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Earlier, LynchPin spoke about his Tau Force and I wanted to quickly discuss my plans for Dark Angels.

In most regards, the DA are standard Space Marines, but they have a fun back story and hidden agenda:

Back in the day, when Horus pulled an Anakin Skywalker and flipped to the Dark Side, most of the DA were away from their homeworld, Caliban, fighting for the Emperor out in the fringes of known space.  They got wind of the betrayal, but arrived at the party too late to stop Horus and his chaotic crazies.  They then got word of shenanigans at their homeworld, and when they got there, the guys in charge of safekeeping the planet had turned evil on the inhabitants and slaughtered everyone.

That pissed off the non-crazy Dark Angels, who then landed at the HQ and the head honcho (Lion El’Johnson) slugged it out with his boy-hood friend and second in command, Luther.  They accidentally opened a wormhole inside the planet, Star Trek style, and the only thing that saved them was the force field around their HQ castle.


This “castle-monastery” is now called “The Rock” and floats around as their mobile HQ.  To everyone else, they say that Caliban was destroyed while anonymous bad guys assaulted them.  In secret, they know that their own guys lost it and went bad.  What makes this all worse is that the crazies that got sucked into the wormhole when the planet got destroyed started popping up randomly all over known space – they just kind of re-shuffled into existence.  So, now, the DA are on a secret crusade trying to find these “Fallen” before they cause too much damage, because the DA feel responsible for their existence, and are trying to keep their messed-up history a secret lest they be thrown out of the Imperial clubhouse.

That’s a really long winded way of saying that these guys are super-paranoid battle monks with an overactive Internal Affairs department.  What’s not to love?

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Some locals and I are getting our feet wet into 40k as a beer and pretzels game, and a way to tell some fun stories about our characters.  I’m likely to run Dark Angels (despite the earlier Tau Paint Scheme which is completely unrelated).  Buddy Ron is going to play Dark Eldar, and we may have a few others as well.  This is LynchPin’s thoughts on his Tau force.

Originally, I got my nerdly feet wet with a Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf army back in high school. I played a few games here and there, but didn’t have much guidance or understanding on how to build a strategic army or fill army slots. But man was I sold on the models. My so called “army” consisted of the bare essentials of two regiments of Dark Elf spearmen followed by every big toy you can imagine; I had Malekith riding a dragon, Assassins, Ballista Warmachines, etc, etc. I didn’t really dive fully into the wargaming pool until I became enamored with Warhammer 40k 3.5 edition after I spent a couple of years in college. I poured over unit options, built solid armies, and strove to learn the Black Tome forwards and backwards. After experiencing the competitive scene for 40k though, I slowly abandoned the game in favor of a decade happily spent playing Warmachine. Though over the years, every so often, I find myself surfing over to the Games Workshop website on lazy Sunday afternoons to drool over new plastic kits and ever impressive sculpts from newly updated armies.

Malekith on Dragon, painted by Minus of DakkaDakka

Malekith on Dragon, painted by Minus of DakkaDakka

I’ve thoroughly allowed Warmachine to become the game I play as competitively as I can, but I do yearn for an opportunity to fiddle with 40k modeling and build a force based very little on tactics and competitive edge and more on a pleasing aesthetic that keeps a focus on what I enjoy modeling and telling a narrative about. I’ve been treading water, hoping one day to find a good group of like-minded people who were interested in doing a 40k project with the same aspirations in mind and who have decided to leave their razor sharp competitive edge dulled and rusted by sentiments such as: “oh that twin-linked flamer Crisis Suit looks awesome. I’m doing that.” And so I have. Continue Reading

I’ve had my eye on painting some Tau models for a while.  While I’m not a huge fan of GW’s various price hikes and lack of game balance, the amazing background and gorgeous models are undeniable.  The Tau have held my attention since they first came out years ago.  I remember picking up a copy of White Dwarf and some Space Marines at my LGS when I was super young, and making my dad turn around and go back so I could buy the codex that had just come out.


Anyway, a while back I had done up a Tau Gun Drone as a paint scheme test.  I used P3 Bloodstone as the base for the brown, and P3 Meredius Blue for the aqua.  Here, I’ve changed the highlight for the Bloodstone from P3 Rucksack Tan to P3 Heartfire mixed with a little Bloodstone, thanks to the recipe that kommander_redfinger used for some commissioned trolls in this thread.

