Test Model

Other ideas.

I pestered Meg, from Arcane Paintworks, about this issue, since she’s a color theory expert, and one of her bits of feedback was that the teal feathers ran into the teal armor pads. It read as all the same thing, which is definitely not what I was going for. So, to try out something different, I moved the red to the feathers, and darkened it a bit to help counteract the brightness of the teal armor. Then, I painted the skirt with black, and highlighted it with purple, to bring that back in to see how well it played with the red.


Yeah, not so much. The purple and red don’t play well together, but I had to at least try it. I went back over the skirt with Coal Black, shaded with black.


Good, but now it felt too dark. So, I brightened the red feathers just a touch, then I basecoated the skirt with the Meredius Blue I had originally started with weeks ago, and this time, shaded with Exile Blue – the same shade I used on the Harrier wings.


Not terrible, but still not really screaming “This is the one!” at me yet.

After last week’s post with the red, I got lots of feedback. Some was about whether or not the red worked, others had thoughts on alternate color choices and ways to incorporate them.

One of the key pieces of advice was that I should be thinking about using other colors in my shading as well as an accent / secondary color. I immediately re-worked the thigh armor pads with a mix of P3 Coal Black and P3 Sanguine Base, giving the shadows a purpl-y, redish hue rather than just straight up “dark teal”.  I then used the exact same mix to shade the red cloth, tying the two colors together a bit.


Then, I thought I’d do what teh majority of people wanted, and I tried purple. Shading purple is fairly easy. Highlighting it, less so.


Then I tried out blue, just because. I again used that Coal Black / Sanguine Base combo to shade.


And then I tried green, just for the hell of it.


So, at this point, I’m not sure what to do.  I liked the red, but it’s fairly bright and lots of people thought it was garish.  The purple looks alright, but it’s a pain to actually paint (until I figure out a better way).  I think the blue works, but gets just as lost in the model as the original teal did.  The green, I like because it keeps the cool (vs warm) look of the model, but adds some flavor.

What say you?

Had some time this weekend to work on miniatures.  The amount of progress made vs time put in isn’t what I’d like it to be, but given how organic and iterative the process of working out a scheme can be, I’m still happy with where I am.

Most of the work fell to the Shepherd and Legionnaire.  I had an idea for the feathers, and it took a bit of work to make it happen.


Since I can’t use the few pots of old GW washes I have (which would have been perfect for this), I had to make my own.  I used a roughly 3 or 4:1 mix of water to P3 Exile Blue, and washed the P3 Meredius Blue basecoat on the feathers.  I then picked out each feather Meredius Blue, and then highlighted the tip of each feather with a roughly 1:1 mix of Meredius Blue and P3 Arcane Blue.

The same method was applied to the Legionnaire:


The Legionnaire’s skirt bit was shaded with a 1:1 mix of Meredius Blue and P3 Sanguine base.  This is a very tempremental mix, and doesn’t take much to shift it more red or more purple-y.  I started with a more purple mix, but it wasn’t dark enough, and I added more Sanguine Base and got something darker and more in the red realm than blue.


So, overall, the Legionnaire is now shaded with three different hues – Coal Black on the padded armor.  Exile Blue on the feathers, and Sanguine Base on the skirt.

Can you spot the difference?

Playing with some color now.

I knew I wanted to try out P3’s Exile Blue as a shade. I’d like it to be the majority shade, so I’m aiming for it to be all beasty aqua bits, and likely cloth. Here, I’ve applied it to one wing of the Harrier. You can see how much just the shade helps the 3-dimensionality of the wing.


I’ve also been considering P3’s Coal Black for shading. I think since it’s aqua in it’s own way, it’ll very much act like a shadow. The Exile Blue could be a shadow, it could be a natural coloration in the beast’s flesh/chitin. The coal black, though, should leave no doubt. I’m trying it out here on the Legionnaire’s padded (leather?) armor.


Highlights are important, and to keep the padded armor from being too dark, I’m using P3’s Arcane Blue. This does two things. It lets me highlight the areas that are catching the light, and because it’s closer to blue than green in the aqua scale, it balances the more green Coal Black.


What do you think so far?

Not much progress has been made since last week. Holidays, family in town, that sort of thing.

I’ve been able to get small bits done here and there, but I’m still firmly in the “block out colors” stage, where I’m not even thinking about highlights or shades.

Model Updates


I just love the lesser warbeasts. They’re so adorable! In a gnaw off your foot sort of way.

I started by carefully painting the “fingers” between the webbing on the wings. This is just a coat of P3 Greycoat Grey.


I also painted the webbing between the spikes on his head with P3 Meredius Blue. Gotta keep the theme of aqua webbing. I will paint all the armor nibs and plates, but after I paint up the flesh. So far, I like the balance between the grey and the Aqua. It gives a cold feel, which will be somewhat mitigated by using flesh tones to highlight the grey.


You can see in that side picture that the ankles have been broken and re-pinned. I didn’t do a great job getting them aligned. I’m not terribly worried, though. This guy’s mostly here to be a test scheme piece, and I have three more. If I need a Harrier in a Hardcore army (that I’m shooting for Master Craftsman with) it won’t be this model.


I really wanted to get some metal on this guy. A coat of P3 Pig Iron works for that. This dark metal emulates the grey on the rest of the models, so I’m not worried about the Legionnaires fitting in. I also had a chance to take a better look at their armor, and it looks like their hands are covered in the same style of armor ad their thighs, so I painted those aqua too, which hslps bring some of the color to the top of the model.



I debated on having the chest armor aqua, but she really needs some on the front of here, and that’s the most logical place…


…since there’s already so much on the back.



I painted the armor plates on his arms Aqua, to help get an idea of what that’ll look like. I also found that he looks a lot more animated with one claw up in the air.


There’s lots of claws and armor on the torso that need to be aqua-fied, but I think I’ll be trying out experiments on the smaller models, and not so much on the Scythean.