Shameless Promotion

Before I get into what I’ve been working on this past week, I want to remind you all that Velmarius only had 4 days left to go on eBay.  Check it out here:

Ok, so I needed to blitz something before the month was over for the “Tales of WM/H” on the PP Forum, which is a painting challenge to paint 5-pts worth of models a month.  I Joined at the end of Jan, and failed for Feb, so I’d used up my two “Free” passes.  You can get them back by painting up 5 extra points of models in a given month.  So, I finally got around to painting my Circle Battlebox (from the 2-player set).

Here’s some crappy cell-phone pics I took this morning of the Wolf Pack:

These are purely for demo purposes, so they’re not super high quality. The Feral was fun just because of his muscles and fur. I’m very happy with hos the armor turned out on the lights, as well as Kaya’s cloak. Kaya’s face was another learning experience, and I’ll try to get a better close-up when I get the Lightbox out again.

Next on the painting table are the SDE heroes, and something for the latest NQ challenge.

For a while there, the Gallery here was a slideshow of pictures of models that I had painted. Unfortunately, it took forever to load, and the slideshow wouldn’t let you view any of the pictures longer or go back, etc.

I’ve changed up the Gallery page to have static images so you can click and view larger versions, or scroll and look at your leisure.  The pictures are in a roughly chronological order: newest stuff up top, oldest stuff at the bottom.  The page now stretches from my newest work (the Freehand Cygnus and the Alt Journeyman Warcaster) to my very first miniatures, some Black Templar Space marines.

Lastly, this format lets me put down some thoughts on the minis, what techniques I was using at the time, and tell you a little about why they’ve earned a spot in the Gallery.

Go check it out up above, and drop a comment on your favorite gallery model below!

Several local players have been asking me to bring in my hobby kit to help with magnetization, pinning and other hobby miscellany.  I really enjoy showing how to do things, and they enjoy having an active role in shaping their minis, rather than just bribing me with Diet Cokes and candy bars to do it for them.  It’s incredibly fun and rewarding to help them make their concepts a reality.

As a result of all this hobby talk, I’m getting asked what I use for pins, how to match up drill bits for pinning, what size magnets I use and where do I get them, etc, etc.  These same questions crop up on numerous forums fairly regularly, so it’s a common enough question that I feel it warranted some attention.

In an effort to give you a fast and easy to see what I’m using and give you immediate access to buying it for yourself, I’ve made an Amazon Associates store.  There’s a link up top in the nav bar, so you can access it any time – you won’t have to search for this post.


Most of the stuff in there is stuff I own and can confirm works and works well for me (hopefully, for you too).  The rest of the stuff is a best-guess as to matching what I have and what’s available on Amazon.  Everything in the store has a note from me about why I picked that particular item out of the many that Amazon stocks.

Be sure to check out all the categories on the right – each category has a separate set of items, so explore them all.


If you have any questions or suggestions, post them below!

TempleCon Coverage

I’ll be attempting to live tweet the Keynote, for what it’s worth.  I’m sure you all will be watching the live broadcast, or will watch it once they upload it to YouTube.  What I really want to mention, is that I’ll be doing my best to tweet and post about:

  • Cool vendor products
  • Notable models or armies
  • Notable game details, as I play in the Iron Arena
  • Other misc news

Near the end of the day (or first thing the following morning), I’ll try and wrap up the day in a blog post / pic dump.

If I should happen to have any videos, they will be uploaded to… YouTube Channel

You can find it here:

This is not going to be just a repository for random videos like the old one in the past.

This is new and improved, and linked to the website’s Google+ page, and is a necessary step in the natural evolution of blogging.  Having a Google+ page and an attached YouTube channel is a prerequisite for hosting live Google Hangouts, and then archiving the recordings.

Hint, hint.  Wink, wink.

Subscribe now, so you can be the first to know when videos get uploaded, or when live events kick off.


A while back, I ordered some branded measurement widgets from Advanced Deployment.

Yesterday they arrived.

Along with a whole lot more…

I have a ton of widgets, charge lane markers, feat tokens, 50mm blanks (objectives, or proxy bases) and mini-widgets.

As I mentioned on twitter, all of these are traveling with me to TempleCon, and I’ll be giving them away to folks who play me in games in the Iron Arena.  Find me on the gaming floor, or tweet me to see where I’m at and when I’m free.

For those not attending Templecon…

For those of you at home, I’m donating four of the blue Plarzoid widgets to Ron over at Mini Army, Huge Time Sink, for him to give away in his quarterly drawings.  You can enter these by participating in his Paint the Target series.

Whatever I have left after the con will be used for more contests and shenanigans right here.

Stay tuned.

 @desertwarlock aka Rob Alaniz

 … from Twitter!



You’ve won!

Rob, E-mail me at plarzoid @ gmail . com to claim your prize!

The competition was tough, but thanks to the folks at (who use cosmic radiation as the seed data for their random number generator), the stars have quite literally chosen you!

Find me at Templecon!

I’m working the Iron Arena desk from 10am to 2pm on Thursday, but I’m playing games 24/7 from then on.  Tweet me to set up a game, or just stalk me, and you, too, can have one of these useful widgets from Advanced Deployment with the Plarzosaurus on it!

I’ll have my Khador there, along with my 40-card sealed deck of M14 and High Command.  If everything goes right, I’ll also have a Rasputina crew of 25-35 ss, but don’t expect me to know what I’m doing with it.

Lastly, I may or may not have a copy of Android: Netrunner.  We’ll see.

More to come!

It was several months between this contest and my last one.  That’s horrible!

So, stay tuned for more goodies!  I have some stuff that I’ll be giving away soon, so keep checking back on twitter, facebook and here on the blog.

I promise there won’t be any more social media related stuff.

I think, perhaps we’ll do some sort of painting challenge, much like Ron over at Mini Army, Huge Time Sink is doing…