Anyway, I’ve started working on the shadows and highlights on the battlesuit.




More Libby, as requested. We’re playing fetch!

+ + + === + + + BEGIN TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +

+ + === BEGIN HEADER === + +

From: Shas’O Kais’Run’al
To: Fio’Vre Run’shi
Re: New R&D Project: 14250-574-B

+ + === END HEADER === + +
+ + === BEGIN CONTENT === + +


Nine rotaa ago, we landed on 13-749-S. Since then, we have learned much, and because I know you appreciate such things, so please see the attached orbital assessment. Enjoy.

I find that 13-749-S is at odds with itself. It has abundant material resources at it’s core which are invaluable, but these veins of precious metals are protected by a vacant, yet hazardous environment that will certainly hinder retrieval efforts. Having set foot on 13-749-S, I can assure you that the planet’s presence is… most unsettling.

The earth is entirely barren. Consisting mostly silica and carbons, with nitrogen and most of the rest of the building blocks for producing flora. However, there is none. The presence of plant life on this planet appears to be halted by its overly acidic water.

The soil’s complete lack of vegetation is rivaled only by the level of the water’s acidity. The waters do not seem to become deep, all the lakes we have encountered are very shallow, reaching to just below the collar on an upright XV-8. Our usual pigment enamels seem to withstand the water’s acidity well enough, though our Fio will have their work cut out for them, repairing joints and refreshing the enamels more often than normal.

Surprisingly, it is the hostile water, not the fertile soil that supports the majority of the life here. We discovered them when the twin suns finally set for the night. The micro-organisms that live in the water absorb the light from the suns, and emit a glow when the suns vacate the sky. The water here glows, and for good reason. The suns have been gone now for approximately thirty decs. It seems the planet rotates slowly, and counter to it’s rotation around the suns, so the darkness will last for roughly five rotaa total.

This is thoroughly a strange world. During the day, the blinding light and dust storms abrade both my armor and my patience. At night, the dust settles, the stars become visible, and the planet transforms into a vision of serenity that is almost romantic.

I could muse longer, but reports of the approaching Gue’ron’sha battleship and distant Y’he hive have been confirmed, and planetary defense plans must be drafted.

I take solace in the fact that we have arrived first, and thus have an advance on acclimatizing to the planet’s unique environment.

Please review the attached schematics and notes on some modifications to the XV-8 chassis and a new pigmentation scheme. Your expertise in these areas will be greatly appreciated.

Shas’O Kais’Run’al

+ + = END CONTENT = + +

+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 106-56942-97411-64516 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 106-56942-97411-64517 = + +

+ + + === + + + END TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +

+ + + === + + + BEGIN TRANSMISSION + + + === + + +
+ + = BEGIN HEADER = + +

From: Fio’Vre Run’shi
To: Shas’O Kais’Run’al
Re: Project 14250-574-B

+ + = END HEADER = + +
+ + = BEGIN CONTENT = + +

Greetings, Shas’O Kais.

Thanks you for the Orbital Assessment information. Ecology is one of my favorite past-times, and the data certainly looks interesting.

Your assessment of 13-749-S matches what the Orbital Assessment indicates; this world is different from others encountered in the sector. Finally, some variety!

The modifications you requested have been looked at and assimilated by the Fio’la in my primary workshop, and I wanted to provide you with a brief progress report.

The prototype XV-8 modifications are proving to be the easiest of what you requested. Raising the jetpacks on the XV-8s such that the intakes will be above the waterline in most of the shallows should provide an advantage against the Gue’ron’sha, whose vehicles cannot enter the acid lakes.

I have also attached images of the initial test of some new camouflage pigments. The colors were inspired by the soil and water of 13-749-S. The dirt’s rust color was simple enough for our paint shop Kor’vesa to duplicate. The rich aquamarine of the water was more troublesome, but I believe we have found a suitable pigment that faithfully replicates the vibrant color emanated by the micro-organisms within 13-749-S’s waters. The pictures you included were extremely helpful.

