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Now that the free week-long Beta test is over, some fun statistics are cropping up about the Overwatch Beta. According to Steam Spy, most of the top shooters available through Steam saw a sizable decrease in attention during the beta. Searches for “overwatch” on the popular porn site PornHub saw an 800% rise during the test period. The Overwatch Subreddit has exploded with stories of players claiming to have withdrawal, or proclaiming it to be the best thing they’ve played in years and will buy two copies of the game, just because. All other games feel bland, by comparison.


I spent several hours playing, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was lucky to fall in with a group of long time FPS players, and we embraced the strong team-play aspect of this game. Using Discord, we hung out and explored the first new IP from Blizzard in 17 years. For those who don’t know, Blizzard has a history of producing immersive, polished video games that hold their own for a long time. Star Craft, for instance, is so popular in Korea, that it is on broadcast television.

But what makes Overwatch so great? To me, it was the rich and unique cast of characters, gorgeous maps with transparent but meaningful objectives and Blizzard’s focus on providing a positive experience to it’s players and fanbase. This isn’t to say there aren’t some things that worry me or that need improvement, but I’ll get into that later.

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Last year, I had widgets and business cards.  This year, I still have loads of business cards, but I wanted to do something different from widgets (which loads and loads of people do).


Privateer press is on a big pin kick lately, which is cool, but those are really only feasible in quantities of 300+, putting them firmly outside my budget (this year…).  Everyone loves a patch for their gaming bag though, right?

So, I played with GIMP and came up with a few ideas.  I got frustrated by the overly simple designs I was coming up with, and turned to my art department.  She immediately had great ideas, and this was the result.  It’s far more colorful and fun than the ones I had come up with, and bounces off the 8-bit-esque nature of the Plarzosaur logo by bringing in elements of one of our favorite classic video games, Tetris.


How do I get one?

Excellent question!  There are three ways:

1) Find me at TempleCon and give me $5.  (I can only take cash or Paypal.)

2) Find the New England Privateers booth, and buy one along with your Lost Hemisphere pins, Templecon goodies, Midnight Madness shirt, or Games & Gears stuffs.  (I’m not sure what payment methods they can do, but you will have to pay state tax on the patch if you buy from the store, a whopping 35¢).

3) Play me in an Iron Arena game, and see if you can pry one from my blighted claws!

Depending on how many I have left after Templecon, I’ll make them available to everyone at home who couldn’t make it to Rhode Island.  There are only 100 being made, though, and several will be reserved for NOVA Open.

Logitech is here at CES and when I need new computer gaming peripherals, they’re the first place I turn.

One of the new gadgets they have here is the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, and it’s awesome.

Here’s my video review, recorded on the CES 2014 show floor at the Logitech Live booth.

It has tons of thumb buttons, which will be perfect for toggling weapon groups or overheating in EVE Online, and it fits in my hand perfectly.

If I don’t win one here at the convention, I’m definitely buying one when I get home.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays.  I know I did.  We flew home today, so I spent most of the afternoon relaxing and getting the last half a level on my priest.  Yay 85!

No painting updates today, I haven’t had a chance to work on anything since the last post.  I am hoping to knock out that 25 pt list before the week’s out.  I’m going to throw my Type A personality out the window, and just git ‘r dun and call it good enough.  Here’s the list, in case you don’t remember:

Points: 25
Commander Coleman Stryker (*6pts)
* Lancer (6pts)
* Defender (9pts)
* Ol’Rowdy (9pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)
* Charger (4pts)

All that’s left really is dry-brushing the ‘jacks, washing the metals and then details and basing.  I’m crossing my fingers.

I was able to make quite a few updates to my Army Lists page.  I’ve settled on Rhyas 25 and 35 pt lists, a Saeryn 35 pt list and a 100pt 2-caster Rhyas / Saeryn combo list.  I also boosted my 35pt pLylyth list to a 50 pt list.  I have no idea how great these will be since they are untested, but I need to get rid of some Legion models in favor of some Khador, so making some lists will help with that.

Yes, I’m a faction-aholic.  However, however…  Khador was my first faction.  I’m allowed to return to my roots, right?  Remember:  The more diverse my collection, the more diverse the blog posts and tutorials!

I realize this post seems a bit bipolar.  I jumped around a lot, and I’m sorry for the lack of coherency.  So, in lieu of a picture (every blog post should have a picture for prettiness, according to Hadyn over at Lyoss is Burning (thecsharian on the PP forums)), I’m going to attempt to embed a Youtube video.  This a peek at what you’re missing if you haven’t experienced the new Tron movie:

I suggest viewing in 1080p, full screen, volume on full.