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I’ve been fairly consumed with Overwatch since it’s release several weeks ago, but I had a goal to get two New Edition Battlegroups painted for demos by the end of July, so I’m happy to say that I bucked down and made it happen.

First up, is the Khadoran contingent, led by Lord Kozlov. The Juggernaut is the one that I painted long ago for the Khador army I took to Templecon in 2014. Kozlov and the Decimator were cleaned up and assembled, and about 8 hours of work later, the small battlegroup is ready to dominate the battlefield!


Khador was the obvious choice for one of the New Edition battlegroup purchases, as was Legion. However, when demoing the game, it’s often best to stick to one system or the other, since it’s simpler and less confusing. It’s also generally considered easier to learn Warmachine since it’s effectively a “mana” mechanic that most video games or other magic systems use. So, Warmachine was the system to build two Battlegroups for, and that meant picking a second faction to paint up. I made the decision based on which battlegroup boxes were available after pre-orders when our launch kit arrived. Cryx and Protectorate both had boxes left on the shelf, and I love the idea of a Bane Witch, so I decided on Cryx.

Again, I re-used some of the models I’d already painted a even longer ago, and only really needed to paint up Agathia and the Reaper.

You may notice that the shading on the two ‘jacks are different. The Juggernaut’s more stylistic, and the Decimator’s more realistic. I’m not sure which I like more, but exploring that difference was a side goal of painting up the Decimator. Which do you like better?

I had some trouble with the mold lines on Agathia’s ghostly skirt, but the Reaper was a charm, and went together just fine. I had a blast painting the Cryx models, since P3’s green paints are so easy to 2-brush blend. The Cryx models also use lots of colors I don’t get to paint on my Khador or Legion, so it was really refreshing.


So, there we go! Some proof that I’m not only still alive, but that I also still have the capacity to paint.

In other news, I have a commission in need of a quick turn around, and I have a competition mini (or two) that I’m working on for Nova Open in about a month. I’m taking 6 (8?) painting classes at the Open as well, which should hopefully level up my game.

So… stay tuned for more to come.

It’s been far too long. How have you been?  Me?  I’ve been busy.

Clash for a Cure

March has been a busy month for me, but I can’t show you most of what I’ve been working on. I assembled a Judicator for Clash for a Cure. It’s now on its way back to Texas where it will be handed off to the painter.

Tale of Warmahordes

In keeping with my commitment to the Tale of Warmahordes painting schedule on the forum, I completed these in February:



Yeah, Cryx. I know, right? Don’t read anything into it. My cryx army is actually the closest thing to fully painted, with only a Slayer, Skarlock, min Mcthralls and Brute Thrall left. I figured that three models wouldn’t be too hard given the 5pt minimum for the month.

Each has her own color hair plume, so I can tell them apart for damage allocation. The black cloaks aren’t nearly as flat and subtle as they look in the picture, though mostly dark was exactly what I wanted. They’re not perfect, but they were a good exercise in keeping my inner perfectionist from ruining an otherwise speedy paint job.

IKRPG Character(s)

Next, I want you to meet Sergei Cherenkov. He is my IKRPG character, a Field Mechanik / Man-at-Arms. His arm was cut off in our first encounter, and he had help “procuring” a mechanka wrench from the Khadoran Mechanik’s Assembly. The ‘jack is Lefty. It lost its left arm in out last engagement, so the two are quite the pair.

These two are high on my painting queue, expect to see them painted soon.

IKRPG Minis1

Custom Black 13th

Oh, I also have a custom Black 13th squad that need to be put onto bases, and then… well.. they look just like regular Arcane Tempest Gun Mages. Their paint scheme is what will make them stand out. I basically bits ordered three of the new sculpts, and modified one of the sword holding hands into the two-finger magic pose. I filled in the hole where the empty scabbards go, and on the one with the scabbard molded in, I clipped it off and worked it to look like a fold in the cloth. Very little GS work required, but lots of fun with the dremel, shaping the metal of the scabbard to look like a fold. I now have an ATGM with goggles (Watts), a female ATGM (Ryan), and one with a very manly face (Lynch). My only issue is that Ryan doesn’t have two pistols out, but she does have one holstered, so, meh.





… and the other major project on my bench, I can’t show you, because, well, its a secret. It’s pretty, though.

Current Painting Queue

  1. Secret Project
  2. Sergei & Lefty
  3. Something Khadoran.
    • IFP?
    • More Winterguard?
    • Butcher1!
  4. Something Cygnaran?
    • ATGM + UA
    • Alt Stryker
    • Sword Knights!
  5. Infinity (Knights Order Box!)
  6. Circle Battlebox?
  7. Archangel?!?

A while ago I touched on taking models and painting materials on a vacation.  Recently, I flew to visit my parents, and took my Cryx Battlebox with me to paint when I had some free time.  Since I wouldn’t be able to borrow brushes or paint (since my parents don’t have Windsor Newton brushes or P3 paint just laying about), I had to bring my own.

The first issue was making sure I had enough paint with me.  I distilled my paint scheme down into the minimum number of paints required, and ended up with 18 pots of paint and 2 bottles of ink.

The TSA guidelines on liquids in carryons requires you to not take more than 3oz, and you can’t take more liquids than will fit into a single 1 quart plastic bag.  P3 paints are 1/2oz and the 20 bottles fit nicely into a 1 quart bag.

The second issue was how to protect the paint brushes.  Some brushes have these plastic tubes that fit snugly onto them that encapsulate the bristles.  These are fantastic for protecting the brushes.  I went one step further and tossed my brushes into the tubes that Windsor & Newton brushes come in.

