

Cryx Turn 3

Venethrax has 12 Focus this turn, due to all the kills the Soul Harvesting Blood Gorgers.  He upkeeps his spells, and passes out most of his focus to his ‘jacks, avoiding Psychic Vampire.  A Scrap Thrall charges, and then takes out the last two points of health on the Ancestral Guardian.

Blood Gorgers walk forward, attack the Swordsmen and kill 3 of them.  Corrupter shoots a Burster shot at the Agonizer, killing it and a nearby Beast Handler.  A Helldiver attacks Hakaar, deals 6 damage, and misses the last 2 attacks.

The other Helldiver attacks the Razorwurm, misses first attack, misses second attack, and then misses the third attack.  The rolls were snakeyes, then 1,1,2,  then the roll was low by 1.  Lucky me!

Gerlak kills some swordsman, then kills Hakaar, then kills another Swordsman, with nothing nearby to continue the whirlwind of death.  A Scrap Thrall engages the heroic Beast Handler, and the Black Ogrun party advances.  They then performed a Combined Ranged Attack on the Gladiator, dealing 7 damage and pulling it way off course.  The melee followup attack deals another 6 damage.

Skorne Turn 3

At this point, we were getting close on time, the store was due to close in about half an hour.  I saw an opening, and took it.

The Swordsmen’s Vengeance allows for it to move out of the way, and it attacks the Helldiver, doing not much.  Marketh’s Soul Tap gets around Lamentation, and lets Hexy upkeep Psychic Vampire and Death March.

The Swordsmen activate, again shuffling out of the way, and put some more damage on the Helldiver with a combo strike, as well as killing off a Blood Gorger.

Hexy backs out of Venethrax’s control area, and casts Rush (+2 SPD and Pathfinder) onto the Cyclops Savage.  The Beast Handlers enrage the Savage, and shuffle around a bit.

The Cyclops charges Venethrax, and after moving but before attacking, casts its animus on itself (which I realize now was entirely redundant – it’s a latent ability.)  It needs a 9 to hit Venethrax, and ends up having to boost.  The auto-boosted charge attack deals 12 damage to Venethrax.  The Cyclops takes a second swing, and misses.  If I;d not made the mistake with the animus, it could have boosted the second attack, and possibly ended the game.

The Gladiator, surrounded by Black Ogrun, throws the nearest one into a Helldiver, killing the Ogrun and dealing significant damage to the Helldiver also.

I ended up forgetting to activate the Razorwurm, his brown paint scheme blending into the dirty linear Obstacles.




Cryx Turn 4

Venethrax has 10 Focus this turn, and rips into the Cyclops Savage.  In one hit, he deals 19 damage, which is sufficient to end the beast’s life.  What’s worse, is all three Fury on it immediately get added to Venethrax’s Focus.  he then heals himself for 6 of the 12 damage he received from the Savage, adding insult to injury.

The Blood Gorgers attack the remaining Swordsmen, killing the UA, leaving a lone Praetorian, who valiantly passes his command check.

A Scrap Thrall Charges the Gldiator, dealing 5 damage, and the explosion’s blast kills the Hero Beast Handler.  The Black Ogrun CRA the now unengaged Gladiator, but fail to wound with snakeyes. Had they been successful, the Gladiator would have been drug out of Hexy’s control area, leaving him short on FURY the following round.  Dirty Cryx!

A Helldiver engages the Gladiator, and Gerlak charges a nearby Beast Handler.  He kills it,  then kills the next one in line, then kills Marketh and finally engages Hexeris.  Gerlak’s first attack hits, deals 8 damage which Hexeris takes.

The remaining Helldiver attacks the Razorwurm, killing it.  The Bile Thralls advance, and two are in range to spray Hexeris.  The need 12s to hit, and both miss.

The Corruptor attacks the last remaining Praetorian, using a Distillation shot.  It hits and kills the swordsman, healing Venethrax for a further 2 health, leaving him at nearly full.

Skorne Turn 4

With the store closing time imminent and two models left to tackle the oncoming avalance of undead, Hexeris conceeds.


