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  1. Just a comment about Windex: You are better off using an actual airbrush cleaning solution- commonly called “Airbrush Cleaner”. I use http://www.amazon.com/Vallejo-200Mls-Bottle-Airbrush-Cleaner/dp/B00B4B067G Vallejo airbrush cleaner and it lasts forever. Windex has a lot of other chemicals in it besides ammonia, which is it’s main solvent for cleaning your airbrush. Do you really want to be spraying that kind of crap around where you can breath it in (hence the respirator, but I haven’t found one yet for my cat).

    Along with a cleaner for your airbrush, I highly recommend http://www.amazon.com/Iwata-Medea-NAC-201-Cleaning-Station/dp/B000VADIVC/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1425074139&sr=1-1&keywords=airbrush+cleaning+pot an Airbrush cleaning pot. You can buy one, or make your own- they are pretty easy to make. Basically, anything for you to shoot junk paint/cleaner into and not have it spread out every where or atomize and all you or anyone nearby to inhale.

    After a while I picked up a “fume hood” which is basically a plastic box opened at one end and the other end has a filter and fan that sucks all the over spray and atomized paint through the filter (I have a flexable 4″ hose on the outside of the box that connects to another big empty box.

    Some people swear by Windex as a “cutter” for airbrush paints. Windex has a lot of other junk in it, and in some paints, it will actually break it down right in your paint cup. Again, I turn towards Vallejo and use their excellent airbrush medium.

    In the end though, if all you are shooting is acrylic paint, then you can use water to cut the paint, and it will work perfectly well (I use just water in P3 paints and Vallejo and have no problems).

    Final comment- I like to use airbrush paints in my airbrush. Such paint is thinner and has a finer pigment to it then a regular acrylic paint. It costs a bit more, but is well worth it for shooting in your airbrush. Don’t believe me? Pick up GW Gold and a bottle of Vallejo airbrush gold, and paint them on a test model with a brush. Tell me which flows better, covers better, and when dry looks better? Now try and shoot the GW gold in your airbrush….

    Remember, practice, practice, practice and you will get better with your airbrush!


    • The Iwata station is really nice, I agree. The heavy glass base is great, but the Grex Pistol grip doesn’t fit into the stand, so I stopped using it a while ago. I should go back to it.

      I thin with a mixture of water, Flow Aid and Fluid Retarder. I’ll look into the thinner and cleaner, thanks!


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