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Muse On Minis was vending at the NOVA Open this year, and they had some fancy pants tokens they were pretty proud of.  They offered to give me a set if I wrote a review of them on the site. Overall, I was pretty impressed, but I do have some suggestions / criticisms which you can find in the pro/con lists at the bottom.

Last Wednesday at my LGS, I set out to blight the good blight equipped with a fancy new set of “Dragonspawn” Tokens, a spiffy magnetic spray template and some AOE mats for my Ravagore Scathers.  Local buddy and PG Chris decided to try and show me the error of my blighted ways, and threw down with his Biel Tan Eldar Retribution.  He happened to have some of the new MK3 Muse tokens, too, as well as a set of magnetic objectives for us to mostly ignore.  To make sure this review is as saturated with Muse stuff as possible, we borrowed some rectangular zones from the Advanced Maneuvers crew (who were filming one table over) which were custom made for them by none other than…  you guessed it… Muse on Minis!

Models, check. Tokens, check. War Room, check. Wait, where's my Diet Coke?

Models, check. Tokens, check. War Room, check. Wait, where’s my Diet Coke?

Have I name dropped enough yet?  Yes?  Cool, let’s get on with the pew pew noises and pictures of pretty, pretty tokens by models.

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Oh boy, what a con.


I look forward to the NOVA every year. The staff are all excellent, the location’s just 10 minutes from my house, and the painted models in the display cabinets are gorgeous. What more could I ask for? How about awesome hobby seminars all four days from Justin McCoy (Founder, Secret Weapon Miniatures) and Roman Lappat & Raffaele Pica (Massive Voodoo). Let’s also not forget Jessica Rich, who paints for nearly every mini manufacturer out there (like Reaper and Dark Sword, to name a few). I took six (6) classes this year, with at least one from each of the four teachers.

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