Feating turn 1 was not a good idea.  Tough is a fantastic counter to the feat, since the feat is entirely driven on deaths.  I needed to wait, and catch the majority of the enemy army in Hexy’s control area, in order to make maximum use of the feat.  I also could have used the swordsmen auto-point as a great feat chain starter.

Having the Cyclops cast its animus on itself was a rookie mistake.  Had that not happened, it would have had another FURY to use, and would probably have hit and dealt some damage.  Ideally, the Gladiator would have made the assassination run, but the Black Ogrun completely side tracked it.

All in all, Mark’s list was a good counter to mine (Soul Harvester completely robbed Marketh and the Guardians out of souls, which hurt), and while I got completely dominated, I saw just about everything this list can’t handle well.  Hopefully, I got all my learning done early, and I’ll fare better during my next game.

What would you have done differently?

What would you like to see in future battle reports?

Howdy!  Here’s Mugu to discuss all his current projects, and his goals about getting them done.  

My painting desk is never short on models that are in various stages of progress. To make matters worse (and to keep myself motivated) I like to do painting challenges such as the slow-grow league we had here not long ago and currently over at the WAMP painting site, not to mention the upcoming holdiay and TempleCon.

While I’m not currently planning on signing up for any of the tournaments at TempleCon (I’m planning on spending my time in the casual play Iron Arena) I do prefer to play with painted models. So have I set myself up for failure?!?! Perhaps…..but we’ll see how things come along.

Before I get to the models in my current painting que, I do want to say that I’m going to be taking my own advice and really try to get those 10-15 minute (or less) spots of time spent painting. I’m also going to try to make some kind of plan to the madness. But “Wait!”, you say!? How can you have a plan when you paint in small bursts and some longer periods?!? Good question. I’m going to use The Plan as my guide and see how it goes, but remember that the small painting bursts aren’t meant to replace longer periods of painting, only to supplement them. Now on to The Plan:

Model: Sisters of Battle Squad

(Games Workshop)

Sisters of Battle, not the SOB's you're thinking of

Due date: None

Notes: I started this as a favor to my good friend Ken earlier this year…..and totally flubbed the due date as I got in over my head with other painting projects and moving into my new house.  Hmmm, am I heading into another flubbed date?  I hope not.

Status/Progress: I need to paint their hair and backpacks and make a base for one of the models.

Model: Soda & Candy for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop miniatures)

Candy & Cola

Due date: 19 December & 23 December

Notes: One of my three painting challenges over at WAMP. It also is my daughter’s birthday present to go along with the Super Dungeon Explore I got her for Christmas.

Status/Progress: Not started, need to wash, take off any mold lines, and prime. I’m probably going to follow the colors in the Super Dungeon Explore rulebook.

Model: Nightmare

(Privateer Press)

Yeah, my nightmares leave me in pieces too....

Due date: 27 January 2012

Notes: A model I converted a while ago to be jumping/leaping. I’m going to enter this into WAMP’s WAMP II painting contest as well as a regular painting contest there as well. I’d also like to use this in my Cryx army more often and prefer to play with painted models.

Status/Progress: Prepped, primed, basecoated, and I’ve done some of the painting on it already. I want to add tenticles coming out of the grate and cobblestones around the grate as well.

Model: Wereshark Pirate

(Reaper Miniatures)

So who eats him when he walks the plank?

Due date: 3 January 2012

Notes: My third challenge over at WAMP.

Status/Progress: I need to look through my models that has one with an animal for this challenge.  This (other than the odd bat and spider) is the closest I have to an animal for this challenge (Animal is the theme).

Model: Soulhunters

(Privateer Press)

::sigh:: So much unpainted undead flesh

Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters ’cause I think it will be fun and unexpected.

Status/Progress: I painted up one soulhunter a while ago and had the rest of the unit for just as long. I got a second unit through some trading over at Bartertown recently.

Model: Carnivean

(Privateer Press)

With hands that big, I bet he's into lots of point hugs

Due date: None

Notes: This is a gift I started early in the year for a friend in southern California.  Its really close to being finished. Okay, after taking the model off the shelf I had it on, its clearly not even close to being finished, BUT at least the skin is mostly done.

Status/Progress: I need to paint the scales and mouth, permenantly attach it to its base (or not, depending on if I think it can survive shipping intact) and add snow to the base as well.

What do you have on your painting table?