I also took the liberty of having the new paint pigments enhanced with acid resistant compounds. My counterpart working on a pigment enhancement project for use against the Y’he mentioned a recent breakthrough, and I offered this project as a potential test bed for his latest compounds.

At your earliest convenience, please review the attached report. Any comments and suggestions on our progress would greatly inspire the Fio.

Fio’Vre Run’shi

+ + = END CONTENT = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-54 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-60 = + +
+ + = ATTACHMENT DETECTED: 982-564123-51995-62 = + +

+ + + === END TRANSMISSION === + + +

P3 Meredius Blue, P3 Bloodstone

Test Pigmentation Scheme for deployment to 13-749-S

Raised jetpack vents, extra knee movement, outstretched right arm.

Test modifications to XV-8 Crisis Suit

Howdy!  Here’s Mugu to discuss all his current projects, and his goals about getting them done.  

My painting desk is never short on models that are in various stages of progress. To make matters worse (and to keep myself motivated) I like to do painting challenges such as the slow-grow league we had here not long ago and currently over at the WAMP painting site, not to mention the upcoming holdiay and TempleCon.

While I’m not currently planning on signing up for any of the tournaments at TempleCon (I’m planning on spending my time in the casual play Iron Arena) I do prefer to play with painted models. So have I set myself up for failure?!?! Perhaps…..but we’ll see how things come along.

Before I get to the models in my current painting que, I do want to say that I’m going to be taking my own advice and really try to get those 10-15 minute (or less) spots of time spent painting. I’m also going to try to make some kind of plan to the madness. But “Wait!”, you say!? How can you have a plan when you paint in small bursts and some longer periods?!? Good question. I’m going to use The Plan as my guide and see how it goes, but remember that the small painting bursts aren’t meant to replace longer periods of painting, only to supplement them. Now on to The Plan:

Model: Sisters of Battle Squad

(Games Workshop)

Sisters of Battle, not the SOB's you're thinking of

Due date: None

Notes: I started this as a favor to my good friend Ken earlier this year…..and totally flubbed the due date as I got in over my head with other painting projects and moving into my new house.  Hmmm, am I heading into another flubbed date?  I hope not.

Status/Progress: I need to paint their hair and backpacks and make a base for one of the models.

Model: Soda & Candy for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop miniatures)

Candy & Cola

Due date: 19 December & 23 December

Notes: One of my three painting challenges over at WAMP. It also is my daughter’s birthday present to go along with the Super Dungeon Explore I got her for Christmas.

Status/Progress: Not started, need to wash, take off any mold lines, and prime. I’m probably going to follow the colors in the Super Dungeon Explore rulebook.

Model: Nightmare

(Privateer Press)

Yeah, my nightmares leave me in pieces too....

Due date: 27 January 2012

Notes: A model I converted a while ago to be jumping/leaping. I’m going to enter this into WAMP’s WAMP II painting contest as well as a regular painting contest there as well. I’d also like to use this in my Cryx army more often and prefer to play with painted models.

Status/Progress: Prepped, primed, basecoated, and I’ve done some of the painting on it already. I want to add tenticles coming out of the grate and cobblestones around the grate as well.

Model: Wereshark Pirate

(Reaper Miniatures)

So who eats him when he walks the plank?

Due date: 3 January 2012

Notes: My third challenge over at WAMP.

Status/Progress: I need to look through my models that has one with an animal for this challenge.  This (other than the odd bat and spider) is the closest I have to an animal for this challenge (Animal is the theme).

Model: Soulhunters

(Privateer Press)

::sigh:: So much unpainted undead flesh

Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters ’cause I think it will be fun and unexpected.

Status/Progress: I painted up one soulhunter a while ago and had the rest of the unit for just as long. I got a second unit through some trading over at Bartertown recently.

Model: Carnivean

(Privateer Press)

With hands that big, I bet he's into lots of point hugs

Due date: None

Notes: This is a gift I started early in the year for a friend in southern California.  Its really close to being finished. Okay, after taking the model off the shelf I had it on, its clearly not even close to being finished, BUT at least the skin is mostly done.

Status/Progress: I need to paint the scales and mouth, permenantly attach it to its base (or not, depending on if I think it can survive shipping intact) and add snow to the base as well.

What do you have on your painting table?