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The lads over at Lost Hemisphere have worked with the same company that produces pins for Privateer Press, and will have a pair of pins for sale at TempleCon! Being the goody-two shoes they are, the proceeds from the sales will help go to charity!

You can read all about it on their recent update, just click the picture of their awesome new pins, below!

Awesome Astrolobe and LH Logo pins!

I’m working on some swag as well, but it’s not quite ready to show you yet, give me another week or two.

In the mean time, if you’re planning on attending Templecon, what armies are you bringing and what events are you looking forward to?

I carved out some time last weekend for painting, and paint I did.  I fleshed out the rest of the 6-man unit of Legionnaires that I started a few weeks ago.  I really like how it looks, and I feel that it accurately conveys the other-worldly nature of the blighted elves.  The aqua takes a step to the side for the rather strong pink/rose and purple, but I think that will really help distinguish beasts and troopers on the table top.  The aqua will remain the predominant color on the beasts.  In fact, I plan to finish up that Scythean and perhaps a Forsaken next.  Well, after I get some work done on some commissions.  Those clowns and that YT-1300 have some nasty guns pointed in my direction…

Let me know what you think of these guys (gals?) below.

Legionnaire Unit

Legionnaire Unit Back