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Now that the free week-long Beta test is over, some fun statistics are cropping up about the Overwatch Beta. According to Steam Spy, most of the top shooters available through Steam saw a sizable decrease in attention during the beta. Searches for “overwatch” on the popular porn site PornHub saw an 800% rise during the test period. The Overwatch Subreddit has exploded with stories of players claiming to have withdrawal, or proclaiming it to be the best thing they’ve played in years and will buy two copies of the game, just because. All other games feel bland, by comparison.


I spent several hours playing, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was lucky to fall in with a group of long time FPS players, and we embraced the strong team-play aspect of this game. Using Discord, we hung out and explored the first new IP from Blizzard in 17 years. For those who don’t know, Blizzard has a history of producing immersive, polished video games that hold their own for a long time. Star Craft, for instance, is so popular in Korea, that it is on broadcast television.

But what makes Overwatch so great? To me, it was the rich and unique cast of characters, gorgeous maps with transparent but meaningful objectives and Blizzard’s focus on providing a positive experience to it’s players and fanbase. This isn’t to say there aren’t some things that worry me or that need improvement, but I’ll get into that later.

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Damn, the Wordpress Dashboard got dusty while I was away.  Sheesh.  I’ll have to be better about that.

Anyway, I’ve been doing things and stuff, and didn’t have anything worth sharing for a long while.  However, recently I’ve painted some things and thus I finally have something that I can share!  Yay!

Here, pictures:


I started Aby2 way, way back as a model I wanted to include in my TempleCon prep at the beginning of the year. She was a fairly new model then, and she ran beast heavy like Thag1 does, so she was a natural sub for variety in iron Arena. She made the trip, and flew around the hall with me, but never saw table time.


Well, she’s been seeing a lot more table time around the LGS. I’ve really enjoyed playing her, but I’ve yet to really master her. I’m planning on playing her as a primary choice for the near future, so keep a look out for a battle report, perhaps?


Ok, so her hands are huge. I can’t not talk about her hands. THEY’RE MASSIVE. Massive, oversized man hands.

Yeah, I get that she’s an abomination. She’s part beast. But seriously. Those hands are larger than her head (minus the horns).

Oh, here’s a flying family shot of the other guys that shared the painting table with her. Aren’t they adorable? Cute lil’ bumbleblights!



Go ahead, you tell them any different.

I’m a firm believer that there is a difference between excuses and reasons. Excuses are what you tell someone to cover up for your own laziness or forgetfulness – ie, it’s a lie you tell to shift the blame off yourself. A reason is simply an explanation for why something happened.

It’s been a few weeks since I last really put paint on a model, and there are a few good reasons for why it’s taken this long for me to write an update.


First, I’m semi-paralyzed by my choices and ideas for the NOVA Open Painting Competition.  I’m not sure what I want to do.  I have several diorama ideas, but they all feel too big or ornate to do in as much time as I have (about two months).  Honestly, though, I’ve never made one before, though, so I’m also not even sure if my time estimates are accurate.  That said, I usually like to err on the side of caution, so I;d prefer to just not do a diorama than spend time on one and then not get it done.  Because then I’ll get to play the “I could have gotten something else done with that time game”.


Second, Steam Summer Sale is a thing.  I just finished Bioshock 1, and am about to start Bioshock 2 (fantastic setting, story and gameplay, WOW).  I also picked up a few other games which will no doubt eat into hobby time.  I shouldn’t make that sound so negative – I enjoy playing games.  But they’re less constructive ways to use my free time than painting models.  Boy, is it fun finally playing all of these games that were massive hits when they released.  I totally understand the hype.

D&D on Black

Third, D&D.  I started watching Critical Role on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch, and boy has it made the RPG itch a billion times worse.  For those who are RPG fans and haven’t seen the show, it’s awesome.  Nine professional voice actors play D&D, and it’s live streamed / recorded for YouTube.  It’s pretty amazing.  They’ve been playing these characters for over two years, and are pretty invested in their well-developed characters.


With three other gaming buddies living less than a mile from me, I’ve asked all of us to bring our wives/girlfriends into a D&D game.  We live so close and should hang out, so why not give it a try?  All of our ladies are geeky in their own way, and it should be a really fun way to get everyone together for good times.  Plus, with seven players, as the DM all I need are 4-5 for them to be available for a game and we’re good to go.  Thus, when I’ve not been playing video games, I’ve been designing the first city along with loads of NPCs, villains and encounters the party will be seeing.

I met with four of the players this weekend to help them design their characters and discuss the general idea for how I’m building the world, and whatnot.  They’re all very excited, as am I.  I’m trying to find time to meet with the other three players, and we’re scheduled to play early next week (since the next several weekends are rife with vacations, holidays and whatnot).  We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, and why there hasn’t been anything posted of late.

This post has a ton of pictures.  Be warned.  Also, you can click on any of them to see a picture roughly 8 times larger.

I know TempleCon was three months ago. I’ve waited this long to show off the army because PP took photos of it for No Quarter at TempleCon, and they haven’t printed them in the last two issues, so I assume they’re not going to.

My warcaster of choice was Thagrosh, Painter of Everblight. Not only is he a fantastic center scenario caster, the alternate sculpt that emphasizes the hobby is fantastic. Plus, he’s a pretty new sculpt, and judges like seeing the newer models. To represent Thagrosh’s FURY, I glued rubber shredders from the Blighted Bather model to some washers and quickly painted them in my grey and teal. They then got a serious protective coating of gloss.




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I’ll be completely honest, I was pretty well spent after TempleCon.

Painting every spare minute for almost a month and a half will do that, though.  Additionally, it feels like there’s been some family or friend or work related thing every weekend in 2015, so my usual spots of big hobby time (weekends) have been cut in half.

However, after nearly a month of not painting, I’ve put some time into some commissions that have been patiently waiting for some attention, and they’re finally at a spot where I feel I can show them off.

First:  Madrak Ironhide, Chieftan of the United Kriels




My client wanted purpleish skin and yellow stones, and everything else was to be whatever fit that.  I found that the GW paint range as the most purples, so we worked to find a 4-color range that fit the look he wanted for the skin.  Madrak sits in the top half of that range, since Troll warlocks are traditionally Albinos.  The Tartan pattern is straight from the Forces of: Trollbloods book.  At first, I tried a green base for the cloth, but it was way too garish with the overwhelmingly purple skin.  Blue fit much better.

This model represents a few firsts for me as well.  I’ve always shied away from weathering, afraid of ruining a perfectly good paint job.  Madrak is a scheme test model, so ruining things was kinda-OK.  Since the colors we’re using are already kinda outrageous, I figured why not throw some verdigris on the brass bits of his legendary Axe, Rathrok.  After washing the Molten Brass (P3) with some precious Gryphonne Sepia (Old GW), I then put some watered down Meredius Blue (P3) into the creases and then splattered it around.  I think it gives it some nice character.  The other really fun thing on this model was doing the marble on the scroll case hanging behind Madrak.  I first painted the base cream with a Menoth White Base (P3) mid-tone and shaded down with Hammerfall Khaki (P3) and highlighted with Menoth White Highlight (P3).  Then, I used watered down Brown Ink (P3) to draw some blob-y shapes, and refined those and added some depth with less watered down Brown Ink.  I’m very happy with the effect on both.

He still has some work to be done, though.  The runes on his axe need a glow (I’m thinking green, perhaps?) and I want to add one more set of highlights on his skin to really push him higher in value (luminosity).  His base will get extra details after he gets sealed.

* ~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~ *

Next up are a pair of Player Character models for a Dungeons and Dragons game.  These are the first two of six characters I’m making for the adventuring party.

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