How-To Tuesday

I had a funeral last weekend, and I have a wedding next weekend, so there’s been very little hobby time of late. I will have some of my own stuff to show you soon, I promise.

That said, here’s a great video from Painting Buddha, on painting fire and warm colors using a Fire Elemental from Drakerys.

So, that’s what a professional painter can whip out in three hours. Don’t we all feel inadequate now…

As the 40k bug continues to nibble away at my painting time, I find myself looking for painting videos for inspiration, tips and other nuggets of knowledge.  This video is a good hour and a half long, but goes into loads of detail on how to do what I call the “base wash base” method of painting. This method produces above tabletop quality paint jobs, and requires only two to three different size brushes and having some decent brush control (being able to “paint inside the lines”). SS82’s method is quick and can easily be applied to just about any miniature.

Relic Knight Bases

I’m working on getting my first 35 pts of Relic Knights painted up, and wanted to show you how I’ve decided to do my bases.

The Kickstarter gave us some neat base inserts that depict grates, piping and opened boxes, and they also included some loose crystals to do whatever we wanted with.  Units in relic Knights don’t have a “leader” like they do in Warmachine, but I wanted to include one crystal in each unit, to denote a leader type model, or at the very least, to add something exciting to the unit.  I quickly assembled the bases and plopped down a crystal on one base for each unit.


Green is Creation Esper

I’ve been wanting to get more practice with my airbrushes, so I figured the crystals would be a great way to play with some OSL utilizing the airbrushes!  As you can see, above, the result is great!

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The Extreme Behemoth.  It’s a mark of status among the Khador players, and it’s a project that has many variations.

The Behemoth is a character Warjack that is … well, it’s huge and armored and bristling with weapons:

Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weaponry, and immense strength. This peerless warjack is as much a symbol to the Khadoran people of their power as it is a force of destruction to any who would stand against it.

However, for a ‘jack that’s name means “bigger than big”, the model’s a little scrawny and is doing the funky chicken instead of being big and menacing like it’s name implies:

So, way back in the day, PG_Cloud-Gatherer came up with the Extremoth, a Behemoth based off the Extreme Juggernaut model:

Not only does this more accurately convey the idea of BIG, it also looks more in-line with the rest of the Khador ‘jack line.

Today, I’m going to show you how I made my interpretation of this conversion:


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