Lastly, securing models.  This was arguably the most important bit, since I wasn’t bringing the necessary tools to fix a model if something happened.  Sure, superglue is cheap, but hobby knives, files, greenstuff, all that wasn’t making the trip.  I found a small box, and lined it with spare foam from blisters.  I then carefully fit the models in, with lots of foam.

Once all packed, the kit took up very little space in my backpack.

NOTE: that is not a can of spray paint, that is a stack of 5 Spray Paint caps. Spray Paint is not allowed on Airplanes!!

Now, the models I took were plastic, so they didn’t send up any red flags in the x-ray machine.  If you’re taking metal models, packing them neatly in a separate box is especially important.  The TSA requires you to place laptops in their own tray when going through the x-ray machine.  They’re complex enough and have lots of metal, so they want to have an unobstructed view.  Treat metal models the same.  Take them out of your carry on and put them in their own box.  When you put the box through, tell the agent that it has “metal toy figurines” in it.

Two reasons for this:

  1. Being upfront with the agent will help him understand what he’s looking at in the X-ray machine.
  2. The separate box in a separate tray means that if he wants to examine them, they don’t have to go through your entire carry on, just the box with models.

For more info on the TSA guidelines, check out

Here’s the long awaited third installment of Mugu’s Templecon Picture Extravaganza.  Looks like he has a bunch of games he’s going to discuss!  Enjoy!

I'm powering my way through the next 100 games....

Hello folks!  Welcome back to the last of my TempleCon 2012 posts.  While I didn’t grind through a ton of games like some people did at TempleCon, I did get in about six games that I clearly remember most of and another handful that I only vaguely recall.  Of course, I realized when I started taking pictures in my first game, which happened to be against my friend Ken when I forgot something…

Me: Cool!  My first TempleCon game! I’m just going to snap some pics…
Ken:  Good idea.
Me:  Yep, made sure to bring my camera so I could take lots of pictures.  It’ll also make it much easier to remember my games.
Ken:  That’s a good idea.  I brought a small notebook to write notes from my games in.
Me:  Ah, crap……I knew I forgot something.

Or so the conversation went.  I hadn’t planned on bringing you all full fledged battle reports, but I did want to have a bit more than just pics, so I’ll be going by my fragmented memory of what I do recall with the pictures.

The First to Fall

I had high hopes that my first game at TempleCon would be a crushing victory, setting the tone for the rest of my games at TempleCon.  It did set the tone, but the majority of my games (at bit over half to be fair) were losses.  There were a few things going against me this game, first was that up until this point, I have had zero experience playing against Retribution and second, I totally forgot about the scenario rules for the game.

Sneaky Angry Elves, oh my!

The first game was on the Scrap Yard themed board.   I thought I was doing fairly well in this game until Ken (who remembered the board rules) pushed one of the cars full of scrap through my unit of mechanithralls, killing all but one of them.  I spent the rest of the game chasing his warcaster around the board while slowly losing models in my army.

And lurking around the corner

Team Game versus Cryx & Menoth

Yes, someone’s clearly confused here. 🙂  Ken & I got a team game where he and I teamed up against two nice guys who were playing Cryx & Menoth.  The cavern board was easily my favorite board that I played on.  It had enough fun rules that added fun to the game without detracting from it.   Easily one of my favorite parts of this game was a ghostly Phoenix walking through a cavern wall into an unsuspecting enemy deathjack.   Ken and I came very close to winning this game.

Be wary of Gypsies!

Versus Khador

I managed to finally play one of the Lost Hemisphere crew by the name of Gypsy.  He wanted to try out his army for the Midnight Madness tourney that night and I was more than happy to oblige him.   And when he set his army on the table I couldn’t help but laugh at he slaughter that was about to commence…..all of it his.  The game was essentially Ulhans versus soulhunters or light cavalry versus heavy cavalry, take your pick.  I lasted until turn 3 before this happened:

add lance to face

So, yes, it was easily the most crushing defeat I had all con.  It just proves that you’re bound to run into the one opposing army that’s going to crush yours and this was mine.  He ran circles around the deathjack, rode down my soulhunters, and applied lance to the faces of my coven.  However, he was *the* nicest guy to play against, though he honestly didn’t have any tips on how I could have done better against him other than to swap out the deathjack for something else, but even he admitted that it was just a bad matchup on my side.  I wonder how he did at Midnight Madness?

Should I be concerned?

Versus Skorne

I played a very intense guy who caught me as I was about to call it a night and we played a 25 point (IIRC) game back on the Scrap Yard board.  I was hoping for a different outcome, but it wasn’t to be.   I have to be honest, once I saw this –


– I thought I had the game in the bag….and then Master Ascetic Naaresh killed them all.  He used a lot of fury to do so, but it was slaughter all around.  As it turned out, I was his 83rd opponent of the con.  It turned out he was trying to get enough Iron Arena points to trade in for one of the nicely framed art prints, which he eventually got, after 100 and some games.  If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have loved to know how I could have done better against him, but all I wanted to do was sleep after that.

Just another day in metropolitan Corvis

Versus Cryx & Menoth

One of the last games I played was a team game with Ken again versus two of my local players Danny (Cryx) & Jeff (Menoth), though thankfully (for us) the game went more in our favor and we pulled out a win.  Unlike most of my games, my dice were rolling really well that game.

Bane Thralls FTW

This was the only game where I didn’t already have a premade army list, which is why it was the only game where I brought bane thralls and my beloved bloat thralls.

Even when I lost, I had a great time playing all my games.  I never once encountered someone who was a bad player (though a few could have benefited from a shower or two).  In the end I managed to get a Cryx faction patch and some TempleCon dice with my points.  Thank you all for following along through my TempleCon posts!

Did I play against you?

How many games do you usually get in at a convention?