I was lucky enough to get my hands on a “Legion of Everblight Plastic Heavy Warbeast Kit”, or what I’m calling a “Plastivean”.  The parts look quite a bit like the metal heavy warbeasts, but with the familiar keying of parts.  27 parts to be exact (standard black base not pictured):

Lots of parts!

In my opinion, this kit’s absolutely amazing.  The mold lines are in the best possible places, and they’re not difficult to clean up.  There are lots of them, so it’s an undertaking to be sure, but the results are fantastic.

Read on to see how to assemble and magnetize this beast!

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I’ll just leave this here…

They are on 120mm bases, they have two damage grids (as seen on the back of NQ40), and they have access to two new power attacks.

The “S” on the damage grid is for Superstructure, which Will and Ed say “Blows shit up!”.  I’m guessing it’s a system encompassing the weapons above the Colossal’s head.

The two power attacks equate to a pseudo thresher, hitting everything on one side of the model, as well as slam not requiring movement.  It just hits you in the face, and you go flying.  If this thing DOES do a normal slam against you, you move an extra 2″.

They are part of the Warcaster’s Battlegroup, and can use focus.

We also know the names of all of them:  Conquest (Khador), Galleon (Mercs, sans Rhul), Kraken (Cryx), Judicator (Menoth), Hyperion (Ret) and Stormwall (Cygnar).

We also know these are FA: 2, and are anywhere between 18 and 20 pts.  They will be Resin and Metal hybrid models, and I say they’ll likely run as expensive as a Battle Engine, if not a touch more.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these are an even $100, compared to the Battle Engine’s average cost of $85.

They’re also gorgeous.  The Khador one, the Conquest is here, and anyone touching it will be tackled.  That said, if there’s a specific view of the model you want, that’s not shown in the video, let me kno, and I’ll do my best to get a picture of it for you, even if I have to ask Will to hold the model upside down.  I’ll at least try.

I’m off to play some games now before I start my Press Gangery shifts, so for now, enjoy.