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Charity events are great.  Miniatures wargaming is definitely a luxury hobby, and I think it’s important to funnel some of that into charity, into helping others in some way.

For example, Foodmachine is a staple charity event in the Warmachine community that openly encourages cheating in order to help feed the hungry around Thankgiving.  Players bring in cans of food or money, and can spend that during their games to re-roll, for example games as escape rooms like the bank vault you can find online.

Clash for a Cure is an event in Texas focused on raising money for cancer research.  It’s a small Kill Team tournament, and an auction in one, and it’s a charity that I’ve done work for before.   In previous years, I’ve cleaned and partially assembled models to then be painted for the prize pool.

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It’s been far too long. How have you been?  Me?  I’ve been busy.

Clash for a Cure

March has been a busy month for me, but I can’t show you most of what I’ve been working on. I assembled a Judicator for Clash for a Cure. It’s now on its way back to Texas where it will be handed off to the painter.

Tale of Warmahordes

In keeping with my commitment to the Tale of Warmahordes painting schedule on the forum, I completed these in February:



Yeah, Cryx. I know, right? Don’t read anything into it. My cryx army is actually the closest thing to fully painted, with only a Slayer, Skarlock, min Mcthralls and Brute Thrall left. I figured that three models wouldn’t be too hard given the 5pt minimum for the month.

Each has her own color hair plume, so I can tell them apart for damage allocation. The black cloaks aren’t nearly as flat and subtle as they look in the picture, though mostly dark was exactly what I wanted. They’re not perfect, but they were a good exercise in keeping my inner perfectionist from ruining an otherwise speedy paint job.

IKRPG Character(s)

Next, I want you to meet Sergei Cherenkov. He is my IKRPG character, a Field Mechanik / Man-at-Arms. His arm was cut off in our first encounter, and he had help “procuring” a mechanka wrench from the Khadoran Mechanik’s Assembly. The ‘jack is Lefty. It lost its left arm in out last engagement, so the two are quite the pair.

These two are high on my painting queue, expect to see them painted soon.

IKRPG Minis1

Custom Black 13th

Oh, I also have a custom Black 13th squad that need to be put onto bases, and then… well.. they look just like regular Arcane Tempest Gun Mages. Their paint scheme is what will make them stand out. I basically bits ordered three of the new sculpts, and modified one of the sword holding hands into the two-finger magic pose. I filled in the hole where the empty scabbards go, and on the one with the scabbard molded in, I clipped it off and worked it to look like a fold in the cloth. Very little GS work required, but lots of fun with the dremel, shaping the metal of the scabbard to look like a fold. I now have an ATGM with goggles (Watts), a female ATGM (Ryan), and one with a very manly face (Lynch). My only issue is that Ryan doesn’t have two pistols out, but she does have one holstered, so, meh.





… and the other major project on my bench, I can’t show you, because, well, its a secret. It’s pretty, though.

Current Painting Queue

  1. Secret Project
  2. Sergei & Lefty
  3. Something Khadoran.
    • IFP?
    • More Winterguard?
    • Butcher1!
  4. Something Cygnaran?
    • ATGM + UA
    • Alt Stryker
    • Sword Knights!
  5. Infinity (Knights Order Box!)
  6. Circle Battlebox?
  7. Archangel?!?



He’s a three headed dragonspawn, and he’s a crazy model.  I had loads of fun painting the model, and I’m looking forward to painting him for my own army some day.  (He’s currently unassembled in a box.)  This post is mostly mechanical (recipes), since most of my thoughts are reserved for Clash of the Titans.

For those of you living under a rock, this model is for Lost Hemisphere‘s Memory Machine effort to raise funding for Alzheimer’s Disease research.  The army is a 35pt Rhyas Rear Guard Tier4 Theme list, and will be auctioned off at Templecon 2012.  When I heard about the army, I offered to help G’daybloke, and he charged me with painting the warbeasts in the army, Typhon and a Nephilim Protector.

I started Typhon with a black undercoat.  From there…

Skin: (P3)Bloodstone -> (P3)Khador Red -> (P3)Khador Red Highlight -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Chitin: (P3)Beaten Purple -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (GW)Leviathan Purple Wash -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (P3)Frostbite (edge stripes)
Mouth: (P3)Frostbite -> (GW)Baal Red Wash -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Teeth: (P3)Menoth White Base -> (P3)Menoth White Highlight -> (GW)Skull White
Head Sensors: (P3)Exile Blue -> 50/50 (P3)Exile Blue, (GW)Ice Blue -> (GW)Ice Blue

I used a Windsor & Newton Series 7 #1 for the entire project.  Love that brush.

Anyway, enough words.  Pictures!

I’m taking this week off to relax, hang with family and work on something completely different.  I’ve resigned myself to not getting all three theme forces done (Clash of the Titans) by Templecon, so I’m going to finish off the Skorne force, as well as this side project. If I get the Cryx done, it’s a bonus.

On a not very well related note, the voting for the Paint It Pink painting competition has finally come in.  The pink Butcher Army took Best Privateer Press Army, as well as Best Army.

As a result of the army’s success in the competition, it will be going up for auction.  I’m not sure where or how, or what specific charity the funds will go to.  As soon as those details are ironed out you can be sure I’ll posting about them.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you!

Happy Holidays!