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  1. 1) I’ve always made the distinction between “reason” and “excuse” the other way around– reasons are simply explanations for your motivation. However, your reason for doing something (“But officer, I had to go 20mph over the limit! The store closes in five minutes!”) may not be a *valid excuse*. We’ve skewed the connotations toward trying to weasel out of something, but by definition an excuse is a reason that is accepted to excuse you from something.

    2) A simple diorama executed well will look more impressive than an elaborate one you threw together in a rush. Competition judges aren’t impressed by your vision and intent– they care only about your ultimate success. Go with a design that is only as elaborate as what you can absolutely finish to a high degree of quality in the allotted time.

    3) Don’t play Bioshock 2. It’s made by another company and is a piece of shit. Just stay away.

    Infinite is pretty good, though. Play that instead. 😛


    3) Be really careful about starting a D&D group with a cast of thousands. The weeks where your redundancy bottoms you out with 4 people will be great, but the weeks where everyone shows up and you have to referee 7 talking heads will be a nightmare in combat (where players might wait 10 minutes between turns) and in RP (where it’s simply impossible to give equal attention to that many people).

    Actually, scratch that. STOP PLAYING D&D. YOU HAVE A DIORAMA TO BUILD!


  2. Come on, make more content. I am jonesing here….

    Yes I want more content, but truth be told, I am just glad you are busy and not giving up on blogging.

    I agree with the Captain, don’t play Bioshock 2, but definitely play Infinite. Also large D&D groups can be hard. The way my group handled it in the past was to use a co-dm who knew the plot lines and could help run combat and whatnot. The only problem is finding someone who would rather do that and not play a character.

    Hope you are doing well, and can’t wait for what comes next!
    -Bearded Dwarf


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