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Issyria was a blast to paint, for a few reasons.

First, I had to paint her in separate pieces, because her crossed legs added some interesting challenges with getting the interior cloth painted.  Luckily, they’re a separate piece, so it was not hard to do this.  Still, for speed I rarely paint models in separate pieces anymore, so it was fun to go back to a different method for conquering a tough model.

Show me the dawn

Another batch of models are done!! Yay!!

(Be sure to click the pictures, they’re friggin’ huge!)

There’s a unit of Nyss Hunters here, converted using bits from Games-Workshop’s Wood Elves models. The conversion work was done by good buddy, @cutthroatcure. The only work I did on them was swap out all the swords for Nyss Hunter blades, and paint. The client wanted them to be inspired by the White Walkers from Game of Thrones, so they were done in muted blues with a slightly warm final highlight. We also kept them very simple, they’re 70% airbrush work.

On this side, we have the Dragoon solo, Skeryth Issyan and the dismounted version. I personally love shields, so I had a blast painting the shield here and calling out the emblems on it and the horse. There’s also a unit of Spears of Scyrah, led by Eyriss3. These girls were done in a largely greyscale scheme – something fun and different for Mage Hunters in this army. Lastly, Elara1 with her neon pink hair leads her new Harpy in to battle. (I think that one’s the Harpy… I don’t know what they are or what they do, I just make them look good.)

Aaaaand over here, we have the big boss himself, Vyros! His bird is painted like a peregrine falcon, black/blue on top and a creamy brown underneath. He’s flanked by some jacks – a Siren and a Banshee. They’re orange. What else do you want from me?

Up next is something completely different. Stay tuned!

If you’re a follower on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), this will be old news but there are two big updates to the Sunset Retribution forces.

First, in November, I painted Hemera. This is the last character jack to be completed for the army, and was done in a scheme similar to Imperatus.

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Note:  The blue armor seems to be horrible to photograph.  No matter what settings I use, the effect on the model isn’t being captured well.  As a result, they look somewhat flat and off in photos, but they look stellar in person.  I’m going to keep at it, but as reference, here’s the original model the method is based off, which shows the final effect nicely.

The second army in the Sunset Retribution collection features an Arcane Force Generator led by Ossyan, Moros and Hypnos. However, the client wasn’t going to be satisfied by the standard AFG model. So, I had the opportunity to do one of the coolest conversions in the Warmachine Comunity – the AFG Chicken Walker (AT-ST) build!

I have to say, this was a killer conversion and was a blast to work on.

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