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I’m a firm believer that there is a difference between excuses and reasons. Excuses are what you tell someone to cover up for your own laziness or forgetfulness – ie, it’s a lie you tell to shift the blame off yourself. A reason is simply an explanation for why something happened.

It’s been a few weeks since I last really put paint on a model, and there are a few good reasons for why it’s taken this long for me to write an update.


First, I’m semi-paralyzed by my choices and ideas for the NOVA Open Painting Competition.  I’m not sure what I want to do.  I have several diorama ideas, but they all feel too big or ornate to do in as much time as I have (about two months).  Honestly, though, I’ve never made one before, though, so I’m also not even sure if my time estimates are accurate.  That said, I usually like to err on the side of caution, so I;d prefer to just not do a diorama than spend time on one and then not get it done.  Because then I’ll get to play the “I could have gotten something else done with that time game”.


Second, Steam Summer Sale is a thing.  I just finished Bioshock 1, and am about to start Bioshock 2 (fantastic setting, story and gameplay, WOW).  I also picked up a few other games which will no doubt eat into hobby time.  I shouldn’t make that sound so negative – I enjoy playing games.  But they’re less constructive ways to use my free time than painting models.  Boy, is it fun finally playing all of these games that were massive hits when they released.  I totally understand the hype.

D&D on Black

Third, D&D.  I started watching Critical Role on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch, and boy has it made the RPG itch a billion times worse.  For those who are RPG fans and haven’t seen the show, it’s awesome.  Nine professional voice actors play D&D, and it’s live streamed / recorded for YouTube.  It’s pretty amazing.  They’ve been playing these characters for over two years, and are pretty invested in their well-developed characters.


With three other gaming buddies living less than a mile from me, I’ve asked all of us to bring our wives/girlfriends into a D&D game.  We live so close and should hang out, so why not give it a try?  All of our ladies are geeky in their own way, and it should be a really fun way to get everyone together for good times.  Plus, with seven players, as the DM all I need are 4-5 for them to be available for a game and we’re good to go.  Thus, when I’ve not been playing video games, I’ve been designing the first city along with loads of NPCs, villains and encounters the party will be seeing.

I met with four of the players this weekend to help them design their characters and discuss the general idea for how I’m building the world, and whatnot.  They’re all very excited, as am I.  I’m trying to find time to meet with the other three players, and we’re scheduled to play early next week (since the next several weekends are rife with vacations, holidays and whatnot).  We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, and why there hasn’t been anything posted of late.

It turns out that when you’re sick, you can get some painting done. I’ve been fighting a flu like thing lately, and managed to finish up some of my own models while I wait for the next commission minis to arrive.

I’m working my way towards expanding my Legion of Aquablight. My one fully painted list is fun, but diversity and variety would be awesome.

Learning from past experiences, I find that I get more done when I only have a few items on my desk, so I only worked on three models. They do give me an extra eight points to play with though…

First, the cuddly dragon-infused kitten, the Raek!



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It’s that time of year again!  Around Memorial day for the past two years, my gaming club has put on a fundraising event called Feat of Service.  The purpose is to raise $$ for the Wounded Warrior Project.


I participated in the Custom Caster event, which is aimed at more casual players (there’s a 50-pt ADR Masters event for the more competitively minded).  The general idea is to create a new, custom Warcaster for your chosen faction and then play several 35-pt games all day trying for achievements much like a book release event.  It’s effectively a mash-up of Who’s the Boss, Spell Draft and Summer Rampage

The process itself is pretty simple.

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About two months ago, I finished up the first two models in a 6-model commission, a group of D&D characters for a play group.  This weekend, I’m almost wrapped up on the next two.

Grimnir Anvilfist is a Veteran Dwarven Cleric of Tempus.  The model chosen was Reaper’s Dain Deepaxe, (# 02811), and there were two modifications to make.  One, an eye patch was to be sculpted on, and two, the symbol of Tempus should go on the shield.

The eyepatch was easily added, and the shield’s stock detail was shaved off with a hobby knife and then ground smooth with an egg-shaped diamond bit on my Dremel.  Here’s the end result:



The other bloke I was painting is named Owain, a Tiefling Cleric.  His story’s one of redemption, trying to do good to make up for the demonic pact that gave him horns and a tail.  The model is based off a Reaper model (#03349), with an added shield from a Reptus Warrior (#14425).  Again the shield was cleaned and ground smooth before painting.  I also sculpted on a set of ram’s horns and a barbed tail.  The shield was to have a symbol of Lathander on it.





Yes, one horn is shorter than the other.  He tried filing them off as a boy, but it hurt and he stopped.  Thus, it’s blunt and short.

All in all, a pair of fun models with lots of freehand painting on their shields.  Stay tuned for the next two models in this group of awesome D&D characters!